Prices For NFC Championship Tickets At The Georgia Dome Make It The NFL's Most Expensive Stadium Send-Off

January 17, 2017

Atlanta falcons

The Falcons are favored to make it to the Super Bowl and Atlanta is excited. As a result, the Georgia Dome is going out with a bang as this year's NFC Championship game will be its most expensive football game of all-time, and the second highest-priced event in the venue's history, behind only the 2013 NCAA Final Four. If the Falcons can punch their way to their first Super Bowl since 1999, it will be money well spent.

Other teams, however, have not had such in-demand send-offs. The final game at Qualcomm this year and Edward Jones last season could be both be seen for under $50. For the 2017 NFC Championship game, $50 will just cover the beer.
The Falcons have also been involved in the second most expensive football stadium send-off, when they lost 34-24 to the 49ers to send them to the playoffs, and an eventual Super Bowl trip. That year, the 49ers got all the way to the NFC Championship before losing to the Seattle Seahawks, who proceeded to dismantle the Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII at Metlife Stadium. This year, if the Falcons can win their final game before moving next door to Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Falcons fans would be looking at prices for Super Bowl tickets starting at over $4300. While many assume the Packers-Steelers would be the highest demand Super Bowl, Atlanta has a lot of well-heeled sports fans that might be up for a big trip to Texas.