Secondary Market Prices For Red Sox ALDS Tickets Are 22% Higher Than Last Year

October 3, 2018

The Boston Red Sox head into the 2018 MLB playoffs with the best record in baseball after winning 108 games during the regular season. The Red Sox will try to use home field advantage at Fenway Park to win their first postseason series since 2013. The Red Sox will face their arch-rival  the New York Yankees in the 2018 American League Division Series and will host the first game of the series on Friday, Oct. 5. The Red Sox have been bounced in the ALDS in both 2016 and 2017, going 1-6 in their last two playoff appearances. But with American League MVP candidate Mookie Betts and ace Chris Sale, the expectations are high in Boston this October.

Red Sox ALDS Tickets 2013-2018

Red Sox ALDS tickets are on sale now. The average ticket price, according to data from and, for the three potential ALDS home games in Boston is $395. That average more expensive than any of the Red Sox last three trips to the ALDS in 2013, 2016 and 2017. Boston had an average price of $315 for ALDS home games in 2013, a $277 average in 2016 and a $323 average last season. The Red Sox are 3-2 in ALDS home games during their previous three playoff appearances.

In the 2018 ALDS, the average price for Red Sox tickets moves up as the series goes along. The Game 1 ticket price average is $343. That figure jumps to $382 in Game 2 and $461 for a Game 5. Red Sox ALDS tickets can be found for $115 or less for each of their three home games in the series, however. The cheapest ticket for Game 1 of the ALDS at Fenway Park, according to and data, is $118. Tickets are listed as low as $121 for Game 2 and $131 for a potential, winner-take-all Game 5. The most-expensive tickets listed for the series are $1,414 for Game 1, $1,276 for Game 2 and $1,499 for Game 5.

Additionally, some Bleacher Seats are going for as low as $121 in Game 1, $137 in Game 2 and $149 for Game 5 (if necessary). The priciest Red Sox ALDS tickets come in the Field Box section. The cheapest Field Box tickets in the 2018 ALDS are going for $285 for Game 1, $325 for Game 2 and are up to $447 for Game 5 (if necessary). The least-expensive tickets for other sections in Fenway Park for Game 1 tickets include $132 (Outfield Grandstand), $149 (Right Field Box), $154 (Infield Grandstand), $259 (Loge box), $259 (Pavilion Box). Tickets are pricier for all sections in Game 2 and go up in cost even more for a potential Game 5.


The Red Sox were ousted by the Houston Astros in the 2017 ALDS in four games. Houston, which will face the Cleveland Indians in the other 2018 ALDS, is the reigning World Series champion. The Red Sox have not advanced to the American League Championship Series since 2013 when the franchise won the World Series.