Where to Find Chase Center Premium Seating and Club Options

December 1, 2021

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Chase Center Premium Seating Options

If you’d like to find premium seating at Chase Center you have plenty of options:

The Courtside Club Seats

These can be found at floor level around the perimeter of the court. These seats are split into two categories: Rows AA & BB in each courtside section are the first 2 rows from the court, and are labeled VIP Courtside Seats. Behind these two rows are numbered sections that include the Lower 2 to 5, Lower 9 and 10, Lower 14 to 17, & Lower 21 and 22. These sections have five rows (A1-A5) and are known as the Riser Seats. Fans with any of these courtside seats can get to their seating location via a tunnel located between sections 10-14 on the floor level. Ticket holders in Courtside Club seats have access to the private Chase Club, a lounge with free of charge upscale food and beverage (incl. Beer/Wine) options, that is located right by the tunnel. Fans in these courtside seats also have access to the J.P. Morgan Club on the 2nd Floor, which is another lounge that has a full scale bar with numerous food options. Here is a great video of the Chase Club from the inside, as well as the walk through the tunnel to the court. On TicketIQ, expect to be able to find tickets to games in the Riser Seat sections for as low as $800-1000. Inquire directly with the team about how ticketing and amenity options work for concerts and other events.

Pepsi Club Seats

The Pepsi Club seats can be located in sections 125-129, behind the basket above the main general seating area. These seats provide access to the Pepsi Club at the very top of the level. This club does not offer much in terms of amenities, but it does provide an excellent perch to watch the game from, space to move around, and the feel of a sports bar. Here is a video of the Pepsi Club and the views it provides. For Warriors games, these tickets should start from as low as $150-250. For all other events, inquire directly with the team concerning ticketing and amenity availability.

Sideline Club Seats

The Sideline Club seats can be located on the lower level in sections 101-106 and 113-118. Those in sections 101-106 receive access to the United Club, which is a huge lounge with a central bar, food options, tables, and a plethora of other seating. Here is a video from the inside. Those in sections 113-118 receive access to the Budweiser Club, which while smaller actually has two levels, in addition to similar amenities. On TicketIQ, expect to find tickets in these sections for as low as $200-400.

Bridges Seating

The Bridges Seating at Chase Center offers one of the more unique experiences in any arena. These seats can be found below the Modelo Cantina behind the home basket, and hidden above the main seating bowl. The Bridges consist of two rows, one that has reserved seating and one that is standing room only. Each row has long tables that provide the fan with the perfect location to enjoy a meal or beverage in comfort. We do not have Bridge seating available on TicketIQ, so if interested go directly through the team.

Modelo Cantina Seats

The Modelo Cantina seats sit directly above the Bridges. Located in the upper level behind the home basket, these seats can only be accessed by a set of stairs that connects them to the rest of the 200 level. With long tables and spacious rows in addition to balcony seating options, this area has a lot to offer. Plus, anybody sitting in these seats has access to the Modelo Cantina bar, which gives a great opportunity to socialize with guests and move around. We do not have Bridge seating available on TicketIQ, so if interested go directly through the team.

*Bridges and Cantina seating are only available for Basketball games.

In addition to these options, where no-fee tickets can be found on TicketIQ (except for Bridges and Cantina seating) , there are other VIP areas that are not available on the secondary market, and have to be purchased directly from the team or via a Suite marketplace. Those include:
The Courtside Lounges: From the Chase Center Website: “An exclusive VIP experience accommodating 16 people (12 bowl seats) in a private lounge, including a curated dining experience, private butler and 2 VIP parking passes.”

The Club Suites: From the Chase Center Website: “The ideal venue for hosting business partners or clients. Each suite includes an all-inclusive dining program, 2 VIP parking passes and a dedicated attendant.”

The Theater Boxes: “Accommodates four people per box with a private dining experience along with plush balcony seats, one VIP parking pass and a dedicated attendant.”

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