Coronavirus and NFL Tickets: Where To Buy and Refund Policies

2020 & Potential Coronavirus Impact on Secondary Market

The 2020 NFL schedule was recently announced. While this is exciting news for all football fans, there are some major questions marks heading into the 2020 season due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The league remains very confident that the 2020 season will happen on time. 

However, the league has already canceled all of its International Series games, and according to, people within the league office have already begun considering contingency plans for the season. One strong possibility is that games are played in stadiums without fans, something we've already begun seeing in other sports around the globe. 

Below is a breakdown at the market value of tickets, based on 2019 secondary market average ticket prices and attendance at 100% capacity. This is not a precise measure, but the simplest way to benchmark the magnitude of losses, by team. 

2019 Average Secondary Market Prices*Capacity = Normal-Season Market Value

Team Avg Price Capacity Market Value
Patriots $704 66,829 $376,544,659
Cowboys $402 105,000 $337,723,050
Bears $597 61,500 $293,575,785
Packers $344 81,441 $224,194,042
Seahawks $401 69,000 $221,151,900
Eagles $395 69,596 $220,142,587
Broncos $354 76,125 $215,586,000
Chargers $366 70,240 $205,405,842
Saints $321 73,208 $188,217,768
Giants $258 82,500 $170,538,225
Vikings $286 66,655 $152,424,654
Chiefs $245 76,416 $149,689,010
Steelers $268 68,400 $146,475,864
Falcons $223 75,000 $133,767,750
Browns $238 67,895 $129,272,080
Rams $225 70,240 $126,703,327
Ravens $215 71,008 $122,248,083
Jets $185 82,500 $122,100,000
Panthers $200 75,523 $120,926,672
Texans $202 72,220 $116,468,472
Titans $207 69,143 $114,500,808
Buccaneers $206 65,890 $108,759,917
49ers $195 68,500 $106,860,000
Redskins $157 82,000 $102,873,920
Bills $163 71,608 $93,272,284
Raiders $175 65,000 $91,000,000
Dolphins $158 65,326 $82,572,064
Lions $145 65,000 $75,316,800
Cardinals $131 63,400 $66,443,200
Jaguars $104 69,132 $57,457,778
Colts $103 67,000 $54,974,840
Bengals $99 65,515 $52,081,804
    Total $4,779,269,187


Coronavirus Risk By NFL Venue

With so many questions surrounding if and when fans will be allowed back into stadiums,  we created a Safety Index that is based on daily active cases compared to the national average *, a measure of how fast the virus is spreading in each city and state. The Safety Index is not meant as a recommendation to attend events in any market, but just one interpretation of publicly-available data. 
Based on our Safety Index calculations, conditions across a majority of NFL markets have remained stable or improved over the past 2 weeks. In states that have reopened, RT values (which measure that rate of virus transmission) have slightly increased. Obviously with more people outside of their homes this makes sense, but if the RT values continue to trend upward in re-opened states, it may make filling stadiums, even partially, harder. 
 The NFL is looking to set the stage for fans returning to live sporting events, as they have begun selling tickets for their 2020 regular season in most markets. As of now, they are the only league selling tickets, as most leagues have been working on refund policies and altered season plans. The MLB is working on a shortened season with only 3 divisions. The NBA and NHL seem to be moving straight to the postseason, most likely without fans. The PGA has moved its Major Tournaments to the fall. The Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes all have been moved to the fall as well, where it is unknown if fans will be allowed.

Ahead of fans returning several sports leagues return to action in recent days without fans. Leagues like the PGA, NASCAR, UFC, and other international sports leagues have begun to hold events broadcasted live on television without fans in the stands. Hopefully, that won't be the case comes August across NFL cities.
The below chart sorts each team, from lowest to highest risk on the safety index, and try to provide context on how teams in different parts of the country and handling the schedule release.


Where To Buy NFL Tickets & 2020 Refund Policy

Over the last few years, the schedule release has when teams start selling single-game tickets. In a normal market, teams have a good sense of how many season-ticket subscribers they'll have and how many tickets they need to sell through single-game sales or groups. While the NFL did announced a league-wide refund policy yesterday, selling strategies are market-specific based on local risk factors.

Last year, as a point of comparison, 80% of teams were selling single game tickets at the schedule release. This year, that number is 37.5% as the 2nd infographic shows. 

Roger Goodell also sent a memo to all 32 teams recently, which stated, "all clubs will have in place a policy under which, if a game is cancelled, or is played under conditions that prohibit fans from attending, anyone purchasing a ticket directly from the club (i.e., season tickets, group sales and/or partial season plans) will have the option of either receiving a full refund or applying the amount paid toward a future ticket purchase directly from the club."

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