Average Price For 2016 Masters Tickets Up 60% Since Last Year

Still looking for tickets to the 2016 Masters Tournament in Augusta? Chances are you weren't among the select few who were picked in the tournament's ticket lottery last summer, but there's hope yet - if you're willing to dish out thousands to be on hand, that is.

Along with the Super Bowl, tickets to the Masters are known be among the hardest to obtain in professional sports. The tournament moved into a lottery system in 2012 after barring access to the general public since 1972. With such a small number of patrons gaining entry into the lottery pool, which offered $65 tickets for practice rounds and $100 tickets tournament rounds through Sunday, the resale market typically sees huge ticket price points each year.


This year will be no exception, and the average secondary market price for 2016 Masters tickets between Thursday and Sunday is now $2,426.46. That marks a 60.3% jump from last year's four-day average of $1,513.46. Of course, that price is indicative of the minimal inventory available - less than 200 tickets are up for resale over all four days.

The 2016 Masters will officially start on Thursday, and the opening round of play is posting the most expensive prices of this year's tournament. Thursday Competition tickets now average $3,187.18 and the cheapest ticket is listed from $2,523. Interestingly enough, the following day will be the cheapest to attend with tickets starting at $1,375. Both Saturday and Sunday each currently post an average resale price above $2,000 and a get-in price exceeding $1,600.

Last year, the opening day of the tournament was also the most expensive single day though was significantly cheaper than this Thursday's session. Thursday Masters tickets last year averaged $1,932.23 and the cheapest ticket was listed from $1,345. Both Saturday and Sunday posted the cheapest get-in price of the tournament at just $224 during both days.

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