The 2016 Toilet Bowl Award for Cheapest Bowl Game Goes To...


40 bowl games are on tap in the college football circuit over the next three weeks. Some will be must-watch matchups, many others will be...well, not so enticing. Of the 80 teams competing in bowl games across the country, 20 won't own a winning record, leaving the door wide open for a relatively soft ticket market for those select games.

At TicketIQ, we're taking a look at who's who among those bowl games featuring teams without a winning record, and there's a clear-cut favorite for this year's "Toilet Bowl" Award. That honor belongs to the Independence Bowl between NC State and Vanderbilt, which owns the cheapest tickets for a bowl game featuring a non-winning team this season.

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Set for December 26, the Independence Bowl will feature both 6-6 NC State and 6-6 Vanderbilt. While a .500 season is nothing to scoff at, both teams have done little to make their bowl meeting a hot ticket on the resale market. Independence Bowl tickets now average $28 and the cheapest tickets are listed from just $3 each. Make sure to wash your hands after flushing, the Independence Bowl is TicketIQ's Toilet Bowl winner this season.

Among other bowl games to feature non-winning teams this season include the New Mexico Bowl, Foster Farms Bowl, Birmingham Bowl and Liberty Bowl. Each is posting relatively low resale ticket demand, though none comes close to rivaling that of the Independence Bowl.

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