2015 Tigers vs Royals Tickets Are 108% Higher In Detroit Than In Kansas City

April 14, 2015


An American League Central division rivalry will be renewed when the Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers square off this season. Detroit is the reigning American League Central champion, but Kansas City won the American League pennant as the Wild Card last season. These two teams are built in very different ways, but each team’s success is undeniable. After both teams have started off the 2015 regular season on a hot streak, it may be surprising to see there is not a high premium many would expect on the secondary market for these rivalry games.

There will be 19 games played between Kansas City and Detroit during the 2015 season. With 10 games scheduled at Kauffman Stadium, the average ticket price for Royals vs. Tigers tickets is $62.15, which is 9.6% below Kansas City’s overall average home ticket price of $68.77. With nine games scheduled at Comerica Park, the average Royals vs. Tigers ticket price will be $129.42 which is 10.9% higher than Detroit’s overall average home ticket price of $116.68. Games played at Comerica Park will be $108.2% more expensive than those played at Kauffman Stadium.

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The highest-priced game between these two teams will occur at Comerica Park on September 20th. Tigers vs Royals tickets for that game currently own an average ticket price of $238.67 while the get-in price is $7. The second highest-priced game will be held at Kauffman Stadium on September 1st. That game currently owns an average ticket price of $85.59 while the get-in price is $7.


After winning 90 games last season, expectations are once again high for the Detroit Tigers. Given its aging core, its window to win a World Series championship may be closing. Kansas City will look to build upon last season’s successful run through the American League playoffs, but will be without several of its key veteran players. Kansas City must rely upon its pitching and defense to win games. Both fan bases are hoping that their teams can turn in winning campaigns during the 2015 season as both teams vie for a World Series title.