2015 Raiders Schedule: Packers Most Expensive, Bengals Least Expensive Home Opponents

April 22, 2015

The Oakland Raiders could finally be ready to make some noise in the AFC West. Some of the optimism could be coming from outside their own walls, as the Chargers could regress if they trade away Philip Rivers and Peyton Manning’s slow slide could open the door to a minor dip for the Denver Broncos. With Derek Carr on the rise and the Raiders leaning on an improved defense, Oakland could walk into 2015 balanced enough to steal some key division wins. That doesn’t make the Raiders a lock to return to the playoffs, but for a team that has 11 total wins over the past three years, any serious progress will be welcomed.

If Oakland wants to really aim high this year, they’ll put a lot of their energy in taking down the mighty Broncos. Their first matchup with the Broncos couldn’t be under better circumstances, as Denver comes into town in Week 5, right before Oakland’s bye week. With this being one of the biggest games of the season in Oakland, it will bring some of the most expensive Raiders tickets on the secondary market. The get-in price for Raiders vs Broncos tickets is $65. Oakland hasn’t topped the Broncos since 2011 and have regularly been smoked by Denver over the past seven contests.

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However the Broncos game isn’t close to the cost of the most expensive game in Oakland, Week 15 against the Green Bay Packers. Raiders vs Packers tickets have a get-in price of $104. Oakland’s opening game will be the least expensive of the season, Week 1 against the Cincinnati Bengals. The get-in price is just $32.

The meat of Oakland’s 2015 schedule is what should have Raiders fans excited for the new season, however, as they get the Jets, Vikings and Titans in a six-game span after their bye week. Oakland will still have to find a way to rise up down the stretch, as their season winds down with a nasty run that includes home battles with the Chiefs and Chargers, as well as road trips to Denver, Detroit and Kansas City.