Newark KCON Tickets 15% Cheaper On Secondary Market Than L.A.

Got7 GOT7, making their US debut in KCON LA

The KCON Music Festival made plans to expand earlier this year after three years of drawing big crowds in Southern California being held at venues such as the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena and the Staples Center this year.  They expanded for the first time outside the United States, holding an event in Japan this past April at the Saitama Super Arena. KCON just wrapped up this past week their annual California convention which is now a three day event with the latter two taking place at the Staples Center.  Now the K-pop convention will expand outside of Southern California to the New York area and the Prudential Center in Newark will be hosting the event on August 8.

KCON tickets for their first US event outside of Southern California at the Prudential Center in Newark are going for an average price of $144.19 on the secondary market, with the cheapest seat priced at $34.  KCON tickets in Newark are 15% below the average price of tickets for KCON’s final day of festivities at the Staples Center which tickets were on average $170.58 on the secondary market.

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The most recent KCON event in Los Angeles took place from July 31 to August 2 and drew some huge crowds as performers such as Monsta X, a boy band making their first US performance ever, along with GOT7, Block B, Roy Kim, Sistar among others.

For the event in Newark on August 8, the performers featured will be Teen Top, AOA, Girls Generation, and VIXX.  Teen Top is the most experienced of the group in terms of appearances at KCON events making this their third visit overall.

KCON, since launching in 2012, has quickly become a North American premiere K-pop event with their first event drawing 10,000 people at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, California.  Over the next subsequent years KCON doubled their attendance in 2013 and last year was able to draw over 40,000 people in two days at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena which explains why the event has expanded to three days in Southern California and is now being showcased in New York City and outside the United States in Japan.

KCON 2014 in Los Angeles KCON 2014 in Los Angeles

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