Breaking Down Secondary Market Ticket Prices For All SEC Bowl Games

December 19, 2016


Alabama won't be the only team representing the SEC during bowl season this year.

While the Crimson Tide set to battle the Washington Huskies in the 2016 Peach Bowl, nine other bowls will showcase the conference's top talent over the next two weeks. TicketIQ breaks down where ticket prices for each of those bowls stand below:

Peach Bowl - Alabama vs. Washington (Georgia Dome)  |  Average Resale Price: $402  |  Get-in Price: $191

At $402 average, it's the second most expensive Peach Bowl since we've started tracking it in 2010. Next highest was TCU - Ole Miss in '14.  Of note, at a $466 average, the 2016 SEC championship had a higher average price than Washington - Bama Semi Final game, at the same location. The Peach Bowl has an average asking price of $274 for the Fiesta Bowl. About 60% of the available tickets are on Washington Side, as travel is twice the price of the ticket.

Real-time Peach Bowl Data, tickets from $191

Belk Bowl - Arkansas vs. Virginia Tech (Bank of America Stadium)  |  Average Resale Price: $212  |  Get-in Price: $51

With an average price of $212, this is the most expensive Belk Bowl on record. Surprisingly, that's more expensive than the Razorbacks visit to the Sugar Bowl vs. Ohio state in 2012. It's not the most expensive Razorbacks bowl game on the secondary market, however.  That designation belongs to the 2012 Cotton Bowl against Kansas State that had an average ticket price of $324.

Real-time data for Belk Bowl, Tickets from $51.

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Music City Bowl - Nebraska vs. Tennessee (Nissan Stadium)  |  Average Resale Price: $207  |  Get-in Price: $64

Despite the tough end to the season, UT fans are driving up demand for the game. It's only the second time UT has been in the game, and enthusiasm seems to be higher this year than 2010 when they were last there.

Real-time data Music City Data, tickets from $64

Outback Bowl - Florida vs. Iowa (Raymond James Stadium)  |  Average Resale Price: $176  |  Get-in Price: $89

Second Most Expensive Outback bowl over the last eight years. At an average price of $176. That's $30 more expensive than the Gators home average this year in Gainsville. The Gators are 21-21 all-time in their bowl history, so perhaps that's extra incentive to get fans to take the 130 mile trip to Tampa. 2011 visit to the Outback bowl finished with an average asking price of $169.

Sugar Bowl - Auburn vs. Oklahoma (Mercedes-Benz Superdome)  |  Average Resale Price: $319  |  Get-in Price: $94

Cheapest Auburn Bowl since 2011-12, the Peach bowl the year after they won the national championship.  Against UVA, the average asking prices was $111, compared to $2,992 for the national championship year. Average price this year is $200, but down 10% in last 48 hours.  Of note for Auburn fans, only about 25% of total secondary inventory is on the 'Auburn' sections, which are 114-127, 614-623 and 517-527.   Both schools also have available inventory directly from their allotments, typically 10-20% higher than the secondary market.

Real-time data Sugar Bowl Data, tickets from $94

Citrus Bowl - Louisville vs. LSU (Camping World Stadium)  |  Average Resale Price: $118  |  Get-in Price: $31

Since the 2011 national championship game that averaged $1,854, LSU has not had a bowl game with a higher average price than $179, which last years average in the Texas Bowl, against Texas Tech. This year's average is the second lowest we've tracked since the 2012 Chick-fil-a bowl in '12 and Music City in  '14.  With two weeks to go, prices may reach historic lows.

Real-time Citrus Bowl Data, tickets from $31

Texas Bowl - Kansas State vs. Texas A&M (NRG Stadium)  |  Average Resale Price: $93  |  Get-in Price: $11

This is the 2016-17 Toilet Bowl of the SEC. 

Real-time Texas Bowl Data, tickets from $11

Taxslayer Bowl - Georgia Tech vs. Kentucky (EverBank Field)  |  Average Resale Price: $109  |  Get-in Price: $29
Georgia's second pre-New Year's bowl in a row is has an average price just over $100 and a get-in price of $29, which puts into the value category. Very few lower level seats available on the secondary market, which means that going directly to the teams may be the best best for fans looking to get closer to the action.
Liberty Bowl - TCU vs. Georgia (Liberty Bowl Stadium)  |  Average Resale Price: $105  |  Get-in Price: $24
A combined 20-year Liberty Bowl absence will officially end for TCU and Georgia this season. Though the long layover period is enough to get fans excited, that same hype hasn't necessarily translated on the resale market. Liberty Bowl tickets currently own a $105 resale average and start from just $24 each.
Camping World Independence Bowl - NC State vs. Vanderbilt (Independence Stadium)  |  Average Resale Price: $25  |  Get-in Price: $3
First Vanderbilt bowl since 2013 has an average price of $25 and a cheapest ticket for $3. Shreveport just isn't a draw.
St. Petersburg Bowl - Miami (OH) vs. Mississippi State (Tropicana Field)  | No Resale Inventory
No secondary market and many tickets available on the primary market, ranging from $40-$80.
Birmingham Bowl - South Carolina vs. South Florida (Legion Field)  |  Average Resale Price: $61  |  Get-in Price: $30
The first bowl in the post Old Ball Coach era isn't pretty.  Ticket Prices start at $30. Last post new years bowl was Capital One-Citrus Bowl, which had had tickets available as low as $29.