The Top 5 Most Affordable Broadway Tickets (9/18)


Every week on TicketIQ, fans get a glimpse into the Broadway tickets world with the top five shows, based on factors such as price and gross. However, each week the cheapest shows on the Great White Way slide under the radar. As the top shows on Broadway hold some expensive prices on the secondary market, the most affordable shows tend to go unnoticed. Below are the five least expensive Broadway shows on the secondary market this week.

The 5th cheapest average ticket for Broadway is awarded to Finding Neverland. The tuner, currently starring Glee phenomenon Matthew Morrison as the lead, has an average price of only $188, and has been slowly decreasing further over the past several weeks. The show, although making the top 10 in terms of highest primary market gross, is further losing its demand on the secondary market. There are always many reasons as to why this occurs, however there is never any pin-point explanation at this time for the production.

The No. 4 spot is awarded to a show that may shock Broadway fan. Phantom of the Opera currently holds the title of longest running show on Broadway with over 20+ years of inspiring theatergoers. Now the production is not only dropping in gross but it has made TicketIQ’s top five cheapest ticket list. Phantom of the Opera tickets currently average $182 on the secondary ticket market.

Third on the list is a Disney production. Yes, Aladdin, Disney’s newest Broadway spectacle has been at the bottom of secondary market demand for some time now. It had cheap tickets on the primary market to begin with, and considering it is being held in one of the oldest and largest theaters on Broadway, that wasn’t a surprise. Aladdin tickets average $181 on the secondary market, which is very comparable to its average ticket with fees and such through the primary market.

Coming in at the No. 2 spot in the cheapest line-up is a play. The recently announced closing play, Hand to God, has been grossing in some weeks less than $300k per week, which is extremely low. History has shown if a show isn’t making at least above $500k or more, it will not last very much longer and this show is no exception. Hand to God tickets, prior to its closing at the beginning of next year, average $172 on the secondary market. The play had been confirmed to transfer to the West End next year.

So what is the cheapest show on the Great White Way this week? Chicago! The longest American Broadway musical, has been on for so long and has had numerous cast changes over the past several years. Currently scheduled to appear on Monday September 21 for a limited six week run is Rumer Willis, daughter of the soon-to-be Misery star Bruce Willis. The average price for Chicago tickets average $171 on the secondary market. The addition of Willis could bring a boost to secondary market demand, but for now it remains the most affordable show on Broadway.

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