Where to Find AT&T Stadium Premium Seating and Club Options

August 9, 2022

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The Dallas Cowboys offer several different levels of club level seating. The Hall of Fame Club seats are located in the 100 level along the sideline, and are prefixed with a C before the section number. The main club seats make up the 200 level, and mezzanine club seats make up the 300 level. Regardless of which club level you sit in, you will have access to the same lounges and amenities, which include wider cushioned seats and access to upscale food and drink.


  • Field Level Suites (Right behind each team sidelines).  
  • Founders Club (C210 & C235)
  • Hall of Fame Club (C106-C115, C132-C139)
  • Hall of Fame Suites (Just above 100-Level Corner sections)
  • Main Level Club (C206-C209, C211-C214, C231-C234, C236-C239)
  • Mezzanine Choctaw Club (C307-C314, C332-C339)
  • Owner’s Club Suites (Above the 100-level on Home sideline)
  • Ring of Honor Suites (Numbered 501-512, 521-523, 524-569, and 570-592)
  • Silver Suites (Numbered 401-422, 423-466, 467-488)
  • Star Level Suites (Numbered 601-608, 615-656, 659-668)
  • Touchdown Suites (Behind each end zone on Field Level)


The cheapest club areas is the Silver Club location on the 300-level, with ticket starting close to $200 for the cheapest games.  The most expensive club seats available for sale are the 100-level Clubs, which are the Hall of Fame and Optum Club, all located on the 100-level .  These tickets typically start around $350 and can go as high as $1,000 for the highest demand games. Tickets for the Optum Club can also be bought separately for $150. For sections on the outer edge of the Founder Club, tickets can be as cheap as $250, while 50-yard line ticket are the most expensive.

Field Level Club Seats

The Field Level Suites may be the best seats at AT&T Stadium, and are just behind the player benches. The Field Level Suites are on the north and south sides of the stadium. On the north side (visiting team's bench), the suites are numbered 1-8 and 24-31. On the south side, (Cowboys' bench side), the suites are numbered 9A-23. Tickets in this premium section are not available on TicketIQ, so be prepared to go directly through the venue. These are two Field Level club areas, the Draft King Sports Lounge, which is behind the visitor sideline. The Miller Lite Club is behind the home sideline, and both offer two bars as well a behind-the-scenes view of the sideline players and coaches. Because you can see all the action on the massive video board, it's a unique way to watch the game.
The below video from the 2022 Big12 Championship that shows the view well.
Miller Lite Club - AT&T Stadium

Founders Club

There is a Founders club on the visitor and home sideline in the 200-level. The visitor-side club is located between sections 232 to 239, with section 235 and located directly at midfield. The home-side club area is between 206 and 214. The Hornitas Lounge is housed on the visitors side while the AT&T Star Bar is located on the home side.
The first row in both sections is just 22 rows from the field, and there are 13 rows in each section. There is also a large area of ADA seating. For Cowboys games, Founders club also provides access to the Main level club, Field level club and Founders club.  On TicketIQ, visitor-side Founders Club tickets start as low as $300 and go as high as $1,000 depending on the opponent, while tickets on the home side can cost 10% to 20% more.

Below is a video from our Tiktok showing the view from section 238, as well the Hornito's Cowboy-rita Lounge, where you can get the club's signature Cowboy-rita tequila drink.
Founder Club Level AT&T Stadium

Optum Hall Of Fame Club & Suites

The Hall of Fame club has a private Optum Club that and seats that are located between sections C132 and C139. The sections have 22 rows, which means that these are the best seats in the venue. Amenities include wider, padded seats, a private entrance into the stadium, access to club lounge, and premium food and beverage available for purchase. Entry gate A is located on the Hall of Fame Level. All other entrances are on the main councourse.
 Optum Hall of Fame Club

Mezzanine Club

Amenities include wider padded seats, private entrances into the stadium, upscale food and beverage options, and access to private lounges.

Owner’s Club Suites

These are located along the Cowboys sideline and provide fans with great views of the field. Amenities include wider padded seats, private entrances into the stadium, upscale food and beverage options, and access to private lounges. 

Ring of Honor Suites

Ring of Honor Suites will provide fans with comfortable chairs, outside seating, HD TV's, a private kitchen area, a private restroom, and an allotment of VIP parking passes.

Silver Suites

Silver Suites are located in the 300 level. On the visitor side, sections span from 332 to 339 and are located just off the Choctaw Club. On the home side, sections span from 307 to 314 and are located just off the American Airlines Lounge. Amenities include comfortable chairs, outside seating, HD TV's, a private dining area with area, private restrooms, and an allotment of VIP parking passes. Below is a Tiktok of the Choctaw club with a view from section C335 and C336.  Silver Suites are the most affordable seats at AT&T with tickets starting around $250 for many games.


Silver Level Club at AT&T Stadium



Star Level Suites

Like all other Suites in AT&T Stadium, Star Level Suites provide comfortable chairs, outside seating, HD TV's, a private kitchen area, a private restroom, and an allotment of VIP parking passes.

Touchdown Suites

 The Touchdown Suites are located behind each endzone at AT&T Stadium. In the east endzone the suites are numbered 101-106, while the suites in the west endzone are numbered 107-114.


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