2015 Titans Schedule: Colts Most Expensive, Jaguars Least Expensive Home Games

The Tennessee Titans aren’t a quarterback away from making a run at a Super Bowl, but they still probably need to make a decision on what they’re doing under center. Only then can they truly move forward and progress as a team. That could mean sticking with second-year passer Zach Mettenberger, who showed plenty of promise as a late-round draft pick a year ago. It could also involve taking a quarterback in the 2015 NFL Draft, or perhaps those trade rumors involving Philip Rivers have some legs to them. No matter the path the Titans take to figuring out their quarterback situation, the important thing is that they take a firm stance and run with it. Depending on which way they go, the Titans could potentially be markedly better in 2015.


One the secondary market, Titans tickets won’t see many high prices following last year’ disappointing season. The most expensive game will come in Week 3 for Tennessee’s first home game of the year against the Indianapolis Colts. The get-in price for Titans vs Colts tickets is just $47.

Tennessee’s least expensive game will be against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 13. The get-in price for that game is only $21.

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Tennessee has to hit the road right away in the first two weeks, but matchups against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cleveland Browns could easily have them entering their Week 3 home opener with a 2-0 record. That battle with the Colts starts a four-game run at LP Field, and while matchups with the Colts, Bills, Dolphins and Falcons won’t exactly be easy, the Titans will at least have a slight edge on their home field. Throw in two games against the Jaguars and another against the Raiders in the second half of the year, and the Titans could have the makings of a complete turnaround.

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