2017 NFL Playoff Tickets: Conference Championship Games Setting Historic Price Points in Atlanta and Foxboro


(UPDATE 1/17/17) Four teams remain on the road to Super Bowl LI.

It was an exciting weekend in the NFL as Saturday saw the Falcons fly past the Seahawks and the Patriots decimate the Texans. Sunday was perhaps the better of the two days, with the Packers sneaking past the Cowboys on a game-winning field goal before the Steelers fended off the Chiefs in a thriller in Kansas City.

History will be made in Atlanta on Sunday as the Falcons prepare to host their final game at the Georgia Dome before it officially closes. And while this year's NFC Championship Game will be the most expensive football game ever held at the Georgia Dome, tickets for the AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium have fallen slightly since posting record-setting prices on Monday.

Take a look at how prices for this year's Championship Games rank historically below:

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The Falcons and Packers will play in the earlier game on Sunday, where NFC Championship tickets at the Georgia Dome now own a $720 average and $297 get-in price. That surpasses the 2010 SEC SEC Championship Game between South Carolina and Auburn, which owned a $668 average. It is the most expensive Falcons game since a Week 17 matchup with the Saints that owned a $541 average and $115 get-in price.

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In Foxboro, AFC Championship tickets are now averaging $740, tying 2014's game between the Broncos and Patriots as the most expensive AFC title game of the last eight years. The Patriots will play in their sixth straight Conference Championship Game while the Steelers return for the first time since the 2010 season.

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2017 NFL Playoff Tickets: Prices Dropping For 3 of 4 Divisional Round Games

(UPDATE 1/12/17) A message to fans purchasing NFL playoff tickets this season: the waiting game is paying off.

With the divisional round set to kickoff this weekend, ticket prices have fallen for three of the four games around the league. The Cowboys, Patriots and Chiefs have each seen the average resale price drop for their respective games against the Packers, Texans and Steelers. The Falcons, however, have experienced a slight bump in average price for their home game against the Seahawks on Saturday. The same trend can be found for the get-in price, where the Falcons are the only team to see an increase over the last three days.

Check out the daily price trend of each of the four games below, according to TicketIQ:


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2017 NFL Playoff Tickets: Cowboys & Patriots Posting Record Divisional Round Prices

(UPDATE 1/9/17) Four teams are moving on, and four lie in wait.

The divisional round of the 2017 NFL Playoffs will kick off on Saturday, and with four games on the docket through Sunday night, two are driving historical demand on the resale ticket market. Not only will the Dallas Cowboys play in their most expensive game this decade, but the New England Patriots are also raising the bar when they host the Houston Texans in Foxboro.

Take a look at where prices for NFL playoff tickets in the divisional round stack up below, according to TicketIQ:


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1/15/17 Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys | Average Resale Price: $824 | Get-in Price: $297 ($146 SRO)

With the Cowboys set to host the Packers at AT&T Stadium on Sunday, it will be their priciest home game of the last eight seasons at an average resale price of $824. That eclipses 2015's wild-card game against the Lions, where tickets owned a $373 resale average. Fans looking to just get past the gates on Sunday can find the cheapest seats listed from $297 each while Standing-Room-Only tickets are going for $146 each. It will be the most expensive divisional round game TicketIQ has tracked since 2010.

1/14/17 Houston Texans @ New England Patriots | Average Resale Price: $466 | Get-in Price: $178

Saturday night will see the Patriots host the Texans at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots will play in their seventh straight divisional round game, going 5-1 over the last six years. Like that of the Cowboys, their weekend matchup will be their priciest divisional round game in Foxboro this decade, with Patriots playoff tickets against the Texans averaging $466 and the get-in price listed from $178. Those prices surpass last year's divisional game against the Chiefs, which at the time owned the priciest tickets ever recorded for a Patriots' divisional game at a $449 average.

1/14/17 Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons | Average Resale Price: $322 | Get-in Price: $122

A battle of the birds in on tap in Atlanta on Saturday as the Falcons set to welcome the Seahawks to the Georgia Dome. With the Falcons looking to give the Georgia Dome a proper sendoff before it closes for good next month, Saturday's game will be considerably more expensive than 2013's divisional game against the Seahawks. Falcons vs. Seahawks tickets are now averaging $322 for this weekend's matchup, over 70 percent more expensive than the $189 average posted in 2013. The cheapest tickets for Saturday's game are going for $122 each.

1/15/17 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs | Average Resale Price: $271 | Get-in Price: $111

Arrowhead Stadium will be the site of this year's cheapest divisional round game when the Chiefs take on the Steelers on Sunday afternoon. The Chiefs' first home playoff game in six years, Sunday's game owns a $271 average resale price, which is 138 percent higher than their season average of $114. It is 32 percent more expensive than 2011's wild-card game against the Ravens, where tickets averaged $206. The cheapest tickets are listed from $111 each.



2017 NFL Playoff Tickets: 3 of 4 Four Wild Card Games Now Below Regular Season Average

(UPDATE 1/6/17) Hopefully you've held off on purchasing your wild card game tickets, NFL fans: resale prices are falling for all four games this weekend.

Saturday and Sunday will be jam packed with action, but excitement appears to be waning in Seattle, Pittsburgh, Houston and Green Bay. In fact, NFL playoff tickets have fallen so drastically that three of the four games are now below season average for that respective home team.

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Tickets are still most expensive at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, though the Seahawks have experienced the biggest hit to prices over the last four days. Seahawks playoff tickets for Saturday's game against the Lions is now $305, down 38 percent from Monday's average of $488. The Seahawks' home average this year was $355, making Saturday's wild card game 14 percent cheaper on average. The cheapest tickets are now $129 each.

The Steelers will host the Dolphins at Heinz Field on Sunday in the second priciest wild card game. Steelers vs. Dolphins tickets are currently averaging $237, down 27 percent from Monday's $324 average. Of the five playoff games held at Heinz Field since 2011, Sunday's game will be the cheapest on average. Tickets now start from $84 each. The Steelers owned a season average of $269 during the regular season.

Houston will get at least one game before hosting Super Bowl LI when the Texans take on the Raiders this Saturday. Average ticket price is down 26 percent since the start of the week, dropping from $301 to $224 by Friday afternoon. The Texans own the cheapest get-in price of all four home teams at just $76. However, they are the only team hosting a wild card game that owned a higher season average at home, with Texans tickets at NRG Stadium averaging $199.

Interestingly enough, it will be Sunday's game in Green Bay that owns the cheapest average resale price. With the Packers taking on the Giants, tickets are currently averaging $206 on TicketIQ. That is a 26 percent drop from Monday's $280 average and 22 percent below the Packers' season average of $264. The cheapest Packers vs. Giants tickets are listed from $113 each.


2017 NFL Playoff Tickets: Seahawks & Steelers Own Priciest Tickets Through Wild Card Round

The NFL playoff picture is officially set, and 12 teams remain on the path to Super Bowl LI in Houston next month.

Saturday and Sunday will showcase four wild card games, with the Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers and Houston Texans each taking up hosting duties. Take a look at how prices for NFL playoff tickets stack up for each of those games below, according to data provided by TicketIQ:

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Detroit Lions @ Seattle Seahawks  |  Average Resale Price: $405  |  Get-in Price: $187

The Seahawks put a bow on the regular season with a win over the 49ers on Sunday, capping a 10-5-1 season and first-place finish in the NFC West. They'll face the 9-7 Lions at home on Saturday, where they lost just one game against the Cardinals in Week 16. The average resale price for Seahawks vs Lions tickets is now $405, making it the most expensive wild card game this postseason. If looking to just get past the gates in Seattle the cheapest tickets are listed from $187 each.

Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers  |  Average Resale Price: $319  |  Get-in Price: $117

The Steelers were able to fend off the Browns on Sunday, and they now set to welcome a Dolphins team who were winners of three straight before falling to the Patriots at home over the weekend. It will be the Steelers' first home playoff game since their 2014 wild card loss to the Ravens. That two-year layover could be affecting prices, as Steelers vs Dolphins tickets at Heinz Field are now averaging $319 with a $117 get-in price.

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans  |  Average Resale Price: $265  |  Get-in Price: $91

Houston will get at least one playoff game before Super Bowl LI rolls into town on February 5 as the Texans set to host the Raiders on Saturday. At just 9-7 the Texans were able to clinch a weak AFC South division, and they'll hope home field will help propel them to a win over the 12-4 Raiders this weekend. Texans tickets against the Raiders currently own a $265 average and $94 get-in price.

New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers  |  Average Resale Price: $261  |  Get-in Price: $142

It was an exciting last three weeks in the NFC East with the surging Giants keeping things interesting for the Cowboys down the stretch. The Cowboys would ultimately prevail, however, and claim their first divisional title since 2014. The Giants now travel to Green Bay for a Sunday matchup with the NFC North champion Packers. Packers vs Giants tickets are averaging $261 and the cheapest tickets are listed from $142 each.

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As for the four playoff teams looking on in their bye week, the Cowboys are setting record price points for their divisional game on January 15. In addition to being the most expensive divisional game tracked over the last eight seasons, the Cowboys' upcoming playoff matchup is the third priciest NFL game TicketIQ has ever tracked. Cowboys playoff tickets currently average over $700 with a $245 get-in price. Standing-room-only tickets can be found from $116 each.

The Patriots follow for their divisional game on January 14. Tickets for the Gillette Stadium game currently own a secondary market average of $500 and the cheapest tickets are listed from $209 each. The Chiefs will host their divisional battle one day later, where tickets average $274 and the get-in price is $107. In what could potentially be the final NFL game held at Georgia Dome, the Falcons' divisional game on January 14 currently has a $259 average and $31 get-in price.


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