How To Find The Cheapest Boston Red Sox Tickets + Face Value Options

January 1, 2023

Where to Buy Boston Red Sox Tickets

Primary market face-value tickets are available via the Red Sox website. 

On the secondary market, TicketIQ has Fee-Free Boston Red Sox tickets which also include a Refund Guarantee. Our Refund Guarantee states that if an event is canceled or deemed unfit for fans to attend, TicketIQ will refund ticket buyers in as soon as 15 days. That means that you can buy from TicketIQ worry-free. Customers on TicketIQ save between 15%-25% compared to other secondary market ticketing sites. 

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Are Boston Red Sox Tickets On TicketIQ Guaranteed?

Yes. All MLB ticket sales on TicketIQ are guaranteed and available for tracking on your TicketIQ account page. All of our Red Sox tickets are 100% authentic and come from verified brokers. 

We make sure that there are no duplicate or fake tickets coming through our marketplace. Whereas some ticket sites will not fully account for shady brokers or fraudulent transactions, TicketIQ makes sure that everything is legitimate. 

If any issues arise when you are trying to find your Red Sox tickets, please contact us immediately. You can reach us with any questions via email or social media. You'll get a response from a real-live member of our customer service team immediately. 

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Where Are the Most Expensive Red Sox tickets?

If you are looking for more expensive MLB tickets, lower-level seats are the best place to look. Field-level seats along the base paths and behind the plate will usually cost more than other ones in the stadium. Tickets behind the home and visiting dugouts are often amongst the most expensive sections for MLB stadiums. At Fenway, Monster seats on top of the famous Green Monster are some of the most expensive and hardest tickets to come by. Additionally, club suites are considered some of the premier locations at the stadium. Resale sites like TicketIQ and Stubhub often don't list suite options, which means you'll need to visit the team site directly to purchase those.

Where Are the Cheapest Red Sox tickets?

If you are looking for the cheapest Red Sox tickets, the last 10 rows of the upper level, or the bleachers, are usually the least expensive for any game. For most MLB games tickets can be found for under $50, with some as low as $10 for the lowest-demand match-ups of the season. With that being said, at the arena there are no bad locations to view a game. Even the most inexpensive seats still provide fans with a very enjoyable game experience.

What Is The Best Way To Find Discounted Red Sox tickets?

To find the cheapest MLB tickets, it's important to check both the primary and secondary ticket markets. Based on the demand for a given event, resale marketplaces like TicketIQ may be more or less expensive than face value options available through primary ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster, AXS, and SeatGeek. Weekend rivalry games are typically the most expensive, while weekday games against lesser opponents are the best way to get to a game for cheap. For sporting events that take place every year, it's important to know when the event is actually going on sale, which is typically the middle of the off-season. All MLB teams offer group pricing for groups of more than 8-10 people, with prices usually 10% to 15% below face value prices. Teams often adjust prices dynamically in-season, which can impact both face-value and resale ticket prices. For fans willing to make a commitment by purchasing season tickets, prices are typically 10%-20% below single-game face value prices.

Boston Red Sox Season Tickets & Premium Options

The Red Sox are offering multiple ticket packages: 
10th-Man Plan: Seats for these packages are available in the Right Field Box, Right Field Roof Box, Outfield Grandstands or Bleachers. There are three different plans -- the Tuesday/Friday plan, the Monday-Wednesday-Saturday plan, or the Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday plan. Seats start as low as $32 per game in the Middle Bleachers, and all 10th Man ticket holders get access to at least one ALDS game (if applicable).
20-Game Winner Plan: Tickets for this plan are available in the State Street Pavilion Club, Field Box, Loge Box, or Pavilion Reserve. There are multiple plans featuring different dates and/or days of the week. Seats start as low as $62 per game in Pavillion Reserve, and 20-Game plan holders get access to one game each in the ALDS and ALCS (If applicable), and World Series presale. Plans can be upgraded to include Pavillion Club access.
Weekday Plan: This 51-day plan includes Monday-Friday weekday games, excluding Opening Day and Patriots Day games, but package holders do get a presale opportunity for Opening Day tickets. Plan holders also get postseason rights to their seats.The package starts at $28 per game ($1,446/season) for Middle Bleacher seats, and goes up to $6,600 for the season for Upper Field Box sections.
Half-Season Plan: These plans include 40 home games, and fans can select from two half-season plans, both of which include postseason tickets (if applicable) to the ALDS, ALCS, and World Series. Half-season plan seats are available in the Home Plate Pavilion Club, Pavilion Club, Field Box, Loge Box, and Pavilion Box. Plans start at $76 per game for Plan K in the Pavillion Box section. Plans can be upgraded to include premium options.
Full-Season Plan: Available in nearly every section at Fenway Park, full-season ticket holders have rights to their seats throughout the playoffs and into the World Series, if applicable. Plans are available for as little as $2,643 for the season in the Middle Bleachers, up to $12,198 in the Lower Field Boxes. Plans can also be upgraded to include premium options.

Premium Options

There are about 15 premium options inside Fenway Park, and some are available to upgrade ticket packages, others are available as a single-game experience. Below is a look at some of the options:
Jim Beam Dugout: The only seats on field level at Fenway Park, this "dugout" experience puts fans in the heart of the action. Per-game pricing for the Jim Beam Dugout is based on the opponent, and starts at $13,750. The dugout seats 25 guests.
Pavilion Suites: Located down the first- and third-baselines, these suites can seat between 12-24 fans, and start at $2,700 for a single game. The suites include indoor and outdoor seating, a catering package, as well as televisions both inside and out. 
Pressbox Suite: Located on the media level, adjacent to broadcasters, this intimate suite can seat eight plus two standing-room only tickets. A day in the suite includes a tour of Fenway Park and a stop on the playing field, as well as a complimentary scoreboard message. Available on a single-game basis, this suite starts at $3,200 for eight guests. Two additional guests may be added for $250 each. 
The Lansdowne Pavilion: This outdoor seating area includes seating, as well as bar tables and a sweeping view of Fenway Park. Ticket holders get a tour of the ballpark as well as a pregame meal in the Pavilion Club. The Lansdowne Pavilion can seat 10-16, and includes a dedicated beverage cart with wine and beer, a scoreboard message, and gift bag for each fan. Prices start at $4,000 for 10 guests. Six additional guests may be added for $250 each. 
Pavilion Club: This Club can be added to any 20- or 40-game packages or any full-season package, though reservations are required to ensure space. Inside the Club, fans will find a rotating buffet with carving station, a la carte options including local favorite Regina Pizzeria, and a fresh salad bar.

Red Sox Mobile Ticketing Policy

Fenway Park encourages mobile ticketing via the MLB Ballpark app, but does still accept print-at-home tickets. The team provides an extensive FAQ section on how to access and use digital tickets.