Martin Brodeur Night Tops List Of Most Expensive NHL Tickets On 2015-16 Schedule

As the NHL season is officially underway with eight teams starting on Wednesday night, another long, yet exciting season of hockey is upon us. As the Chicago Blackhawks opened the season with high secondary market ticket prices against the New York Rangers, it did not end of being one of the biggest games of the season. Below are the 10 most expensive NHL tickets on the secondary market for the 2015-16 regular season.


2/9/16 - Edmonton Oilers at New Jersey Devils | Avg. Price: $982.07 | Get-in Price: $275

Devils tickets for this game have more than doubled within 24 hours of the team announcing Martin Brodeur would be honored with a statue and number retirement prior to this game. The average is also almost more than double the next most expensive game in the league on the secondary market.

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4/6/16 - Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers | Avg. Price: $513.78 | Get-in Price: $166

Edmonton will be the host of the only other regular season game in the NHL this season with an average over $500. The Oilers will host fellow Canadian team, the Vancouver Canucks, for their home finale on April 6. Last season the Oilers finished with the second lowest point total in the Western Conference and third lowest in the NHL.

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1/23/16 - Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs | Avg. Price: $479.20 | Get-in Price: $136

Even over the past few seasons when the Maple Leafs were not putting out a great product on the ice, ticket demand in Toronto was always high. That was from the diehard fan base that would pay top dollar for Maple Leafs tickets regardless if a win or loss was more likely. Toronto again has a high average on the secondary market, $333.88, and will appear in a few more games on this list.

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1/15/16 - Chicago Blackhawks at Toronto Maple Leafs | Avg. Price: $396.79 | Get-in Price: $98

In mid-January, the Maple Leafs will welcome in the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks to Air Canada Centre. Toronto and Chicago split two games last season, with each team winning its home game. The Blackhawks had the biggest win, though, a 4-0 win in December.

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4/7/16 - New York Islanders at New York Rangers | Avg. Price: $391.14 | Get-in Price: $115

The Rangers and Islanders have always had a rivalry, but it laid dormant for a few years as the Islanders struggled to field competitive teams. As the Islanders became one of the surprise teams last season, the rivalry again heated up. That was so much so the case that three of the top 10 most expensive games this season will feature these two teams playing against each other.

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4/9/16 - Detroit Red Wings at New York Rangers | Avg. Price: $387.79 | Get-in Price: $115

Madison Square Garden doesn't just need an intra-city rivalry for high prices on the secondary market. Rangers tickets, like the Maple Leafs, come at a high price regardless of performance. For the Blueshirts, though, they have spent the past few seasons as one of the top teams in the NHL. As the Red Wings are also always in that conversation, the regular season finale at The Garden is the second most expensive game in Manhattan this season.

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2/18/16 - New York Rangers at Toronto Maple Leafs | Avg. Price: $375.34 | Get-in Price: $83

Combine both the Rangers and Maple Leafs together and there is bound to be high demand on the secondary market. When New York visits Toronto in February, ticket prices will near the $400 average, though the get-in price will be the least expensive of any on this list.

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3/6/16 - New York Islanders at New York Rangers | Avg. Price: $373.30 | Get-in Price: $138

The first meeting of the Rangers and Islanders at Madison Square Garden will be the second most expensive of the meetings. However, the get-in price for the mid-February matchup will be more expensive than the low price for the Match game.

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2/21/16 - Chicago Blackhawks at Minnesota Wild (TCF Bank Stadium) | Avg. Price: $371.51 | Get-in Price: $184

It’s not the Winter Classic, but the Blackhawks and Wild will play outdoors in February for one of the NHL’s Stadium Series games. The game will take place at TCF Bank Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Golden Gophers and, for now, the Minnesota Vikings. Despite being in a massive stadium, the game still holds the second most expensive get-in price in the NHL this season.

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12/2/15 - New York Rangers at New York Islanders | Avg. Price: $368.07 | Get-in Price: $102

December will not only bring the first meeting between the Rangers and Islanders this season, it will be the first meetings at Barclays Center, the new home of the Islanders. It will have the most expensive Islanders tickets at Barclays this season. followed by New York’s second visit in January.

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