Super Bowl 56 Tickets 2022 Buying Guide: How To Find The Cheapest Seats

Where To Buy Super Bowl 56 Tickets

On the secondary market, TicketIQ has Fee-Free Super Bowl 56 tickets which also include a Refund Guarantee. Our Refund Guarantee states that if an event is canceled or deemed unfit for fans to attend, TicketIQ will refund ticket buyers in as soon as 15 days. That means that you can buy from TicketIQ worry-free. Customers on TicketIQ save between 15%-25% compared to other secondary market ticketing sites.

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5 Tips For Buying Super Bowl Tickets

  • Monitor the market. Look at the prices on the secondary market for Super Bowl tickets multiple times per day and pick a price point that you’re willing to pay.
  • Track quantity available for the game overall, but all in the section you're most interested in sitting in. With only about 800 tickets for sale to the public, prices could rise if quantity starts to think about.
  • Read this TicketIQ blog post that is updated multiple times a day for the latest data, ticket price and quantity trends.

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How Many Super Bowl Tickets are Available for Sale

Currently, there are just under 900 Super Bowl secondary market tickets available.  

copy-super-bowl-daily-price-tracker (31)

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Will Super Bowl Ticket Prices Go Down?

Despite reduced capacity and the Buccaneers becoming the first team to host a Super Bowl, ticket prices have been falling since Championship Sunday. So far the get-in price has fallen 53% since prices peaked. However, as you can see in the below chart, the get-in price has for previous Super Bowls has increased in the last week in each of the last five years, and this year's is starting to go back up. 

copy-super-bowl-daily-price-tracker (29)
copy-super-bowl-daily-price-tracker (30)

Below is a raw data format of the above the shows the best day to purchase the cheapest ticket over the last 10 years. As you can see, after the 2015 market blow-up, the approach to buying Super Bowl tickets has changed significantly.

  2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY $3,652 $2,964 $5,043 $3,046 $2,862 $1,954 $2,223 $1,988 $1,995 $2,950 $2,055
1 $4,396 $3,230 $4,370 $3,268 $3,392 $1,825 $2,118 $1,900 $2,175 $2,500 $2,055
2 $4,546 $2,637 $3,724 $2,954 $3,497 $1,850 $1,985 $1,890 $2,250 $2,400 $1,949
3 $4,149 $2,800 $3,390 $2,714 $3,630 $2,125 $1,985 $2,168 $2,275 $2,486 $1,896
4 $3,499 $2,837 $3,290 $2,848 $3,630 $2,125 $1,800 $2,050 $2,281 $2,150 $1,804
5 $4,092 $2,522 $3,100 $2,392 $3,289 $2,395 $1,757 $1,975 $2,400 $2,183 $1,783
6 $4,296 $2,200 $2,900 $2,290 $3,190 $3,045 $1,640 $1,976 $2,370 $2,250 $1,771
7 $4,610 $2,631 $2,500 $2,208 $2,682 $3,938 $1,395 $1,930 $2,118 $2,373 $1,754
8 $5,097 $2,976 $2,745 $2,024 $3,080 $3,299 $1,392 $1,930 $2,090 $2,420 $1,722
9 $4,873 $3,103 $3,400 $1,932 $3,190 $3,937 $1,495 $1,775 $2,000 $2,457 $1,668
10 $5,485 $2,716 $4,150 $2,043 $3,080 $3,750 $1,500 $1,698 $2,183 $2,450 $1,609
11 $6,493 $2,595 $3,450 $2,248 $3,102 $5,998 $1,393 $1,649 $2,000 $2,500 $1,457
12 $7,174 $2,351 $3,250 $2,645 $2,950 $7,087 $1,247 $1,499 $1,892 $2,543 $1,378
13 $6,005 $2,813 $2,900 $2,013 $2,852 $9,187 $1,425 $1,299 $1,746 $2,500 $1,552
SUPER BOWL SUNDAY $6,603 $3,211 $2,550 $3,088 $3,800 $8,764 $1,514 $1,199 $1,354 $2,260 $1,379

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Historical Super Bowl Ticket Price Trend: 2010-2021

Tickets for Super Bowl 55 are currently trending at $8,161 on the secondary market, making this the third most expensive Super Bowl since 2010. Traditionally, tickets on the secondary market have fallen to their lowest average asking price in the days immediately before the game and on game-day, though in 2017, there was a huge jump from $3,958 to $5,449 between one day out and game day. 

For Super Bowl LV, the cheapest ticket on the secondary market is trending at $5,441.

super-bowl-2010-2020 (22)

super-bowl-2010-2020 (23)

How Much Are Super Bowl 55 Tickets

  • The cheapest ticket is $4,899 (down 14% in the last 24 hours)
  • The cheapest lower-level ticket is $7,439 (down 12% the last 24 hours)
  • The average ticket price for all tickets is $8,161 (down 10% in the last 24 hours)
  • The most expensive single-ticket is $17,750 (down 25% in last 24 hours)
  • Currently there are just under 270 secondary market tickets available. (down 72% in the last 24 hours)

Based on current prices on TicketIQ, you can save 10-20% on TicketIQ compared to StubHub and other secondary market vendors. TicketIQ also offers fans a  Fee Free tickets  with a  Refund Guarantee  for Super Bowl LV. And now you can buy now and pay later on TicketIQ with Affirm.

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super-bowl-2021 (26)

SoFi Stadium Football Seating Chart 


100-level sections, rows, and seats at SoFi Stadium  

100-level end sections include 100-105, 119-124. 

Lower-level rows run from 1 to 17.  

200-level sections, rows, and seats at SoFi Stadium  

200-level end sections include 227-238, 201-212. 

200-level rows run from 1 to 30.  

300-level sections, rows, and seats at SoFi Stadium  

300-level end sections include 309-346, 319-353 and center sections include 320-325, 352-347. 

300-level rows run from 1 to 9.  

400-level sections, rows, and seats at SoFi Stadium   

400-level center sections include 413-411, 446-441. 400-level corner sections include 411-406, 423-418, 435-440, 447-452. 400-level end sections include 424-434, 405-453. 

400-level center rows run A to F and rows A to R in the end and corner sections.

500-level sections, rows, and seats at SoFi Stadium  

500-level center sections include 512-542. 500-level corner sections include 504-511, 517-525, 536-526, 543-553. 

500-level center and corner rows run from 1 to 22. 

Club, VIP, Box Seats and Suites at SoFi Stadium  

The VIP Club Sideline seats at SoFi Stadium are located at midfield with excellent sight lines.There are 4 sections on the 100 level and 6 sections on the 200 level consisting of VIP sidelines. 100 Premier Endzone seats are located at the end sections 124-119,1000-105. The 100s Corner seats have the same amenities as the 100s Sideline seats. Similarly, the reserved section of 200s level comes with more impecabble views and loge boxes. The VIP boxes consists of sections 131, 132, 111, 112, 

RAMS Home Bench is located in front of sections VIP 131 and VIP 132. 

Floor seating at SoFi Stadium of as many as A1 to A7, B1-B5 sections with sections A1-A7 closest to the stage and B1-B5 farther from the stage. Behind the stage, sections include 108-136, 203-211, 304-314, 454-464. 


The Los Angeles Chargers have unsold face-value tickets available for most games, which can be purchased directly through Ticketmaster. Prices may be above or below prices on the secondary ticket market. Many Concerts also have unsold tickets.  For Sold Out Seats and Events, TicketIQ has Fee Free tickets for all events at SoFi Stadium. 


Digital Tickets can be purchased through the free Rams Mobile App, Rams Account Manager on mobile web, or the Ticketmaster app. You can download and manage your tickets from the Rams app. Also, patrons can donate, resell or share their tickets. Only scanned tickets are allowed for entry at SoFi Stadium. 


SoFi Stadium offers other convenient services including wheelchair assistance, lost and found and wheelchair check-in. For guests who wish to transfer to a seat from their wheelchair, SoFi Stadium  will store the wheelchair at Guest Services on various level.

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Super Bowl 55 Attendance Policy

It was announced recently that Super Bowl 55 will now host 22,000 fans at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. 7,500 of those tickets will be allocated to vaccinated health care workers

Fans will be split into 'pods' to support social distancing between each group of ticket-holders. These will be will be distanced as directed by medical professionals and will adhere to local, state and CDC guidelines. 

Super Bowl 55 Halftime Show

The Weeknd will headline the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show at Super Bowl LV.  The three-time GRAMMY Award winner released his fourth album, After Hours, earlier this year.

Raymond James Stadium Seating Chart - Football

RaymondJamesStadium_Football1Field Level sections, rows and seats at Raymond James Stadium

Lower Level End Zones are located close to the action in Sections 102, 103, 118 to 128, and 143 to 151. Lower Level Sidelines are located in Sections 106 to 115 and 131 to 140. Middle Level Corners are located above the 100 Level in Sections 201 to 204, 217 to 229, and 242 to 245. 

Upper Deck Corners are located above the Suite levels in Sections 302 to 304, 317 to 319, 327 to 329, and 342 to 344. Upper Deck seats are located on the highest level of the stadium in Sections 305 to 316 and 330 to 341.

100-level sections, rows and seats at Raymond James Stadium

The 100s section has rows stretching wide from A-Z and AA-ZZ. 100-level center sections include 107-114 and 132-139. 100-level end sections are 120-125, 146-151. 100-level corner sections are 115, 118, 119, 102, 103, 106, 127, 128, 131, 140, 143. 

200-level sections, rows and seats at Raymond James Stadium

The 200s section has rows numbered A-Z, AA-ZZ. 200-level center sections are 205-216, 230-241. 200-level corner sections are 217-220, 201-204, 226-229. 

Club, VIP, Box Seats and Suites at Raymond James Stadium

Luxury Suites are located between the 200 and 300 Levels and offered in Club Suites, Lower Suites, or Upper Suites. All suites either offer views from the corners or sidelines of the stadium. Suiteholders are provided with luxury amenities, such as access to the Stadium Club Lounge, premium seating, and HDTVs.

Club Sidelines are located above the 100 Level. Club members are provided with luxury amenities, such as lounge access, merchandise credits, and reserved parking.

Single-Game Suites are located in a limited availability between the 200 and 300 Levels and offer a variety of viewpoints for the game. Suiteholders are provided with luxury amenities, such as reserved parking, in-suite catering, and theatre-style seating. Legends Suite offers premium views of the game along with luxury amenities, such as all-inclusive food and drink, in-seating service, and invitations to VIP events.

Home Sideline - The Buccaneers sideline is in front of 109110111 and 112
Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of 134135136 and 137


Tickets for most events are purchased through Ticketmaster online or in-person. The sale/resale of tickets is strictly prohibited on stadium property, including the parking lots. The Raymond James Stadium Ticket Office is only open on event days; it does not have normal operating hours.


Raymond James Stadium  offers other convenient services including wheelchair assistance, lost and found and wheelchair check in. For guests who wish to transfer to a seat from their wheelchair, Raymond James Stadium will store the wheelchair at Guest Services on the lower and upper level. 

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