Bryant-Denny Stadium Seating Chart + Rows, Seat Numbers and Club Seats

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Bryant-Denny Stadium Seating Chart - Football 


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Field Level sections, rows and seats at Bryant-Denny Stadium

Lower Level seats are located close to the action in the A to N and AA to NN Sections of the first level. Lower Level End Zones are found in Sections S-1 to S-8 and N-1 to N-8. U1 Level seats are located above the 100 Level in Sections A to R and CC to NN. South and North Zones seats are located above the 100 Level in Sections 1 to 10 in each zone.

U2/U3 Level seats are located between the U1 and U4 Levels in Sections A to R. U4 Level seats are located above the Skybox suites in Sections SS-1 to SS-14 and NN-1 to NN-14. Sidelines seats are located on the highest level of the stadium in Sections AA to RR.

Lower-level sections, rows and seats at Bryant-Denny Stadium

The lower level section is divided into sections A-N, AA-NN, S-1 to S-8 and N-1 to N-8. Sections A-N and AA-NN have rows numbered from 1-60 while the end-centered N and S sections have 11-47 rows. The left N and S sections contain 25-60 rows. The center sections in lower level are F, G, H, FF, GG, HH. The end centered sections are N3-N6, S3-S6. The corner centered sections are N1, N2, N7, N8, S1, S2, S7, S8.  

SS and NN- sections, rows and seats at Bryant-Denny Stadium

The center-level sections are SS-4 to SS-10 and NN-4 to NN-10. The end centered sections are SS-11 to SS-13, NN-11 to NN-13. 

Club, VIP, Box Seats and Suites at Bryant-Denny Stadium

Skybox South and North Levels are luxury seating areas are located on the end zones of the stadium between the U1 and U4 Levels. President's Box and Ivory Club are located above the Lower Level Sidelines. U2/U3 Suites are located on the U2 and U3 Levels of the visitor's sideline. Golf Cart Shuttles run in the east spirals, Gate 29 and Gate 46.  ATMs at Bryant-Denny Stadium are located in Section NN-10, Gate 15 (Lower Level, West Side of Bryant Denny Stadium). The student sections at Bryant-Denny Field are located mostly in the south end zone and wrap around all the way from section A to section EE in the lower level, and also spans sections SS 2 through SS 6 in the upper level.

Single-game seat back rentals may be purchased at;

  • Lower concourse: Gate 11, Gate 16, and Gate 36
  • Upper Level: 8th level at the top of each East Spiral

Family Restrooms with power outlets, chairs and shelving are located near;

  • Lower Level (Ground Floor): Inside Gate-9
  • Lower Level (Mezzanine): Near sections N-4, NN, & S-8
  • Upper Level (Concourse): Near sections NN-11 & SS-4
  • Student seating is located in the Sections AA-EE, S-1-S-8, and SS-2-SS-5

Alabama Sideline - The Alabama sideline is in front of EFGH and J
Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of EEFFGGHH and JJ


The Alabama Crimson Tide have unsold face-value tickets available for most games, which can be purchased directly through Ticketmaster. Prices may be above or below prices on the secondary ticket market. Many Concerts also have unsold tickets. For Sold Out Seats and Events, TicketIQ has Fee Free tickets for all events at Bryant-Denny Stadium. 


Tickets for a TIDE game can be purchased either through Ticketmaster outlets or Bryant-Denny box office stadium. Also, the ability to order away game tickets is based on the number of TIDE PRIDE points (PDF). Having the ability to order tickets does not guarantee you will receive tickets. Plus, East Will Call will be open four (4) hours prior to the game, and will be located near Gate 32 on the East side of Bryant-Denny Stadium. Guests are requested to bring a valid photo ID in order to retrieve your tickets.


 Patrons who require accessible seating needs may exchange their seats at Northwest Will Call located near Gate 3 and East Will Call located near Gate 32. Patrons may exchange their tickets for accessible seating beginning four (4) hours prior to the game. Accessible seating is located in the East U1 Level, Upper East Sideline, Upper North End Zone, and Upper South End Zone.

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