For Mets and Cubs, Clinching Could Come at High Cost

October 13, 2015


There have not been many fan bases in professional sports than the ones who pour their hearts into the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets. The Mets have not won a World Series since 1986 and the Cubs, famously, have not been the champions of professional baseball since 1908. As both fan bases have been waiting for such a long time for a championship, any hint of success has been magnified by the anticipation.

Both of those two teams are on the brink of meeting in the National League Championship Series, holding 2-1 leads in their respective NLDS matchups. Both teams will have a chance to claim a spot in the NLCS on Wednesday and both teams will be at home. Because of that, ticket prices on the secondary market are among the most expensive of the playoffs.

Chicago will take the field at Wrigley Field against the St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday afternoon. The current average price for Cubs tickets against the Cardinals is $402.72 with a get-in price of $158. Though even with such a relatively high price for an LDS series, it is 40% below the average for Game 3 of the series on Monday. The Cubs won a surprisingly high scoring game 8-6 with Jake Arrieta and Michael Wacha on the mound. Jason Hammel and John Lackey will be the starters for Game 4.

In Queens, the Mets also pulled out a high scoring victory, 13-7, over the Los Angeles Dodgers. With hopes high for another dominating win, Mets tickets have an average price of $525.21 and a get-in price of $185. Also like the Cubs, Game 4 will be less expensive on secondary market average than Monday’s Game 3, by 11%. The Mets will send rookie Steven Matz to the mound to square off against Clayton Kershaw, who will be taking the mound for the second time in this series.

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