TOP 5 Broadway Tickets Of The Week

In the Broadway world, the top shows don't change too much in regards to popularity, and price of broadway tickets. However this week we welcome a newcomer to the list. With only 24 shows currently on Broadway, that is until Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Mamma Mia! close this weekend, it is critical that a Broadway show makes at least the top 10 at some point during its run, but with not that many shows on Broadway, let’s focus on the best of the shows in the top five.


Taking the number one spot is, of course the hit show Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s creation has been the most demanded show on the Great White Way since its debut, and it hasn’t slowed down one bit. Not only is it climbing the ranks on the gross side, grossing over $1.6 million last week, it has also climbed its way to the top of TicketIQ’s most expensive Broadway prices leaderboard at an average price of $441 on the secondary market. So if Broadway fans have a few (hundred) bucks to spare, go see this musical.


The number two spot was stolen by The King and I with an average price of $314, which is over a hundred bucks less than Hamilton. This revival has been on the fall in price over the past several weeks, but when it comes to classics on Broadway, they tend to do well but not pick up as much as an original production would. The show is still doing well with its gross numbers in the low $800k range.


The Book of Mormon, written by the geniuses behind South Park, is again at the number three spot on the secondary market. This musical hasn’t moved up or down on the top five list in quite some time, but with a tour production of the tuner ringing doorbells across the country right now, it is no surprise that the secondary market average price of this popular show is $283 and it grossed just over $1.5 million last week.


The Lion King has claimed “king of the rock” on spot number four of our top five list. This Disney tuner has been in the top everything list for many years now, but over the past several weeks and months, the average price has started to decrease. In June the show had an average price of $270 while the current average for Lion King tickets is $255. The show has also dropped in gross as well the past several weeks. It is not unlikely though, as most Broadway fans can confirm, that Broadway tends to see a dip in gross and average price from Labor Day until October. Many of the top Broadway shows like The Lion King and Phantom of the Opera tend to lose on average $250k combined in gross during the month of September.


The last spot is taken by a newcomer to the top five list. Ladies and gents, please welcome, An American in Paris, who stole the spot from last week’s No. 5 Wicked. The tuner averages on the secondary market at $252/per. The ballet-rich production, based on the film of the same name, currently is being housed in one of the biggest houses on Broadway, The Palace Theatre with 1743 approx. seats. The show will bring back its original star Robert Fairchild in the next few weeks after a short-lived hiatus from the production.

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