TOP 5 Broadway Tickets Of The Week (8/11 - 8/16)

book of mormon The Book Of Mormon

Each week TicketIQ compiles a list of the top five most expensive Broadway tickets on the secondary market, and this week’s list has a typical line-up.

The top spot for most expensive average Broadway ticket this week goes to Hamilton, a new musical about Alexander Hamilton, yes the same one who stares at us on every $10 dollar that passes through our hands,  The show brings together the historical drama of Mr. Hamilton with a hip-hop and rap infused score. It's average ticket price on the secondary market is $409.54. That number is very impressive for a show that has only been officially open since August 6th!  It's also higher than the second priciest ticket on the list by almost $30/per.  It is truly a sight to behold on the Great White Way, and makes sense why it grossed $1.25 million last week.  Hamilton is the hottest show right now on Broadway and is well worth the money for each ticket!

The second place prize for highest ticket price on the resale market goes to, The King and I, with a whopping $381.13 average. All of its shows have seen an increase in average price from a few dollars to over $50 in a week! The musical revival is also a good one to see, and the fact that it grossed over $1.12 million last week proves it isn’t closing anytime soon.

The third hottest ticket on the Great White Way is none other than, The Book of Mormon. The Tony Award winning Best Musical has yet to slow down in popularity!  With its current average price on the secondary market being $299.23, it holds its place well in the top five most expensive shows on Broadway. The show last week grossed $1.6 million, and had a capacity rate of 102.5%, so that should explain the demand on the secondary market being as high as it is. The show tells the story of Mormon missionaries, stationed in foreign countries trying to help spread the word about their amazing book, you guess it, The Book of Mormon.

The fourth spot in the top five goes to a play. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is the best play currently on Broadway, and has an average price of $275.33. Playing at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, the show won the Tony for Best Play this past season and grossed last week $902,430. With a story like no other, it is no surprise that this play made the top five. The top five most expensive average ticket price on the secondary market usually goes to a musical. It is not that plays aren’t as desirable however musicals just have a wider appeal as opposed to most plays on Broadway. This unique play is selling out an average of 95% of its seats a week, so this play is here to stay.

Finishing up the Top 5 goes to the Broadway Disney classic, The Lion King. The Lion King has always been in the top five list of most expensive tickets, or at least in the top 15 over the past several years, or even since 1997 when it first premiered on the Great White Way. The Minskoff Theatre is a huge tourist attraction on its own, and the musical has such a wide audience that tourists and locals alike put it on their bucket lists to see it at least once. The show’s average ticket price on the secondary market is $259.18, and last week it grossed $2.33 million, and that basically proves the show isn’t going anywhere either.

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