A Look At An Alt-J Average Setlist in 2015

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English rock outfit Alt-J have stormed across the globe over the past two years in support of This Is All Yours, their 2014 sophomore release that peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. The band will wind a North American stretch down over the next three weeks, playing 10 more shows over that time. The average price for Alt-J tickets is $99.84 on the secondary market.

Fans in attendance at an upcoming show will be greeted with many songs off Alt-J’s two full-length records. As seen in the average setlist provided bysetlist.fm below, an even portion of songs from both the debut album, An Awesome Wave, and This Is All Yours comprise the 15-song list. In fact, all of the band’s eight singles from both records make the list, including their debut split-singles “Matilda” and “Fitzpleasure”.

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Check out Alt-J’s average 2015 setlist below:

  1. Hunger of the Pine 
  2. Something Good 
  3. Fitzpleasure 
  4. Left Hand Free 
  5. Dissolve Me 
  6. Matilda 
  7. Bloodflood 
  8. Bloodflood Pt. 2 
  9. ❦ (Ripe & Ruin) 
  10. Tessellate 
  11. Every Other Freckle 
  12. Taro 
  13. The Gospel of John Hurt 
  14. Warm Foothills 
  15. Nara
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