INFOGRAPHIC: Five Years Of Game 7 Data

May 28, 2015

There is nothing like game 7 in sports, and this week, hockey fans and sports fans will be treated to two game 7s over the next two nights, both with a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals on the line.

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The first features the Rangers playing the Lightening at home after their commanding game six win earlier this week.  In anticipation of those two games, we've put together a definitive infographic on game 7s over the last five years.  As our below infographic illustrates, the Rangers have the most experience in Game 7s, having played in seven over the last five years years. The next closest team is the Bruins, with six.  Those two teams combined have almost as many game 7s over the last five years as the entire NBA, which has 15 across all the series.  The only team with more than three game 7s in the NBA is the Clippers, who most recently lost their game 7 to the Rockets.  MLB is a distant third, but it's not a fair comparison as baseball only has three series each post-season that have the opportunity to get to 7, while every series in the NBA and NHL can reach the lucky seven.  If the NBA finals goes to 7 games, it would be the Warriors second game 7 and the Cavs first over the last five years and only the second NBA Finals to reach a game seven during that period.

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