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Thank you for visiting TicketIQ’s Caesars Superdome Premium + Suite Options blog post. Our goal is to provide the most helpful information on premium options at Caesars Superdome. We've included all rows and sections that correspond to various luxury seating options. Additionally, below you can see just some of the great views and comfortability you'll receive throughout your trip to Caesars Superdome. 

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If you’d like to find New Orleans Saints, Sugar Bowl, and NCAA Men’s Final Four Premium Ticket Options at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, LA, TicketIQ has plenty of options.

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Bunker Club - Club seating with access to two luxurious lounges at the East & West sides of the stadium. The sections that give such access are 113-115 and 141-143, which are between each 30 yard line on the sidelines of both teams. This particular designation of sections with Bunker Club East/West access is specific to Saints games, but may be available for other events including concerts. The clubs themselves have perks such as: luxury dining, lounge lighting, spacious restrooms, comfortable seating, and numerous televisions featuring action from across the NFL.

Loge Club - Loge Club ticket holders are treated both to some of the best views at Caesars Superdome, as well as access to the Loge Club. Located in the 200 & 300 levels along the sidelines, Loge Club seats are highly sought after. There are just a few 200 level Loge Club sections, but overall these are just 30+ rows from the field. 

Directly behind Row 4 in the 200 level is the beginning of the 300 level, which begins with Row 5. All in all, the 200 & 300 levels at Caesars Superdome are much closer than at other venues. 215-229, 257-271, 308-316, & 332-340 comprise the Loge Level sections. 

The club itself has amenities such as a classy full service bar, high end food & beverage options, great views of the entire city of New Orleans, TV’s/seating, and more. Club access is available for Saints games only, but you can check to see if it’ll be available for other events at Caesars Superdome. 

North End Zone Club - North End Zone Club ticket holders are treated to some of the most impressive amenities in all of Caesars Superdome. Ticket holders with access to the club can be found in the first six rows of Sections 101, 102 and 154-156. The private space is located above the End Zone suites, and offers a luxurious, complimentary experience. Full of beer, wine, and food options all on the house, the club offers amazing views coupled with large televisions, lavish furniture, full-service bars, and a private entrance for Saints games. 

Caesars Superdome Suites - There are numerous Suite options available at Caesars Superdome, located all around the venue. Most are sold as part of a full season plan, but some can be found on a game by game basis. The main suite level can be found in the 300’s fully encircling the stadium. Splitting the main 300 level from the 500 level, these suites are numbered 301-389 and 401-464. The fan experience in these private suite boxes includes great views of the field and an inside space for all guests to socialize. 

Down closer to the field are the Field Level Suites. As new additions at Caesars Superdome, these premier boxes are some of the most sought after in all the stadium. The image below shows just how close fans can get to the action with a plan in one of these suites. Plus, ticket holders are provided access to the North End Zone Club. 

Keep checking on TicketIQ to see if we have single game suite plans available for events at Caesars Superdome. If not, go through the Saints team website for all questions or inquiries. 

Plus, while most of the Premium options listed above are primarily only available for Saints games, some other events may offer them as well. This is something you may want to consider when deciding to contact the Caesars Superdome ticket office.

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