Kauffman Stadium Seating Chart + Rows, Seats and Club Seats

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Kauffman Stadium Seating Chart - Baseball 


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100-level sections, rows, and seats at Kauffman Stadium

Lower-level center sections include 121-133. 100-level end sections include 134-140, 115-120 with 100-level corner sections of 107-101, 148-152. 

Lower-level center rows run from A to U, with end section rows starting at row A through row X and the section at corner ends starts at row B-X.

200-level sections, rows, and seats at Kauffman Stadium

200-level center sections include 230-234, 221-225. 200-level end sections include 241-252, 201-208. 200-level corner sections include 214-209. 

200-level center and corner rows run from AA-TT. 

300-level sections, rows, and seats at Kauffman Stadium

300-level center sections include 312-315, 304-308. 300-level end sections include 316-320, 309-311. 300-level corner sections include 321-325, 301-302.

300-level  rows run from A to J. 

400-level sections, rows, and seats at Kauffman Stadium

400-level center sections include 415-425. 400-level corner sections include 427-439, 401-413. 

400-level rows run A toV, AA-ZZ. 

Club, VIP, Box Seats and Suites at Kauffman Stadium

Sections 201,202, 203 seats are designated as Fountain Seats in left-center field.  The 360 Vodka Bullpen Bar is an exclusive space full of beverage options. Konica Minolta Diamond Club is located on the Plaza/Field Level of Kauffman Stadium around section 225. 

SRO (Standing Room Only) sections are located from 206 - 208 and 247 - 249. The 18-triple crown suites come with a number of exclusive amenities with premium seating options. 

The Kansas City Royals dugout is located in sections 132-136 and the visitors dugout is located in sections 119-123. The Royals bullpen is located around sections 150-152, and the visitors bullpen in sections 104-106.

Concert Seating Chart at Kauffman Stadium


Floor seating at Kauffman Stadium of as many as AA-PP sections, numbered 1 through 6, with sections AA-GG closest to the stage and HH-PP farther from the stage.  Behind the stage, sections include 101-103, 201-203. 

Where Can I Find Cheapest Tickets For Kauffman Stadium

The Kansas City Royals have unsold face-value tickets available for most games, which can be purchased directly through Ticketmaster.  Prices may be above or below prices on the secondary ticket market. Many Concerts also have unsold tickets. For Sold Out Seats and Events, TicketIQ has Fee Free tickets for all events at Kauffman Stadium. 

What Is Mobile Ticket Policy At Kauffman Stadium 

In-person tickets can be purchased at the official Box Office Ticket Lobby (Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.).  Tickets can also be purchased through phones and can be ordered by phone 7 days a week or by calling 1-800-6ROYALS (676-9257).

The will call windows are located at the main box office around Gate C.

Handicapped & ADA Seating At Kauffman Stadium

Kauffman Stadium offers other convenient services including wheelchair assistance, lost and found and wheelchair check-in. For guests who wish to transfer to a seat from their wheelchair, Kauffman Stadium will store the wheelchair at Guest Services at different sections. 


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