Hours Before Kickoff, Cheapest 2017 National Championship Tickets Nearly $1,700

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(UPDATE 1/9/17) The resale ticket market isn't letting up for tonight's season decider between Alabama and Clemson.

With the top two schools in the country set to square off at 8 p.m. ET tonight, 2017 National Championship tickets are averaging $3,329, marking a 14 percent jump from Friday morning's average of $2,930. Perhaps worse for those waiting until the eleventh hour to purchase tickets, the cheapest are now listed from a whopping $1,698 each, easily the highest get-in price TicketIQ has tracked for this year's game. Check out the daily price trend below:

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While ticket prices remain sky-high, fans can still find deals on area hotels on Priceline.com. As of 1 p.m. ET this afternoon Priceline.com is offering Express Deals for 3.5-star hotels from just $109 per night.

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How Much Are the Cheapest 2017 National Championship Tickets? A Look at Zone-By-Zone Get-in Prices

(UPDATE 1/6/17) Momentum is quickly building for the 2017 College Football National Championship Game, but average resale ticket price continues to fall in the days leading up to kickoff.

On TicketIQ, 2017 National Championship Game tickets now average $2,654. That is a 9 percent drop from Thursday morning's average of $2,930 and a 16 percent dive from the peak average of $3,396 on Wednesday afternoon. The game's get-in price has ticked up, however, with the cheapest 2017 National Championship tickets now listed from $1,012 in Section 343. That marks a 7 percent increase from the $939 get-in price on Thursday.

So what do these contrasting price trends mean for fans? Premium seating may be causing the average price to drop, but it will still be a pricey ticket if looking just to get past the gates at Raymond James Stadium. And when it comes to zone-by-zone pricing, Clemson fans are getting the short end of the stick. Check out where get-in prices stack up in each stadium zone below:

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Of the five seating zones labeled above, Clemson will have a more expensive get-in price than Alabama in each. Clemson's cheapest zone will be the 100s End, where tickets start from $1,752 each. The school's priciest zone (as is the case for Alabama) will be the 100s Side at a $3,105 asking price. For Alabama fans, Section 343 is offering the cheapest tickets at $1,012 each while the 100s Side is the highest get-in price at $2,017.


Prices for 2017 College Football National Championship Tickets Beginning to Drop

(UPDATE 1/5/17) Prices are starting to fall for 2017 National Championship Game tickets on the secondary market, but next Monday's game still remains the priciest title matchup since at least 2011.

As of Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m. ET, the average resale price for National Championship Game tickets at Raymond James Stadium was $2,930. That marks a 14 percent drop from Wednesday afternoon's average of $3,396. The cheapest tickets can be found from $939 each, down 13 percent from the $1,084 get-in price on Wednesday.

Though 2011's game posted a slightly higher resale average ($2,992) its busted market set many listings at exorbitant asking prices. This year's game hasn't experienced the same fate, with favorable travel for both schools likely adding to interest and ticket demand. Tampa hotels are are going fast on Priceline.com, with the cheapest three-star hotel listed from $159 per night for a two-night stay. Very few three and four-star hotels are still up for grabs, and the cheapest 2.5-star hotel is going for as low as $116 per night.


2017 College Football National Championship Tickets Now Averaging Over $3,300

(UPDATE 1/4/17) It's official: Alabama and Clemson will battle in the most expensive National Championship Game TicketIQ has ever tracked.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the average resale price for 2017 National Championship Game tickets was $3,396, making this year's title game more expensive on average than 2011's matchup between Auburn and Oregon, which was the product of a busted resale ticket market. That marks a 63 percent jump from Tuesday morning's average resale price of $2,080.

The current get-in price for next Monday's game at Raymond James Stadium is $1,084, up 42 percent from yesterday's $764 asking price. Just under 3,000 tickets remain on the resale market, a sharp difference from the 7,600+ inventory that was still available for last year's game on January 4, 2016.

Credit that price boost to the close proximity of each school's main campus to Tampa. With an average travel distance of 579 miles, Alabama and Clemson will play in the second least-traveled championship game this decade, behind 2012's game between LSU and Alabama in New Orleans (the average travel distance to for both schools in that game was 187 miles). Compare that to last year's game in Glendale, Arizona, where Alabama and Clemson combined for an average travel distance of nearly 2,000 miles.

Those prices shouldn't deter fans from making the trip to Tampa, however. Plenty of travel deals exist on Priceline.com, with Express Deals starting from $159 per night for a two-night stay at a three-star hotel. While fans may be best served driving, roundtrip flights from Birmingham to Tampa start from $695 while a roundtrip flight from Greer, South Carolina to Tampa can be found from $539 on Priceline.com.


2017 College Football National Championship Tickets Averaging Over $2,000 on Resale Market

(UPDATE 1/3/17) Prepare yourselves, college football fans: next week's title game in Tampa will cost a pretty penny to attend if going through the resale market.

With No. 1 Alabama set to face No. 2 Clemson at Raymond James Stadium next Monday, 2017 College Football National Championship Game tickets currently own a $2,080 average on TicketIQ. That's more than three times the average price of last year's championship game between the two schools at University of Phoenix Stadium ($610). Don't expect to get in for cheap, either. As it stands now the least expensive tickets are priced from $764 each in the 300 sections of the stadium.

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While the average resale price currently eclipses the $2,000 plateau, this year's title game falls well below the record average tracked for the 2011 BCS National Championship Game between Auburn and Oregon. That game, which was held at University of Phoenix Stadium, owned a $2,992 resale average. It is the most expensive college football championship game TicketIQ has tracked since the company began recording resale data in 2010.

Alabama heads to Tampa after defeating No. 4 Washington in the Peach Bowl at Georgia Dome on New Year's Eve. Clemson returns to the title game after blanking Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. The undefeated Crimson Tide search for their second consecutive national title and will face Clemson in the season decider for the second straight year.



College Football Playoff Tickets: Peach Bowl Prices Falling, Fiesta Bowl Remains Firm

(UPDATE 12/19/16) Less than two weeks remain before the 2016-17 College Football Playoff kicks off, and resale ticket prices have continued to fluctuate for both the Peach and Fiesta Bowls over the last seven days.

With No. 1 Alabama set to take on No. 4 Washington in the Peach Bowl at Georgia Dome, the average resale price for tickets to the New Year's Eve game has fallen slightly since last Monday. Meanwhile, Fiesta Bowl tickets between No. 2 Clemson and No. 3 Ohio State have experienced a small increase on average in that same time.

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On TicketIQ, Peach Bowl tickets at Georgia Dome now own a $403 average, marking a 4 percent drop from last Monday's average of $418. The cheapest tickets now start from $170 each in the 300 sections of the stadium. For those making the trip to Glendale to see Clemson and Ohio State battle, tickets to the Fiesta Bowl are averaging $274 (just a $1 change from last week's $273 average). The get-in price is now $70 in the 400 sections.

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Average Resale Price for CFP National Semifinal Tickets Quickly Dropping

(UPDATE 12/12/16) Good news, college football fans - the average ticket price is dropping fast for both of this year's National Semifinal games.

With the Peach and Fiesta Bowls set for New Year's Eve, each game has experienced a sharp drop in ticket price over the last week. Alabama and Washington will clash in the Peach Bowl at Georgia Dome in the earlier game, and Peach Bowl tickets on TicketIQ have dipped nearly 20 percent on average since last Monday. Tickets now post a $418 average, down 19 percent from last week's average of $517. If looking just to get in the cheapest available Peach Bowl tickets are going for $185 each in the 300 sections.

The Fiesta Bowl will showcase Clemson and Ohio State at University of Phoenix Stadium in later New Year's Eve game. Prices have plummeted at an even faster rate for Fiesta Bowl tickets. The average resale price is now $273.36, marking a 24 percent dive from the game's $358 average. The get-in price has increased slightly, however, with tickets priced at $74.


College Football Playoff Set; Peach Bowl Most Expensive Semifinal Game Since 2014

(ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 12/5/16) The stage is set for the 2016 College Football Playoff, and it will be a costly ticket to see the nation's four best schools compete on New Year's Eve. No. 1 Alabama will face No. 4 Washington in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl while No. 2 Clemson takes on No. 3 Ohio State in the Playstation Fiesta Bowl. The games will be the two most expensive College Football Playoff Semifinal games since the new playoff format began in 2014.

On TicketIQ, College Football Playoff tickets are posting massive demand with more than three weeks to go before kickoff. This year's Peach Bowl at Georgia Dome will be the most expensive College Football Playoff Semifinal game of the last three years, with tickets currently averaging $517 and the cheapest listed from $130 each. Credit the Tide's perfect 13-0 season and the New Year's matchup being the last college football game held at Georgia Dome before it closes for the record-setting resale ticket demand. The Huskies have surged all season long, too, going 12-1 and routing Colorado in the Pac-12 Championship Game over the weekend.

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The Fiesta Bowl will take place at University of Phoenix Stadium. It will be the third priciest College Football Playoff Semifinal of the last three seasons, with tickets owning a secondary market average of $358 and a get-in price of $69. Clemson enters the Semifinal round for the second straight season after narrowly escaping with a win against Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship Game. Ohio State received the No. 3 spot in the College Football Playoff after a momentous 30-27 win over Michigan in Week 13.

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