Where To Find Little Caesars Arena Premium Seating and Club Options

October 5, 2022

On the secondary market, TicketIQ has Fee-Free tickets for all events at Little Caesars Arena, which also include a Refund Guarantee. Our Refund Guarantee states that if an event is canceled or deemed unfit for fans to attend, TicketIQ will refund ticket buyers in as soon as 15 days. That means that you can buy from TicketIQ worry-free. Customers on TicketIQ save between 15%-25% compared to other secondary market ticketing sites. Little Caesars Arena is the home of the Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Red Wings.

We've also partnered with SuiteHop, which is an online marketplace curating suites and VIP seating options for venues across North America. These VIP tickets offer a luxury experience with premium amenities, upscale food & beverage options, and incredible sightlines you won't find with any other tickets. Visit SuiteHop to browse suites & premium tickets for your next event at Little Caesars Arena.

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Little Caesars Arena Premium Seating Locations

  • Huntington Legends Club (Directly above the 100-level on the Arena's North Side)
  • Motor City Casino Club (All of sections 108-110 for Red Wings, and sections 108-110 rows 1-10 for Pistons games)
  • North End Club (Sections 201-205 have access)
  • Comerica Players Club (For Red Wings: Sections 121-123 rows 1-11, For Pistons: Sections 121-123 rows 1-4)
  • Rehmann Club (For Red Wings: Sections 121-123 rows 12-24, For Pistons: Sections 121-123 rows 5-24)
  • Sideline Mezzanine Club (Sections M9-M13, M26-M30)
  • VIP Courtside (Sections A-F, AA, FF)
  • Suites (All around the Arena above the 100-level)
  • Loge Boxes (Above the 100-level on the North and South sides of the Arena)
  • Gondola Boxes (On the East side of the Arena by the Press Box)

Huntington Legends Club

This exclusive Club is one of the most premier places to sit at Little Caesars Arena. The club seats include perks such as: complimentary food & beverage (includes beer and wine), VIP Parking, a private entrance, additional access to the Blue Cross Lounge, and more. Seats are super comfortable and there are only three rows of seating in this Club seating area. Tickets in this premium section are not available on TicketIQ, so you must go directly through the venue to purchase and inquire about prices.

Motor City Casino Club

The Motor City Casino Club is one of the most desirable premium spaces at Little Caesars Arena. It is all-inclusive, meaning that food and beverage is complimentary both before and after the game. This includes beer and wine. Other perks include: Bar-top tables, great center court/ice views, and more. Like the legends club, fans who sit in Motor City Casino Club Seats also have access to the Blue Cross Lounge. Tickets usually start around $300-500 for Red Wings games, while Pistons games are typically a bit more pricey. We have tickets available on TicketIQ.

North End Club

If you're looking for Premium seating at a relatively affordable price, the North End Club may be the right decision for you. These seats have multi-level club access, which is a huge perk to fans who are looking to see the game from various vantage points. Great views and local design are just some of the plus sides of sitting in this premium space. Views may not be the best overall, but the added comfort is unparalleled. For Pistons games, tickets typically start around $100-150 on TicketIQ. While for Red Wings games, prices tend to run even cheaper. 

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Comerica Players Club

The most high-end club at Little Caesars Arena is the Players Club. Perks include: high-top seating, ornate tables and furniture, and countless TV's & food stations. Plus, the club is all-inclusive, which incentivizes fans to arrive early. The club has direct views of the Players Tunnel, which is a cool bonus to purchasing these seats. Ticket prices vary greatly, but typically start well into the hundreds for most games. We do have some inventory on TicketIQ for both teams, but would recommend going through primary market if that is an option.

Rehmann Club

Rehmann Club seating at Little Caesars Arena is an affordable alternative to the expensive Players Club seats. While being slightly more affordable, the Rehmann Club still offers perks such as: complimentary appetizers, entrees, and dessert, as well as beer and wine on the house. Additionally, fans will receive VIP Parking and a private entrance that is connected to the Club. There are two fully stocked bars in the club, as well as a high-end fireplace setting that compliments the luxurious aura of the space. Finally, the seats themselves are maybe the best to watch a game in the entire arena. For most games, tickets start anywhere from $300-400 on TicketIQ. Yet, that number is bound to vary depending on the matchup.

Sideline Mezzanine Club

Above the Players Club and Rehmann Club seats is the Sideline Mezzanine Club premium area. These seats come in tinier sections, which is a plus for anyone looking for maximum privacy. These sideline club seats also have their own small lounge area for fans to relax at and get a drink. The private bar space added with the great views make these seats some of the best for somebody on a budget looking for a premium experience. On TicketIQ, Sideline Mezzanine Club seats typically start anywhere from $50-150 depending on the matchup.


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VIP Courtside

VIP Courtside seats are literally as close as one can get for Pistons games. Not only do these ticket holders get to be right beside the court, but they also get luxury club access. Fans sitting in Sections AA, FF, and row 1 of all other courtside sections will receive access to the Players Club Lounge, while the rest of the courtside ticket holders gain access to the Motor City Casino Club. Each experience is all inclusive though and sure to impress. For most games we do have available inventory on TicketIQ, but it is slim, so you may want to try the primary market first.


Individual Game Suites are located all around the Arena and provide tons of perks. Some of these include: Luxurious Food & Beverage options, VIP Parking, a Private Entrance, and access to the Suite Level concourse. Most suites have between 20 and 30 seats, and include a suite attendant who will cater to your needs. Plus, Fans in suites get access to the Blue Cross Lounge before the game. You must go directly through the team or venue to inquire about Suite options, as we do not have available Suite inventory on TicketIQ.

Loge Boxes

Loge Box perks are almost identical to those that you'll receive if you rent a Suite, the only difference being that you'll receive 1 parking pass as opposed to 3. Loge Box rentals come with 4-6 seats, so they are much smaller than the Suites. And likewise, you must go directly through the team or venue to purchase, as we do not have available inventory on TicketIQ.

Gondola Boxes

Gondola Boxes also have similar perks to both the Suites and Loge Boxes, but the main difference is in the design. These seats hang at the top of the arena, giving fans an amazing vantage point for all the action. Packages come with anywhere from 8-20 seats, so they are a solid option for parties looking for something between the size of a Suite and a Loge Box. You must go directly through the team or venue to purchase.

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