Looking To Sell Your Super Bowl 50 Tickets? Here's How

The price of Super Bowl 50 tickets remains high on the secondary market. With a current average price of $5,939.73, the game may not reach the record-setting $9,722.86 average of last year's game between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, but getting past the gates at Levi's Stadium on February 7th won't be cheap. This year's average makes Super Bowl 50 the second most expensive event TicketIQ has ever tracked on the secondary market. With prices that high, people who jump on the market early could end up cashing in with the sale of their Super Bowl tickets. And with a get-in price exceeding $3,600, there’s still a large opportunity for a high margin of profit.

Enter Seller Direct, the most efficient way to sell Super Bowl tickets on the secondary market. Seller Direct charges $100 to keep your Super Bowl listing active. Compare that to the 15% other secondary market site like StubHub charge off the sales per ticket and there’s already $950 worth of savings on a $7,000 listing. The $100 charge from Seller Direct also includes promotion on social media and an offer within 10% of your asking price. If you don’t receive it, you will get a full refund.

Super Bowl 50 stadium Levi's

With nearly 6,000 Super Bowl tickets available on the secondary market, demand is likely to increase as kickoff draws closer. Three days before last year's game, most Seller Direct sellers got legitimate offers good enough to sell their tickets within an hour. Unlike other selling sites like Craigslist, the offers on Seller Direct are real offers that lead to sales and not just clutter.

To get an idea of the market, here are the current average listing prices per zone at Levi's Stadium. TicketIQ tracks monitors these prices in real time and works with those on Seller Direct to get the best range of how to price tickets:

  • 100’s sideline: $7,419.29

  • 100’s endzone: $5,056.31

  • 100’s corner: $5,927.68

  • 200’s corner: $5,479.09

  • 200’s endzone: $5,073.01

  • 300's sideline: $7,410.87

  • 300's corner: $5,252.68

  • 300's endzone: $4,712.14

  • 400’s sideline: $5,080.39

  • 400’s corner: $4,475.82

With less than two weeks remaining until kickoff, Seller Direct remains the best place to both buy and sell last minute Super Bowl tickets. Click here to find out more about Seller Direct and sign up now.

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