Strong Onsale, And Secondary Market, For Dave Matthews Band Tickets Super Bowl Weekend

With last week's onsale of “The Night Before” featuring Dave Matthews Band, the countdown to the Super Bowl LII is on. Based on the results of the onsale, it appears football fans and Minnesotans are ready and excited.

Less than three day after tickets were made available to the public, all that is left on are scattered single seats around $100. Overall, prices on the secondary market are now about 40% higher than primary ticket prices, which started at $57. Compared to the rest of the weekend, it's a very un-superbowl price, as noted in an article in the Minnesota Star Tribune earlier this week. The article also notes the on the same same night, there are tickets available for the Florida–Georgia Line who will play the first of three nights at the 9,000-person Club Nomadic. Tickets for that show start from $200, via Ticketmaster. The article goes on to speculate that the combination of shows will create what ‘could be the biggest Saturday night for concerts the Twin Cities has ever seen’.  Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 6.07.07 PM

Football fans and locals can thank On Location Experiences for what will be not only a packed night before, but also entire weekend.  In addition to the 30,000 tickets that they’ll sell between DMB and Florida-Georgia line, the company is putting on two more shows at Club Nomadic.  While acts have not yet been announced, if last year is any indication, it should be good.  Last year’s lineup included Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, The Chainsmokers and Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

With over 50,000 tickets available to events before the same even starts, On Location has turned the Super Bowl entertainment market upside down. In the Super Bowl club party model of old, parties like Maxim and Playboy were invite-only, and if you didn’t know someone, they’d cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 on the secondary market. Outside of those marquee events, there’s a low rung of club options that require a lot of work to figure out.  

Despite all the buzz that typically surrounds the Super Bowl parties, it was never something that  the majority of fans attending the event had access to. Depending on the price for the final two onsale at Club Nomadic, fans could attend three shows over the course of the weekend for around $500. Compared to the average price of Super Bowl Tickets on the secondary market over the last several years, that’s virtually a rounding error.

As for tickets to the game itself, NFL On Location also has those as well. Prices start at $13,499, and for that high-end option, you also get post-game on-field access to do confetti snow angels if you’re team wins.  For those on more of a budget, prices go all the way down to $6,299 for the basic ‘bronze’ package, which gets you a 300-level ticket and an all-inclusive pre-game party at the Armory. For music fans, though, the best option may be the $7,599, which not only get you a ticket, but also a hotel for three nights, and concert tickets for Friday or Saturday night. That’s in addition to tailgates galore and all of which is available for $7,500, which was the game-day get-in last year and makes this deal too good to pass up, especially if you’re a football fan.

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