Dodgers World Series Game 6 Tickets Down 55% After Game 5 Loss

After what many are calling the best World Series game of all time, the Dodgers have their backs against the wall and the Astros are one win away from the their championship ever.
While win probability whipped around during the game like no other World Series in history, prices remained relatively stable over the course of the game. Overnight, though, ticket prices plummeted for game 6, are now down 55%...and falling. The below infographic below, which was last update on Monday at 3:45 ET.
With over 5,000 tickets on the market, it could go even lower, as the Dodgers Nation psyche is pretty damaged. With a night of full sleep, however, tomorrow will likely feel different. With ticket prices now under $500, it will certainly start to feel like a deal for many starved Dodger fans, who would have been priced out of tickets over $1,000. Fans looking to see history, might want to move quickly, though. Two hours ago, the cheapest tickets was $466, and that's now up to $536. It might also be good news that prices for Game 7 have stayed steady, with prices starting at $1350.
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Game 6All-In Prices TX-LAIf Dodger Nation is looking for some solace, and a reason to dig deep, they have to look no further than game 5 prices. While the Astros game 4 loss was not nearly as traumatic or long as the Dodgers last night, the impact on prices was very similar. For the lucky fan that bought this ticket using our special promo code, it was $491 well spent. While Astros Nation had convinced themselves that Kershaw was unbeatable, the fans that took plunge were rewarded mightily. While the discussion of 'best game ever' will continue, the discussion of best deal ever is settled, at least from our perspective.
Enterprising Astros fans may want to consider a cheap Game 6 tickets, and a flight ticket to go along with it. At current prices, $475 will get you into Dodger Stadium. At 1,542 miles from Houston to LA, it will take a real commitment to make the trip. While that may seem like a long way to go, according to the site, that distance is the equivalent of 1,506,900 Jose Altuves. Considering the Playoffs and World Series he's had, it might just be worth it.

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