First 5 Days Of 2017-2018 NBA Season Cost 37% More Than 2016-2017's

October 17, 2017

While no-one would be shocked to see a 4th straight meeting between the Cavaliers and Warriors in the 2018 NBA Finals, the Celtics, Rockets, and Thunder have each put together big off-season moves in hopes of dethroning them. And with these big moves comes big ticket demand.

  • As fate would have it, Tuesday's Opening Night sees 4 of these 5 teams in matchups with each other. According to, the Cavaliers/Celtics game features an average secondary market asking price of $265 per ticket while the Warriors/Rockets nightcap features an average secondary market ticket price of $575.
  • It'll cost a minimum of $102 to get into Quicken Loans Arena and $193 for ORACLE.
  • With these big time matchups in order, the average ticket price in the NBA over the first 5 days is $190. That's a 37% jump from the 2016-2017 season's first 5 days ($138) and a 38% increase from 2015-2016 ($137).
  • Overall, the Warriors reign supreme this season with a $456 average price per game on the secondary market. The aforementioned Lakers place at $299, although that is skewed by the absolutely massive demand behind the Kobe Dual Jersey retirement game vs (who else?) the Warriors in December, and despite being expected to struggle, the Knicks place third at $279.
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