2016 NFL Ticket Price Overview: AFC South

August 19, 2016


Over the next two weeks, TicketIQ will break down secondary market ticket prices for each NFL team during the 2016 season. Today's focus will be on the AFC South, where the Houston Texans own the highest resale ticket prices in the division.

2015 was a strange year for the AFC South. The Houston Texans, who posted a 9-7 record, won the division but ultimately fell in dramatic fashion to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Wild Card Game. The Indianapolis Colts suffered through a down year without Andrew Luck while the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars again stumbled to the end of the season, collectively winning just eight games.

So who will step up this year? Luck will be back for the Colts, but the Jaguars appear to finally have something brewing with Blake Bortles under center, Allen Robinson and Rashad Greene as wideouts and a deceptively good backfield with T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory. In terms of secondary market ticket prices, however, it will be the Houston Texans who lead the pack at the beginning of the season.

Check out the complete divisional price breakdown below, according to data provided by TicketIQ:

Houston Texans | Average Home Price in 2016: $232 | % Change from 2015: -4%

Brian Hoyer failed to show up to the AFC Wild Card Game last year, passing for just 136 yards and throwing a jaw-dropping 4 interceptions in the 30-0 landslide. That prompted the Texans to sign the biggest quarterback free agent available in Brock Osweiler, who filled in nicely in Denver during Peyton Manning's absence last season. Osweiler's limited starting experience could be an issue for a team truly trying to break out, however, and despite owning the top-priced ticket in the AFC South, Texans tickets on TicketIQ have actually dropped 4% on average from 2015.

As it stands now the average resale price for Texans tickets is $232. A divisional championship hasn't allowed for an increase in ticket demand, though attending games at NRG Stadium will still be costly this season. The most expensive home game the Texans will play in is their home opener against the Chicago Bears on September 11, where tickets average $378 and the cheapest ticket is $138. Conversely, a December 18 game against the Jaguars is the cheapest game at a $198 average and $46 get-in price.

Tennessee Titans | Average Home Price in 2016: $211 | % Change from 2015: +59%

It has been a trying last few years for the Titans, who have failed to clinch a playoff berth since 2009 and have just five wins to their name over the last two seasons. Still, with all of their on-field troubles, the team owns the second highest resale ticket prices in the AFC South. As it stands now Titans tickets at Nissan Stadium this season are averaging $211 on the secondary market, up an impressive 59% on average from 2015.

What's causing such a big price jump? Consider some of the big teams that will run through the Music City this year. The Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos will be the two top-priced visiting teams, with tickets averaging nearly $450 and $250 for each game, respectively. The Titans' cheapest game comes against the Jaguars on October 27, where tickets average $118 and the get-in price is $27.

Indianapolis Colts | Average Home Price in 2016: $152 | % Change from 2015: -7%

Andrew Luck is back in the saddle after missing a good portion of last season with a lacerated kidney, but the Colts' underwhelming 2015 has had a negative impact on secondary market prices for Colts tickets. Across all eight games at Lucas Oil Stadium this season, Colts tickets are averaging $152, down 7% at the beginning of the 2015 season.

The Bears will play the Colts in the most expensive game at Lucas Oil Stadium this year. The October 9 game currently owns a secondary market average of $310 and the cheapest tickets are listed from $91 each. The lowly San Diego Chargers, whose average ticket price has dropped a league-high 26% this season, will be the cheapest game in Indy on September 25. Tickets own a $116.20 average and $34 get-in price.

Jacksonville Jaguars | Average Home Price in 2016: $141 | % Change from 2015: -8%

Ok, maybe the Jaguars are still a few years removed from being a legitimate playoff threat, but the core talent is there to make some positive moves in 2016. The secondary market hasn't reflected that optimism, however, as Jaguars tickets at EverBank Field have dropped 8% on average from 2015. Jaguars tickets are now averaging $141 on TicketIQ, making the Jags the cheapest team to watch in the AFC South this season.

The home opener against the Green Bay Packers will be the most expensive game in Jacksonville this season. For fans intent on going, tickets currently average $342 and the get-in price is $167. The Texans will be in town for the cheapest game on November 13, where tickets own a $102 average and the least expensive is priced at just $29.