When Could the Warriors Win Streak Break the Lakers' Record, and What it Means for Ticket Prices

December 10, 2015


The Golden State Warriors are off to the best start to a regular season for any team in NBA history. At 23-0, the defending NBA champions have long surpassed the record for most wins to start a season. The next record in the team’s path is the 33-game winning streak set by the Los Angeles Lakers during the 1971-72 season. There’s a question, though, of when the Warriors could technically break that record. Golden State won its last four games of the regular send to end the 2014-15 season before heading into the playoffs, which brings the Warriors win streak to 27 games as of Tuesday night’s win over the Indiana Pacers. That ties the 2012-13 Miami Heat for the second longest regular winning streak in NBA history.


If considered a current 27-game winning streak, Golden State would play for its potential 34th streak on Monday, December 28 against the Sacramento Kings. But just looked at for a single-season record, the 34th game of the season would be played Monday, January 4 against the Charlotte Hornets. So, which one would potentially be the record breaking game should the Warriors remain unbeaten? The answer is apparently both.


When it comes to winning streaks, there’s no distinction in the NBA record books between the two. They could also be considered two different records, so the Warriors could potentially set the record for most consecutive regular season wins and most consecutive wins in a single-season.


Obviously, as the Warriors hold the current record for best undefeated start to a season, there’s never needed to be a distinction between the two. And with that logic, the Warriors could technically break that Lakers record twice.


It appears fans are treating the first opportunity as the true record breaker, as Warriors tickets against the Kings on the secondary market are the more expensive of the two. The December 28 game has an average price of $478.35 and a get-in price of $170. The January 4 game a week later against the Hornets currently has an average of $385.67 with a get-in price of $131. It’s likely that price will increase should the Warriors be undefeated by that point in the season.


Either way, the Warriors are going to have to get past the Cleveland Cavaliers to get to those games without a loss. The Christmas Day NBA FInals rematch against the Cavs is still Golden State’s most expensive game of the season and the most expensive regular season game in the NBA. The current average price for the game is $849.87 with a get-in price of $240.


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