Where to Find The Cheapest 2022 MLB Playoff Tickets

Where To Buy 2022 MLB Playoff Tickets

Primary market face-value MLB playoff tickets for most teams are available via their website, or Ticketmaster

On the secondary market, TicketIQ has Fee-Free MLB Playoff tickets which also include a Refund Guarantee. Our Refund Guarantee states that if an event is canceled or deemed unfit for fans to attend, TicketIQ will refund ticket buyers in as soon as 15 days. That means that you can buy from TicketIQ worry-free. Customers on TicketIQ save between 15%-25% compared to other secondary market ticketing sites. 

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2022 MLB Playoff Schedule










How Much Are 2022 MLB Tickets

2022 MLB Playoff ticket pricing is not yet available on the secondary market. Below is a look at last year's prices. 

League Championship Series



League Division Series



Wild Card Round


2021 MLB Playoff Schedule


  • Tuesday, Oct. 5, 8:08 p.m. - AL Wild Card Game - New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox (ESPN) 
  • Wednesday, Oct. 6, 8:10 p.m. - NL Wild Card Game - St. Louis Cardinals @ Los Angeles Dodgers (TBS)


  • Thursday, Oct. 7 - ALDS A, Game 1 (FS1 or MLBN) / ALDS B, Game 1 (FS1 or MLBN)
    Friday, Oct. 8 - ALDS A, Game 2 (FS1 or MLBN) / ALDS B, Game 2 (FS1 or MLBN) / NLDS A, Game 1 (TBS) / NLDS B, Game 1 (TBS)
  • Saturday, Oct. 9 - NLDS A, Game 2 (TBS) / NLDS B, Game 2 (TBS)
  • Sunday, Oct. 10 - ALDS A, Game 3 (FS1 or MLBN) / ALDS B, Game 3 (FS1 or MLBN)
  • Monday, Oct. 11 - ALDS A, Game 4* (FS1 or MLBN) / ALDS B, Game 4* (FS1 or MLBN) / NLDS A, Game 3 (TBS) / NLDS B, Game 3 (TBS)
  • Tuesday, Oct. 12 - NLDS A, Game 4* (TBS) / NLDS B, Game 4* (TBS)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 13 - ALDS A, Game 5* (FS1) / ALDS B, Game 5* (FS1)
  • Thursday, Oct. 14 - NLDS A, Game 5* (TBS) / NLDS B, Game 5* (TBS)


  • Friday, Oct. 15 - ALCS Game 1 (FOX)
  • Saturday, Oct. 16 - ALCS Game 2 (FOX or FS1) / NLCS Game 1 (TBS)
  • Sunday, Oct. 17 - NLCS Game 2 (TBS)
  • Monday, Oct. 18 - ALCS Game 3 (FS1) 
  • Tuesday, Oct. 19 - NLCS Game 3 (TBS) / ALCS Game 4 (FS1) 
  • Wednesday, Oct. 20 ALCS Game 5* (FS1) / NLCS Game 4 (TBS)
  • Thursday, Oct. 21 - NLCS Game 5* (TBS)
  • Friday, Oct. 22 - ALCS Game 6* (FS1) 
  • Saturday, Oct. 23 NLCS Game 6* (TBS) / ALCS Game 7* (FOX or FS1) 
  • Sunday, Oct. 24 - NLCS Game 7* (TBS)


  • Tuesday, Oct. 26 - World Series Game 1 (FOX)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 27 - World Series Game 2 (FOX)
  • Friday, Oct. 29 - World Series Game 3 (FOX)
  • Saturday, Oct. 30 - World Series Game 4 (FOX)
  • Sunday, Oct. 31 - World Series Game 5* (FOX)
  • Tuesday, Nov. 2 - World Series Game 6* (FOX)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 3 - World Series Game 7* (FOX)

A = Involves club with best record; B = Not involving club with best record

* - if necessary

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Due to COVID-19, all 2020 Division Series, League Championship Series, and World Series games will be played in bubble locations. The ALDS will be played at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and Petco Park in San Diego, the NLDS will be played at Globe Life Field in Arlington and Minute Maid Park in Houston.  The ALCS will take place at Petco Park, and the NLCS and World Series will take place at Globe Life Field.

Due to the state guidelines in California and Texas, tickets will only be available for the NLCS and World Series. 

How Much Are 2020 MLB Playoff Tickets

Primary market NLCS tickets start at $40 and go as high as $125 per seat. For the World Series prices range from $75 to $450 per seat. 

On the secondary market, tickets for the NLCS are averaging $210, which is the least expensive NLCS we've ever tracked. Last year, the NLCS between the Nationals and Cardinals averaged $335 on the secondary market. Get-in prices range from $68 to $190.

Below is a look at the average price and get-in price for each NLCS game:


The secondary market average prices for this year's World Series is $979, which is significantly less expensive than last year's $1,936 average price for the Nationals-Astros series. Get-in prices for the World Series games range from $345 to $450.

Below is a look at the average price and get-in price for each World Series game:

--- 2019 Report Below ---

How Much Are 2019 MLB Playoff Tickets

After a 162-game—or in this year’s case, 163-game—marathon season, the Major League Baseball playoffs are in full swing. While the Yankees steamrolled the Twins, the rest of the league divisional series in going the distance. As the below infographic shows, the Astros have the highest game 5, which the cheapest ticket available for around $100. Dodgers game 5 ticket prices are down 30% since the start of the series, and it could be a cheap series-clinching game for fans.

The below infographic (which excludes potential GM7 Prices for Yankees) shows that Nats fans are the most the most excited about advancing to the League Championship Series, the franchises first since relocating to DC in 2005.

NL World-Series favorite Dodgers fans appear to be saving up for a deeper run, with Dodgers tickets the 2nd cheapest of any LDS home games. Yankees vs. Twins at Yankee Stadium in the most expensive home side of any LDS series. It's also the only series that makes the top 10 LDS prices this decade (#6). Despite their record-breaking season, Twins fans aren't getting too excited about another post-season meeting with the Yankees. In their second LDS this decade, the Twins average ticket price of $183 is 33% below their 2010 prices of $271. With the best odds to reach the World Series in the AL, Astros prices are the 2nd highest over the last four years, behind only 2017, the year they won the World Series.
Despite the highest odds to reach the World Series in the NL, the Dodgers have the second cheapest NLDS prices this season, and their second cheapest this decade. Of the teams that have clinched a spot in the LDS, the Braves have the cheapest NLDS prices while the Twins are cheapest in the ALDS.

How Much Are 2019 MLB Wild Card Game Tickets

The two 2019 Wild Card game match ups are set. In the American League the Tampa Bay Rays will travel out west to take on the Oakland Athletics, and in the National League the Milwaukee Brewers head to Washing to face the Washington Nationals. Prices and ticket links for each game are below:

League Match Up Avg Price Get-In Price
AL Rays @ A's $382 $99
NL Brewers @ Nationals $119 $80


How Much Are 2019 MLB League Divisional Series LDS Playoff Tickets

After two straight years in the World Series, Dodgers prices are the lowest on the secondary market, and the team is even offering some incentive for fans to come out to the ALDS. The first 40,000 ticketed fans in attendance will receive a Cody Bellinger Postseason Bobblehead.

Team Avg Price
Yankees $411
Cardinals $235
Astros $213
Twins $183
Dodgers $169
Braves $150


TicketIQ is committed to the cheapest tickets possible, and we make much less on sold out tickets compared to other major marketplaces like StubHub and Vivid. That means ticket buyers save from up to 25% on TicketIQ on sports, music and theater. We're able to do this because we also work with teams, venues, and other ticket owners, to help them sell tickets at face price, directly to consumers like you, through Ticketmaster.


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