2019 Concerts: How To Get Best Deals On Tickets, from Cheap Seats or Floor Seats

With the Fall of 2019 in full swing, there’s more opportunity than ever to see live music concerts.  For music lovers trying to figure out where to buy tickets and how much you should expect to pay, we've put together a comprehensive overview on the biggest tour of the summer and analyzed Ticketmaster, Livenation, AXS and other major ticket buying platform, as well as TicketIQ for secondary market, or 'sold out' tickets.  Below is our 2019 Concerts Infographic that shows volume of tickets available for sale on the secondary ticket  market. After the Rock category, anchored by legacy bands, and Pop, anchored by current top 40, Country is in the highest demand this year, at least as measured by the volume of tickets for shows through the end of the year.

music-tour (2)

TicketIQ has Low Price Guarantees on all sold out concert tickets for secondary market tickets. TicketIQ also offers a Low Price Guarantee on music, sports and theater tickets on the secondary market, which means that if you find a secondary market ticket for less on a site like Stubhub or Vivid Seats, we'll give you 200% of the difference in ticket credit. TicketIQ customers save an average of 5%-20%. You can also download the TicketIQ app for $20 off your first ticket purchase 📲 🎟️

Tips to getting tickets where you want at the right price:

🎟️Check both the primary and the secondary market, as the majority of tours have tickets available in both. Very few 2019 summer tours are completely sold out, which means that face price tickets are available for many of the tours. Depending on where you want to sit, face price tickets may be available. If there are face price tickets for shows with lots of  ‘unsold’ inventory available on Ticketmaster, Livenation or AXS, check the secondary market to see if there are any deals below face price.

 🎟️Look for Lawn Seats: For many 2019 summer outdoor Amphitheater shows, there are often Lawn seats available starting around $40.  In addition to a spot on the grass, many shows also have portable chairs that you can add to your lawn seat for $10.

 🎟️Always buy from a ticket company with a guarantee and return policy in the event is cancelled or changed. TicketIQ has a Low Price Guarantee and also guarantee delivery and validity  of all tickets purchased and confirmed. We have been awarded an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

🎟️Look for Citicard preferred offers on Ticketmaster and Livenation venues, which can save as much as 25% off of the face price ticket by entering the first six digits of their Citibank credit card.

🎟️Look for 4-Pack offers on tours with more inventory available, which can save as much as 25% on Lawn and seated tickets and is a great excuse to round up some friends for affordable summer music.

🎟️Upgrades may be available for less than you might expect. While some VIP option for major tours means spending $500 or more on a ticket and swag, there are some relatively affordable VIP options available that get you access to a faster entry, a less crowded bar and private restrooms. For some tours like Florida Georgia Line, these upgrades go for as little as $30 which when combined with a lawn seat, still keep the price under $100.

🎟️Be aware that Platinum Tickets are tickets that are dynamically priced up and down based on demand. Platinum Tickets are not part of VIP packages - they are tickets only, and may or may not compete with the secondary market on price.

 Whether it’s their first or last tour, below are details and information to help see your favorite band or artists for the summer of 2019, across several different music genres.

Classic Rock: With tour titles like No More Tours, Roll Me Away Final Tour, The Farewell Tour prices for Classic rockers can often be expensive for the simple economic law of Supply and Demand. Farewell tours are the last time fans can see a band or artist that they’ve grown up with…unless they decide that the final tour wasn’t do final. The Rolling Stones may be the best example of that law in action, as prices actually went up in average price on the secondary market after the No Filter Tour was rescheduled to accommodate Mick Jagger’s heart surgery. In addition to the Stones, Queen has incredibly high ticket prices for the Rhapsody, likely as the result of the exposure the band received as a result of the Academy Award Winning movie Bohemian Rhapsody.

Country: While Classic Rock may be the most expensive set of shows, Country is the most plentiful, with legends and newcomers alike touring across the country to sing about love, loss, livin’ and even beer. With a few exceptions, cheap tickets are available to most of the show on both the primary and secondary market, whether on the lawn or in the pit, the Amphitheater shows have unsold tickets at face price in both of those areas.  Seated tickets are often harder to find on the primary ticket market the closer you get to the center of the theater and to the stage. That means that the better seats for many shows are mostly sold out and the secondary market is your best option for those more expensive seats.

Pop: While the contemporary Pop genre may have fewer tours on the road this summer and Country or Classic Rock, the Arena shows for the biggest names tours are all very high demand with limited unsold tickets available on Ticketmaster.  That means that the secondary ticket market is the best option for price and selection.


Rap-Hip Hop (details coming):

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