NBA Finals Ticket Market Largely Unaffected By Warriors Game 1 Rout

The rubber matchup between the Warriors and Cavs is underway and Game 1 wasn’t as competitive as Cavs fans may have hoped, but despite the unexpected strength of victory, the ticket market for the remainder of the NBA Finals hasn’t been affected.


The cheapest ticket on the secondary market for Sunday’s Game 2 is $499, exactly the same as it was prior to tip-off of Game 1 and just a $2 difference from the past 48 hours.


Over in Cleveland, fans don’t seem to be deterred by the Game 1 loss. The current cheapest ticket for Game 3 is $338, just $1 lower than it was before Game 1’s tip-off. Game 4 is also largely unaffected, sporting the same Get-In price ($423) as prior to Game 1’s tip and less than 1% change in average ticket price.  


Should the Cavs drop Game 2, it’s likely prices will begin to dip for Games 3 and 4 at Quicken Loans Arena, however the relatively low quantity of tickets on the market (less than 2,000 seats are available for each game) will prevent a dramatic free-fall.


Much like the ticket market, travel prices can vary day to day, and the key for those traveling to Oakland or Cleveland is patience and diligence in watching the market. According to, flight prices typically hover around $300 for round trip, but have fallen as low as $134 in the past week. Hotel accommodations have remained fairly consistent in the Bay Area with hotels in Oakland typically around $95/night and San Francisco around $75/night. Cleveland varies a bit more but the low from Priceline this week was $52/night.


Overall, the NBA Finals ticket market is still quite favorable to fans. With over 18,000 tickets available across the series, it’s a sizable increase over the past 2 years and expected to keep prices (relatively) reasonable throughout the series.

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