Super Bowl 58 (LVIII) Tickets Buying Guide: How To Find The Cheapest Seats in 2024

February 12, 2023

Where To Buy Super Bowl LVIII Tickets

On the secondary market, TicketIQ has Fee-Free Super Bowl 58 tickets which also include a Refund Guarantee. Our Refund Guarantee states that if an event is canceled or deemed unfit for fans to attend, TicketIQ will refund ticket buyers in as soon as 15 days. That means that you can buy from TicketIQ worry-free. Customers on TicketIQ save between 15%-25% compared to other secondary market ticketing sites.

Additionally, TicketIQ provides users with many payment methods; standard credit card, Apple Play, PayPal, or you can buy now and pay later using Affirm.

All Super Bowl tickets will be delivered via mobile transfer using the Ticketmaster app and NFL OnePass app, and as long as there is inventory available, you will be able to purchase tickets all the way up until kickoff. 

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How Much Do Super Bowl Tickets Cost in 2024

  • The average ticket price for all tickets is $12,891. 
  • The least expensive ticket is $10,584.
  • The least expensive lower-level ticket is $16,495.
  • The most expensive single-ticket is $49,485 for lower level premium seats at midfield.
  • Currently there are just over 200 secondary market tickets available

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Tips For Buying Super Bowl 58 Tickets

  • Monitor the market. Look at the prices on the secondary market for Super Bowl tickets multiple times per day and pick a price point that you’re willing to pay. 

  • Track quantity available for the game overall, but all in the section you're most interested in sitting in. 

  • If you're shopping at the get-in price level, the best time to buy is usually 6-8 days after the Conference Championships. Since 2016, the get-in price was at its cheapest during this time period for all but one game (2020 & 2022). In 2020, tickets were at their lowest price 4 days after the Conference Championship games, while last year's game hit its lowest point the Thursday before the game. This year's game is very much following the trend of last year's. 

  • In the days leading up to the game, if you find tickets in your price range that you like, jump on them. There have been many times over the last several years that fans waited too long for a price drop that never happened and eventually got priced out. As quantity of tickets available goes down over the final days leading up to the game, prices begin to go up, especially for lower-priced seats.  

  • Read this TicketIQ blog post that is updated multiple times a day for the latest data, ticket price and quantity trends.

  • Reach out to us on our live chat to see if we can help you find the best deals or if there are any promo codes available. Our live chat can be found on this post and our main Super Bowl pages.

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When Is The Best Time To Buy Super Bowl Tickets?

Prior to 2015, the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets was usually the day or two prior to the game. However, since the 2016 game that has changed significantly. Excluding 2021's reduced capacity game, the best time to purchase Super Bowl tickets over the last few years, especially at the get-in price level, was between 6 and 8 days after the conference championship games.

Last year had trended in a similar fashion, however after prices were steady coming into the week of the game, quantity increased and the get-in price started dropping. On the Thursday Night/ Friday morning before the game the get-in price had fallen to $3,502, which proved to be the low point. 
2023 followed the 2022 trend almost identically, and the best time to buy was in the final 2-3 days leading up until the game. 

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Will Super Bowl Ticket Prices Go Down?

Over the last 13 Super Bowls, the get-in price has dropped an average of 12% between Championship Sunday and Super Bowl Sunday. If you exclude the 2020 game, which is the only Super Bowl in that timeframe that saw an increase of more than 10%, the average drop in price is 21%.  

Trends are similar for the first week following the championship games in terms of overall average list price, which have dropped an average of 25% between Championship Sunday and Super Bowl Sunday. However, unlike the get-in, those prices tend to continue to creep down over the final seven days leading up to the game, usually due to inventory in certain higher priced sections selling out. Overall, in the final week leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, the average list price has dropped 13%. We don't suggest waiting too long if you're looking at more expensive tickets that you like AND are in your price range. If you wait too long there is a good chance these kind of seats will be sold out.

Below is a raw data format of the above the shows the best day to purchase tickets at the get-in price level since 2016. As you can see, after the 2015 market blow-up, the approach to buying Super Bowl tickets has changed significantly. 

  2023 2022 2021* 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
CHAMP SUN $5,948 $6,366 $9,223 $3,652 $2,964 $5,043 $3,046 $2,862
1 $5,738 $5,663 $11,638 $4,396 $3,230 $4,370 $3,268 $3,392
2 $5,975 $5,832 $8,613 $4,546 $2,637 $3,724 $2,954 $3,497
3 $5,975 $5,397 $7,566 $4,149 $2,800 $3,390 $2,714 $3,630
4 $5,940 $5,300 $7,274 $3,499 $2,837 $3,290 $2,848 $3,630
5 $6,145 $5,244 $6,852 $4,092 $2,522 $3,100 $2,392 $3,289
6 $6,109 $5,300 $6,053 $4,296 $2,200 $2,900 $2,290 $3,190
7 $5,875 $5,300 $5,936 $4,610 $2,631 $2,500 $2,208 $2,682
8 $5,707 $5,735 $5,936 $5,097 $2,976 $2,745 $1,957 $3,080
9 $5,170 $5,420 $5,960 $4,873 $3,103 $3,400 $2,024 $3,190
10 $4,307 $4,592 $6,224 $5,485 $2,716 $4,150 $2,043 $3,080
11 $4,296 $3,502 $5,159 $5,193 $2,595 $3,450 $2,248 $3,102
12 $4,649 $4,487 $5,290 $7,174 $2,351 $3,250 $2,645 $2,950
13 $3,587 $3,608 $5,704 $6,005 $2,813 $2,900 $2,013 $2,852
SB SUNDAY $4,028 $4,246 $4,899 $6,603 $3,211 $1,936 $3,088 $3,800
*Limited Capacity
Below is the same data for 2010 to 2015:
  2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY $1,954 $2,223 $1,988 $1,995 $2,950 $2,055
1 $1,825 $2,118 $1,900 $2,175 $2,500 $2,055
2 $1,850 $1,985 $1,890 $2,250 $2,400 $1,949
3 $2,125 $1,985 $2,168 $2,275 $2,486 $1,896
4 $2,125 $1,800 $2,050 $2,281 $2,150 $1,804
5 $2,395 $1,757 $1,975 $2,400 $2,183 $1,783
6 $3,045 $1,640 $1,976 $2,370 $2,250 $1,771
7 $3,938 $1,395 $1,930 $2,118 $2,373 $1,754
8 $3,299 $1,392 $1,930 $2,090 $2,420 $1,722
9 $3,937 $1,495 $1,775 $2,000 $2,457 $1,668
10 $3,750 $1,500 $1,698 $2,183 $2,450 $1,609
11 $5,998 $1,393 $1,649 $2,000 $2,500 $1,457
12 $7,087 $1,247 $1,499 $1,892 $2,543 $1,378
13 $9,187 $1,425 $1,299 $1,746 $2,500 $1,552
SUPER BOWL SUNDAY $8,764 $1,514 $1,199 $1,354 $2,260 $1,379

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How Many Super Bowl Tickets are Available for Sale


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Historical Super Bowl Ticket Price Trend: 2010-2023

As of Super Bowl Sunday, tickets for Super Bowl 58 are averaging at $5,569 on the secondary market. Traditionally, tickets on the secondary market have fallen to their lowest average asking price in the days immediately before the game and on game-day.  



How Will Your Super Bowl Tickets Be Delivered?

All tickets for Super Bowl 58 will be delivered via Mobile Transfer, whether the tickets are purchased two months before the game or right before kick off on game day. To accept your mobile transfer follow these steps: 


Check your email. Once you’ve got an email confirmation from us that your seats have been sent, you’ll want to head over to your inbox to find the claim email. That transfer offer email will come from the sender name "NFL Super Bowl" or "Ticketmaster."


After finding the claim email in your inbox. You’ll want to click “Accept Tickets” in order to accept your Super Bowl LVIII tickets and have them in your account to be pulled up on your smartphone when you’re heading into the game.


Sign in with the email address to which your transfer was sent.

If you have a Ticketmaster account with that email address, you can use the same login credentials. If not, click SIGN UP at the bottom to create an account with the email address to which the tickets were sent.


Download the Official NFL OnePass app on your smart phone. 


Select Sign in to OnePass and sign in using the email address. Then select "Tickets" on the bottom toolbar. 


Now that you’re logged in click on "View Barcode" to view your tickets. Then add your tickets to your mobile wallet so that you can present them at the gate upon entry to the game. 


In order to avoid any issues at the stadium (with connectivity over WiFi or data), we recommend adding the tickets to your Apple or Google Wallet to view later.  You’ll be able to open the tickets from your Wallet once at the stadium and that’s it.  

Super Bowl 58 Premium Seating

As you would expect the Super Bowl comes with plenty of premium seating options. Below are all the options at Allegiant Stadium:

  • Club Seats (Sections C109-C115 & C131-C137) TikTok Below
  • Premium Loge  (200-Level Boxes on the East & West sidelines)
  • Suites (Directly above the Loge Boxes)
  • Wynn Field Club  (Behind the North End-Zone on Field Level)
  • North Endzone Club (Above The North End-Zone Field Level Sections)
  • Credit One Club (On Level 000 Under the Modelo Cantina Club)
  • Champions Club (On Level 000 Under the Twitch Lounge)
  • Shift4 Club (200 Level Sideline Above The Modelo Cantina Club)
  • Yaamava' Club (200 Level Sideline Above The Twitch Lounge)
  • Aristocrat Club (150 Level Sideline Above The Modelo Cantina Club)
  • KARMA Auto Lounge (150 Level Sideline Above The Twitch Lounge)

For more information on Club and VIP seating at Allegiant Stadium, check out our Allegiant Stadium premium seating blog post

The above is all available on TicketIQ, and as always, there are NO ADDED FEES.

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Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show

It was recently announced that Usher would be performing at the Super Bowl 58 Halftime show. 

Super Bowl Concert & Party Tickets

Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest: a three-day event set for February 9th - 11th at the Footprint Center. Performers include Paramore, Dave Matthews Band, Imagine Dragons, and Kane Brown.

Shaq’s Fun House Super Bowl Party: February 10th at Outside At Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale. 

Maxim Super Bowl Party: February 11th at Southwest Jet Center in Scottsdale. 

Gronk Beach Super Bowl Party: February 11th at The Pool at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale. 21 Savage, Diplo, Lil John, Bijou, DJ Irie, & Sommer Ray are set to perform.

Guy Fieri’s Falvortown Tailgate Super Bowl PartyFebruary 12th directly across from State Farm Stadium. Diplo and Locash are set to perform. Fans will be able to enjoy 20+ restaurant pop-ups, interactive dining experiences, and more.  

Traveling To The Big Game?

Allegiant Stadium Football Seating Chart 


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Allegiant Stadium Sections and Rows

100-level sections, rows, and seats at Allegiant Stadium 

Lower-level center sections include 116-109, 138-131. 100-level end sections include 120-126, 104-142 with 100-level corner sections of 117-119, 105-108, 139-141. 

Lower-level rows run from 1 to 40.

200-level sections, rows, and seats at Allegiant Stadium 

200-level end sections include 223-227, 230-247. 200-level corner sections include 204-207, 220-218, 228-232, 242-246. 

200-level rows run from 1-20 throughout. 

300-level sections, rows, and seats at Allegiant Stadium  

300-level center sections include 310-314, 335-340 and corner sections from 315-320, 306-309, 341-344. 300-level end sections include 321-328, 345-305. 

300-level rows run 1-20.

400-level sections, rows, and seats at Allegiant Stadium  

400-level center sections include 412-413, 437-438. 400-level end sections include 414-421, 411-406, 444-439, 436-430. 

400-level center rows run 1-20. 


Allegiant Stadium offers other convenient services including wheelchair assistance, lost and found and wheelchair check-in. For guests who wish to transfer to a seat from their wheelchair, Allegiant Stadium will store the wheelchair at Guest Services on the 100 and 400 level.