Lakers & Warriors Clash in This Week's Top-Priced NBA Game

November 2, 2016


The Warriors are back to their old ways after their Opening Night blowout against the Spurs, and they'll play in two of this week's most expensive games. Their trip to Staples Center to take on the Lakers on Friday will be the top-priced game this week followed by Thursday's home games against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Check out the complete list of this week's top NBA games below, according to data provided by TicketIQ:

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11/4/16 Golden State Warriors @ Los Angeles Lakers  |  Average Resale Price: $380.21  |  Get-in Price: $101

The defending Western Conference champions bring their superstar roster to Los Angeles on Friday. As it stands now the average resale price for Lakers tickets against the Warriors is now $380.21 and the cheapest available ticket is listed from $101. It will be the Warriors' first of two games against the Lakers at Staples Center this season. They'll return later this month for a November 25 matchup, where tickets are significantly more expensive ($554.19 avg./$130 get-in price).

11/3/16 Oklahoma City Thunder @ Golden State Warriors  |  Average Resale Price: $339.93  |  Get-in Price: $87

Kevin Durant will welcome his old team to Oakland on Thursday when the Warriors host the Thunder at Oracle Arena. His first meeting against the Thunder is generating big ticket demand, too, as Warriors vs. Thunder tickets now average $339.93 on the secondary market. If looking just to get past the gates at Oracle Arena the cheapest available tickets are listed from $87 each. Thursday's game won't crack the Warriors' top 10 most expensive home games this season, however, as it currently serves as the 14th priciest game in Oakland. A January 16 game with the Cavaliers is the most expensive Warriors home game this season, averaging a $647.69 ticket and $215 get-in price.

11/4/16 New York Knicks @ Chicago Bulls  |  Average Resale Price: $311.45  |  Get-in Price: $111

It will be a week of reunions for many of the league's biggest stars. In addition to Durant's meeting with the Thunder, Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah return to Chicago on Friday when they play the Bulls. Their return is also sparking big resale ticket demand, with Bulls tickets on TicketIQ averaging $311.45 for Friday night's game against the Knicks. The cheapest available tickets are now listed from $111 each.

11/2/16 Houston Rockets @ New York Knicks  |  Average Resale Price: $273.09  |  Get-in Price: $85

Madison Square Garden is set to host a battle between the Knicks and Rockets on Wednesday night. If searching for tickets to the mid-week affair, the average resale price for Knicks tickets against the Rockets is now $273.09 and the get-in price is $85. Interestingly enough, it will be among the Knicks' cheapest home games this season, slightly more expensive than a November 6 game against the Jazz ($185.85 avg./$53 get-in price)

11/5/16 Los Angeles Clippers @ San Antonio Spurs  |  Average Resale Price: $168.51  |  Get-in Price: $20

A Quarterfinals rematch from two seasons ago will take place at AT&T Center on Saturday night as the Spurs welcome the Clippers. Spurs tickets on TicketIQ now own a secondary market average of $168.51 against the Clippers. The cheapest available tickets are now listed from $20 each.

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