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Which NFL Teams Are Allowing Fans?

Dallas 26,466 31,700
Jacksonville 15,669 16,800
Tampa Bay 13,868 16,500
Kansas City 13,188 16,000
Houston 12,409 13,300
Miami 11,872 13,000
Tennessee 11,348 14,520
Indianapolis 9,932 12,500
Cleveland 9,412 12,000
Cincinnati 8,973 12,000
Atlanta 7,810 10,000
Carolina 5,392 5,240
New Orleans 3,295 3,000

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Which NFL Stadiums and Cities Have Highest and Lowest Coronavirus Risk?

While the schedule release is a much-needed dose of exciting news for all football fans, there are some major questions marks heading into the 2020 season due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  While teams know what teams they'll play, that's about all they know. Whether or not the games happen and if fans are able to attend will depend on how the virus is managed over the next 2-3 months. On July 22nd, it was announced that if fans are allowed to attend games they will be required to wear a face mask.

The league canceled all of its International Series games, and the league is rightly considering all possible scenarios.

Based on the varying levels of infection in each NFL city and state, it's possible that some teams may be able to host fans at a reduced capacity while others may not. Many teams have already announced that they will have reduced capacity this season, and the Giants, Jets, Raiders and Washington have announced that they will not be allowing fans to attend. 

To create the Safety Index, we compared the active cases in each city or state to the national average and then discounted that product by Rt. Rt is a measure of how fast the virus is spreading in each city and state,  most easily tracked through Rt.live.

The NFL Covid-19 Safety Index is not a recommendation to attend events in any market, and is just TicketIQ's interpretation of publicly-available data.  

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Potential Coronavirus Impact On The NFL Ticket Market

With so much uncertainty about the 2020 NFL season, we put together an estimated the potential ticket market value losses if games were canceled or played without fans. That estimate is based on secondary market value*number of seats*number of games canceled, as of two days before the event cancellations. This is not a precise measure, but the simplest way to benchmark the magnitude of losses, by team.

Where To Buy NFL Tickets

Over the last few years, the schedule release has when teams start selling single-game tickets. Last year, as a point of comparison, 80% of teams were selling single game tickets at the schedule release. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this year some teams have very little inventory or no inventory at all, due to having limited capacity, or no fans at all for the upcoming season. The result of the limited supply is prices on the secondary market are up 51% from last year across the league.  While the Dolphins have set a target for 23% of capacity, most teams have not announced reduced capacity plans.  

In addition to primary market availability, there are also tickets available on the secondary market for the majority of teams. On the secondary market, TicketIQ has Fee-Free NFL tickets with a Low Price Guarantee and Refund Guarantee, which states that in the event an event is cancelled or deem unfit for fans to attend, TicketIQ will refund ticket buyers in as soon as 15 days. That means that you can buy from TicketIQ without worrying about cancellation.

TicketIQ will refund cancelled or Fan-Less events within 15 days of

official status change from team or league.

How Much Are 2020 NFL Tickets

The result of the limited supply is that prices on the secondary market are up 58% from last year across the league.  On the secondary market, only four teams has a price decrease (infographic below), which means that secondary-market prices are up for 28 teams, but none more than for the Raiders, who are preparing for their first season in Las Vegas. The Buccaneers and Bengals also have increases over 100%. as the result of anticipation for new franchise QB in each city.  The increases in prices for the Jets and Broncos are likely more the result of limited supply than increased demand. League-wide, the average price for tickets on the secondary market is $391, up from $258 last season.

Team Secondary Market Avg Price
Primary On Sale
Raiders $1,098 No Fans
Broncos $807 No Fans
Cowboys $525 Yes - Limited Capacity
Seahawks $507 No Fans
Saints $479 Yes - Limited Capacity
Buccaneers $462 Yes - Limited Capacity
Giants $453 No Fans
Jets $437 No Fans
Bears $428 No Fans
Patriots $424 No Fans
Packers $435 No Fans
49ers $364 No Fans
Rams $532 No Fans
Steelers $334 No Fans
Eagles $308 No Fans
Browns $300 Yes - Limited Capacity
Chargers $448 No Fans
Panthers $390 Yes - Limited Capacity
Vikings $286 No Fans
Washington $284 No Fans
Titans $273 Yes - Limited Capacity
Ravens $359 No Fans
Dolphins $258 Yes - Limited Capacity
Chiefs $460 Yes - Limited Capacity
Falcons $425 Yes - Limited Capacity
Bengals $245 Yes - Limited Capacity
Texans $236 Yes - Limited Capacity
Jaguars $167 Yes - Limited Capacity
Cardinals $210 Yes - Limited Capacity
Colts $278 Yes - Limited Capacity
Bills $168 No Fans
Lions $142 No Fans




How Many Tickets Are Available on The Secondary Market:

Overall, the quantity of tickets available on the secondary market is down 94% from last season.  While that drop has been greatly accelerated by Coronavirus related issues, reduced capacity in all venues that are allowing fans, and several teams still playing in empty stadium, the  secondary market has decreased every year since 2013 every year but one. After the drop this year, the quantity of tickets available on the secondary market is down 98% from 2013.

nfl-secondary-qty (1)-3



What is NFL Refund Policy For 2020 Tickets?

While each team is selling tickets differently by team, the league has a global refund policy as stated in the memo to all 32 teams recently. Under the policy, if a game is cancelled, or is played under conditions that prohibit fans from attending, anyone purchasing a ticket directly from the club (i.e., season tickets, group sales and/or partial season plans) will have the option of either receiving a full refund or applying the amount paid toward a future ticket purchase directly from the club."

In addition to primary market availability, there are also tickets available on the secondary market for the majority of teams. On the secondary market, TicketIQ has Fee-Free tickets with a Refund Guarantee, which states that if an event is cancelled or deem unfit for fans to attend, TicketIQ will refund ticket buyers within as early as 15 days. That means that you can buy from TicketIQ without worrying about cancellation.

Also, if you find the same ticket for less on another secondary market ticket for less on a site like StubHub or Vivid Seats, we’ll give you 200% of the difference in ticket credit. 

2019 NFL Ticket Market Report Below

How Much Are NFL Tickets

Most Expensive


NFL Ticket Price Changes


Biggest Price Gainers


1. New England Patriots

  • Secondary average asking price: $762 🎟️
  • Most expensive game: September 8th vs Pittsburgh - Tickets from $460 
  • Cheapest game: December 21st vs Buffalo - Tickets from $145 

2. Chicago Bears

3. Seattle Seahawks

4. Philadelphia Eagles

5. Los Angeles Chargers

6. Denver Broncos

7. Dallas Cowboys

8. Green Bay Packers

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Minnesota Vikings

11. New Orleans Saints

12. Kansas City Chiefs

13. New York Giants

14. Cleveland Browns

15. Los Angeles Rams

16. Atlanta Falcons

17. Houston Texans

18. Tennessee Titans

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20. Carolina Panthers

21. San Francisco 49ers

22. New York Jets

23. Oakland Raiders

24. Miami Dolphins

25. Washington Redskins

26. Baltimore Ravens

27. Detroit Lions

28. Buffalo Bills

29. Arizona Cardinals

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

31. Indianapolis Colts

32. Cincinnati Bengals

  • Secondary average asking price: $99 🎟️
  • Most expensive game: December 29th vs Cleveland - Tickets from $65
  • Cheapest game:  October 20th vs Jacksonville - Tickets from $29

List of Specific Team Strategies and Market Availability

Teams Active In Primary Market Across Most Price Tiers With Focus on Filling Seats:

Actively Selling Teams Secondary Avg Primary Availability
Los Angeles Chargers $366 Most Sections
Miami Dolphins $158 Most Sections 
New York Jets $185 Most Sections
San Francisco 49ers $195 Most Sections 
Los Angeles Rams $225 Most Sections
Washington Redskins $157 Most Sections
New York Giants $258 Most Sections 
Tennessee Titans $207 Most Sections 
Arizona Cardinals $131 Most Sections 
Kansas City Chiefs $268 Most Sections 
Baltimore Ravens $150 Most Sections 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $206 Most Sections 
Cincinnati Bengals $99 Most Sections 
Indianapolis Colts $103 Most Sections 
Jacksonville Jaguars $104 Most Sections

Teams With Limited Primary Market Availability With Focus on Revenue Optimization:

Toe Dippers + Rev Optimizers Secondary Avg Primary Market
Chicago Bears $597 Very Limited 
Dallas Cowboys $349 Very Limited
Seattle Seahawks $405 Very Limited
Philadelphia Eagles $400 Very Limited
Oakland Raiders $175 Very Limited
Minnesota Vikings $290 Very Limited
Houston Texans $222 Limited Upper
Denver Broncos $354 Limited Uppers
Carolina Panthers $200 Limited Uppers

While some of the biggest names above still use the secondary market as their primary distribution channel, for 2019 the majority of NFL teams are testing their own flavor of direct-to-consumer selling.  For teams with a secondary-first strategy, most have shifted away from working with hundreds of smaller brokers to consolidators, a kind of super broker that manages and takes risk on a team’s secondary sales and also helps them manage downside risk while giving them a share of the upside—based on what happens on the field.  There are also at least a few teams-- the Patriots, Packers and Saints-- that are actually sold out, the old fashioned way. For those teams, the secondary market is the best and only option.

 Teams That Are Mostly Sold Out:

Sold Out Secondary Avg Primary Market
New England Patriots $762 Sold Out
Cleveland Browns  $239 Sold Out
Green Bay Packers $340 Sold Out
New Orleans Saints  $273 Sold Out
Pittsburgh Steelers $308 Singles Only
Atlanta Falcons $223 None
Buffalo Bills $131 Limited Uppers

Detail On Specific Team Strategies and Selling Channels

Revenue Optimizers

Vikings: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 99.9%

Now in the third year at U.S. Bank, the Minnesota Vikings are still technically in the honeymoon phase of their billion dollar stadium that opened in 2016.  According to ESPN, last season, they filled 99.9% of their seats for home games. At a $260 average price on the secondary market this season, prices are at their highest point since 2016 when tickets averaged $339 for the inaugural season at the new stadium. Despite those numbers, tickets are available for the two highest-demand games of the season: the opener against the Falcons and the December 23rd game against the rival Packers.  For each game, though, there’s a very limited number primary-market tickets on Ticketmaster, making this a toe-dip more than a splash. Prices for 4th row end zone tickets for the Packers are available for $640 after fees, which is in-line with the cost on Stubhub and TicketIQ. The same tickets for the Falcons game are going for $325.

Bears, Seahawks, Eagles: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 100%

With high expectations, these teams enter 2019 with amongst the high-demand marketplaces in the league. Like the Vikings, these are using the cushion that affords to dipping a toe into direct-to-fan selling for both the high and low demand game on their schedules. While there’s some variation by section,  prices are marginally more expensive comparable listings on the secondary market.

For the Eagles, even the highest-demand game against the Patriots has tickets available on the primary market. With less than 50 tickets available for that game, lower level end zone seats are going $425 each after fees. Despite those ‘unsold’ tickets, according to a sales rep at the team, the Eagles have a ‘multi-year’ waitlist for season tickets.  It’s the same story at the Bears and Seahawks, and evidence that in the new era of tickets, season tickets can be sold out even if single-game tickets are not.

On Ticketmaster, the Eagles have single game tickets not just for high-demand games like Patriots, but also for lesser opponents like the Jets, where end-zone seats are going for $300 each. Even in that low-demand price tier, the team is taking in more revenue compared to the season-ticket holder discount.  While the Eagles are a good lesson in how to capturing ‘market-driven’ margins, it seems they’re still leaving some money on the table. For what could be TB12s final visit to Philly, secondary market prices are about 10% higher than what’s available from the team.

Marketplace Competitors

Rams and Chargers: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 77% and 121%

The Chargers play in the smallest NFL stadium while the Rams play in one of the largest. As a result, Chargers have an average price on the secondary market over $300, $70 above the average price for secondary-market tickets for the NFC-Champion Rams. In 2018, however, the Rams sold double the amount of tickets to see football in LA, drawing over 70,000 fans to the oldest stadium in football. Combined in 2018, the two LA teams sold 100,000 tickets per home game. In two years, they’ll have to increase that to 160,000 if they both want to sell out their home games at the the $2.6 billion stadium and entertainment district that is scheduled for play next season.

As for primary-market availability, both LA teams have thousands of tickets to sell for each game on Ticketmaster. While the Chargers are selling tickets across all sections of the 32,000-seat Dignity Health Sports Park, the Rams selling is much more focused in the 200 and 300 level. As for pricing, both teams are in-line with the secondary market, with one interesting exception: for the best seats,the Chargers are significantly cheaper than Stubhub or TicketIQ.  For the lowest-demand Chargers game against the Texans, a 10th row ticket behind the Chargers bench is selling for $211 compared to $376 on the secondary market. If the team is trying to hook future VIPs at entry-level prices, it’s an innovative tactic that may help them fill some the 80,000 seats awaiting for them next year.

Jets and Giants: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 93% and 95%  

Over the course of the Eli Manning Era, New York has been a Giants city.  Over the last 5 years, however, the average price for Giants tickets on the secondary market has dropped from over $300 to $217. While the Jets have had a more turbulent ticket history, for 2019 prices on the secondary market are headed up, with prices up 40% compared to the start of the season last year.  With average secondary-market prices of $209 for the Jets and $217 for the Giants, both New York teams have solid markets that will likely go up if the teams win.

On the primary market, while the Jets have been in the single-game business for a few years, for the Giants direct-to-fan single game sales is new territory.  Giant’s season tickets used to be a generational inheritance that were expensive and difficult to come by. In 2019, their a couple clicks away, and cheaper than ever. They’re also available to be purchased at an impulse for the first time in a generation, especially if you’re looking to sit in the upper levels. Lower Level shoppers will need to stick to the secondary market.

The Jets have tickets available on the primary market for every game, in almost every section  Giants price tiers for tickets in section 126 are $162, $187 and $237, based on the opponent. For the Jets, prices range from from $170 for the Bills to $200 for the Patriots and $220 for the Cowboys.

Panthers: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 100%

After their Super Bowl visit in 2015, the average price for Panthers tickets peaked in 2016 at an average price of $233 on the secondary market. For 2019, prices are under $200 for the first time since 2014.  According to ESPN, the Panthers seats filled 100% of their seats last season at Bank of America Stadium with under 10,000 seats available in the secondary market, which means that most people who have tickets actually use them. The majority of single-game tickets available directly from the team are towards the back of the 300s level, and prices for those tickets are in-line in-line with secondary market based pricing across most games.

Raiders:  2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 100.3%

Unable to find a 1-year rental before their move to Vegas in 2020, the 2019 Raiders return to Oakland for what may be a zombie season when it comes to ticket sales.  While no numbers have been released, the very-public effort to find a 1-year home away from Oakland had to have impacted season ticket subscribers. While we won’t know what damage it’s done until September, the team isn’t panicking, with only 100 tickets per game available on Ticketmaster, all in the same six sections of the lower bowl.  Prices on the secondary market are also up significantly from last year, which likely means the team is working with a consolidator to keep it there. With one game in London, it also helps there are only 7 games games left before moving to Las Vegas.

Texans: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 99%

With their first division championship since 2016, and a dynamic face of the franchise in Deshaun Watson, prices for Texans tickets on the secondary  secondary market have almost doubled. On the eve of the draft, the average price for Texas Tickets is $293, up from $57 last year. Amidst that dynamic, the Texans officially went onsale this morning, just hours before the draft, making single game tickets available through Ticketmaster across all their games at NRG Stadium. The majority of the available inventory is in the upper level, with prices that are in-line with the secondary market.

Lions: 2018 Percentage Capacity Filled: 97.2%

Single game tickets on the primary market for the Lions go on sale on July 24th on the via primary partner Ticketmaster. There are multiple choices of season ticket packages available, and there is a new 12-month payment plan, which allows for one $89.83 payment per month for two season ticket memberships.  For season ticket buyers, 92% of tickets will have lower prices for the 2019 season, for the first time since 2014.  The team also introduced something called "Lionsurance" which allows fans who use eight games the ability to apply 50 percent of unscanned ticket value for up to two games toward 2020 season-ticket renewal.

Others Competing:

49ers: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 100%

Titans: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 92%

Colts: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 94%

Cardinals: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 95%

Redskins: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 74%Market Disruptors

Buccaneers: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 82%

No team has taken on the secondary market more aggressively than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  After not renewing thousands of season ticket holders three years ago, the Bucs have been on a path toward market consolidation for some time.  Despite a class action lawsuit filed last January, the Bucs appear to be in full assault of the secondary market. Over the last three years, the quantity of tickets available in the secondary market dropped from over 20,000 to under 2,000. Ticketmaster.com has the majority of inventory available for sale this season, With so little supply on the secondary market, prices are twice as high as the primary market, which is exactly what the Bucs are looking for as they look to make the flip to a team-driven marketplace faster than any other NFL team. While they have more control over their ticketing than any other team, they also have more risk. With renewed confidence in Jameis Winston, the 5th pick in the 2019 draft and 7 picks overall, Buccaneers ticket revenue stand to benefit from a strong draft and competitive season more than any other team in football. With prices as high as they are on the secondary ticket market, Ticketmaster.com is the best options for tickets to see any of the home games at Raymond James this season.


Chiefs: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 99%

With a new face of the franchise in Patrick Mahomes and Super Bowl expectations, the price for Chiefs tickets in the secondary market is up almost 50% from last season. In addition to one of the biggest jumps in the secondary market, the team also leads the league in tickets available on the secondary market, with close to 50,000 tickets available for sale across all their home games. These huge numbers are likely the result of a market consolidator deal, similar to what the Dodgers did last season. While these deals rely heavily on secondary market distribution, it also means that the team will be keeping tight reins on prices.

Those high prices will also benefit margin on the primary side, as the Chiefs have about 1,000 tickets available on Ticketmaster.com each game, with prices about 5% cheaper than the secondary market. In addition to maximizing margin, this price advantage also serves to signal the value of buying direct from the team.  When it comes to ticketings, the Chiefs seem to be having their cake and eating it as well.

Cowboys:  2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 91%

With the biggest stadium in the NFL, the Cowboys need to leverage every channel possible to fill Jerry World. Last year, they finished near the bottom of the league with only 91% of capacity filled for their home-games. They also led the league with an average of 91,000 fans per game. After the Chiefs, the Cowboys have the largest amount of inventory available for sale on the secondary market. Historically, they have not used the primary market for any direct sales, and while that is largely the case this year, they have made Standing Room Only tickets available directly through Seatgeek, their new primary ticketing platform.

Other teams with highest secondary inventory:

Bills: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 90%

Still Sold Out

Patriots: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 100%

Whether or not they’ve won the Super Bowl the prior year, the Patriots almost always lead the league in highest secondary market price.  In addition to tremendous demand to see TB12, the Patriots also have the lowest quantity of tickets on the secondary market. For 2019, nothing has changed and while they don’t have any single game tickets for sale, they do have a season-ticket waitlist, which you can join for a non-refundable deposit of $100.

Packers: 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 100%

Browns:  2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 97%

Given their strong finish last year and the signing of big-name talent like Odell Beckham Jr, the average price on the secondary market for Browns tickets is $197, which is the highest average price this decade for games in Cleveland. It’s also almost double the $104 average in 2017, which was the lowest price this decade.  Prior to the Mayfield era, the Browns had been active single-game ticket sellers. With secondary-market tickets available under $25 for most games, they didn’t have much luck. With prices up as much as they are for 2019, though, the Browns could be aggressive single-game sellers and likely make more money selling tickets than ever before. Since November, the team says they’ve sold over 11,000 new season tickets and, as if to formalize their arrival to the world of high-demand tickets, they’ve even instituted a waitlist, which you can get onto for $100 per ticket.

Steelers:  2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 92%

Falcons: Onsale TBD 2018 Percent Capacity Filled: 97%

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