Mets World Series Tickets Down 6% Heading Home In 2-0 Hole

Update 10/29


After Game 1 of the 2015 World Series was a closely contested matchup, Game 2 never had much doubt. The New York Mets took a 1-0 lead in the top of the fourth inning, but did not score another run. The Kansas City Royals followed with four runs in the fifth and three runs in the eighth for a commanding 7-1 lead. Royals starter Johnny Cueto threw a complete game two-hitter in the meeting. As the Mets now head back to Queens down 2-0, ticket prices on the secondary market are starting to drop for the three upcoming games at Citi Field.


Overall, Mets tickets have dropped 5.6% for the three potential games at Citi Field. This drop currently places Mets tickets as the third most expensive for World Series home games on the secondary market since TicketIQ began tracking in 2010. That is a drop from the No. 1 overall place the Mets held over the 2010 San Francisco Giants.


Each game at Citi Field has individually fallen in average price by at least 7%. Game 3 on Friday night has dropped the least and is still the most expensive game of the series. The current average price for the game is $1,766.49, a 7.5% drop from prior to the start of Game 2. However, at that average Game 3 would still be the second most expensive World Series game since 2010. Friday night’s game also holds a get-in price of $623, nearly $100 below the $720 average prior to Game 2.


The second two games at Citi Field have each dropped 10% in average on the secondary market. Game 4 has dropped the most, though that game could be the most volatile. Should the Mets win Game 3 and avoid a potential sweep in Game 4, tickets could increase as the series would be much closer at 2-1 than 3-0. Currently the average price for Game 3 is $1,479.82, down 11.3% over the past 24 hours. The get-in price is $553, the least expensive for Citi Field’s three games.


Game 5 still has the caveat of “if necessary” with the Royals taking both games at Kauffman Stadium. The current average price for the game is $1,501.22, down 10.2%, with a get-in price of $580. At this point, the only way Game 5 is played is if the Mets win one of the first two games at Citi Field.


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World Series Tickets For Game 3 Most Expensive Tracked On Secondary Market

Only one game has been played, but the 2015 World Series has already become one of the most unique in history. The Kansas City Royals started off the bottom of the first with an inside-the-park home run, the first in a World Series since 1929. The game then took 14 innings before a winner was decided, by a sacrifice fly off the bat of Eric Hosmer against Bartolo Colon.

The series has also been unique for ticket prices on the secondary market. As a series, the matchup features the most expensive tickets TicketIQ has tracked since 2010, though that comes with some extremes. Game 1 was the least expensive World Series game since 2010 by secondary market average price at just $494.34. No other single World Series game had averaged below $600 prior to Tuesday night.

Now the series is on track to hit another extreme, with the most expensive World Series game average on the secondary market. Despite a New York Mets loss in Game 1, fans in Queens have not been discouraged and after the loss, ticket prices for Game 3 -- the first at Citi Field -- have shot up. The current average price for the game is $1909.05, which eclipses the average of $1,786.80 from Game 2 of the 2010 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers. The game was the second of just two games played at AT&T Park during the series, as the Giants won in five games.

All three Mets home games will potentially be among the top five most expensive on the secondary market since 2010. A potential Game 5 currently has an average of $1,672.58, which would rank fourth and Game 4 has an average of $1,668.59, which would rank fifth.

It is unclear how the prices for Game 3 will trend with the result of Game 2, though it appears even if the Mets fall again, those in Queens will be more than ready when the series shifts to Citi Field on Friday night.



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