An Unverified Fan’s Guide to Buying Taylor Swift Reputation Tour Tickets

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you have not succeeded in being named a #VerifiedFan for the ticket onsale to Taylor Swift’s 2018 Reputation Tour. It also probably means that the child you are considering buying Taylor Swift tickets for has also not been verified, which they could have done through a number of actives, including watching videos, buying albums and inviting friends to do the same. A successful and verified fan would have had a had a profile page on that looked like the below.

Fans that did invest the time were compensated with ‘boosts’ that moved their place in the ticket queue up or down. Based on the reaction on Twitter, the sentiment seems unusually happy for a ticket onsale, especially one by a megastar like Swift.

For fans that were not able to participate, the options now are to get Taylor Swift Reputation Tour tickets through the Secondary Market as well as the primary market The below chart shows the current average prices and quantity on the secondary tickets market.

As for the secondary market, there's much more lower-level inventory on the secondary market, which means that the secondary market is more expensive, while the tickets that remain unsold on Ticketmaster are in the upper levels of stadiums where tickets are cheaper.

Here's a great article by Dave Brooks on Billboard that talks about the impact of the Verified Fan model of ticket prices and demand and who wins and looses.

Below is an interesting chart that compares how quantity came into the market for the1989 Tour in 2014 and the Reputation onsale that just happened. The unit of measurement is days for Reputation and weeks for 1989, when the secondary market essentially served as primary the distribution channel for everyone expect bots. For Reputation, the onsale with real people doing the buying actually did happen through the Ticketmaster.


Below is the onsale schedule for any interested to see how it all went down.

• Tues, December 5th, from 1-7pm Pacific
• Wed, December 6th, from 12-7pm Pacific
• Thurs, December 7th, from 12-7pm Pacific
• Fri, December 8th, from 12-7 Pacific

• Venue Presale: Saturday, December 9th to Tuesday, December 12th
• General Public Onsale: Wed, December 13th at 10am local in each market


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