Truist Park  Seating Chart + Rows, Seats and Club Seats

May 17, 2020

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Truist Park Baseball Seating Chart


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Traveling To Truist Park?

100-level sections, rows, and seats at Truist Park   

Lower-level center sections include 118-133. 100-level end sections include 144-151, 108-152 with 100-level corner sections of 111-116, 135-141. 

Lower-level center rows run from 1-11 with end section rows starting at row 1-24. The section at corner ends starts at row 1-20.

200-level sections, rows, and seats at Truist Park   

200-level center sections include 218-233. 

200-level corner sections include 214-217, 235-229 and end sections in 240-247, 210-213. 

200-level center and corner rows run from 1-19 and 1-12 in end sections. 

300-level sections, rows, and seats at Truist Park   

300-level center sections include 323-327. 300-level corner sections include 329-337, 322-316 and end sections in 339-347, 312-315. 

300-level center and corner rows run from 1 to 7 and 1-11 in end sections. 

400-level sections, rows, and seats at Truist Park    

400-level center sections include 424-428. 400-level end sections include 439-444, 423-410. 

400-level rows run 1-12. 

Club, VIP, Box Seats and Suites at Truist Park   

Executive Club Seats are located in sections 122-130, behind Chairman Clubs Seats. They offer the amenities like VIP parking lots and separate entrance lines along with a number of beverage options. Infiniti Club Seats are located in sections 220-231 and offer excellent amenities as compared to other club options. Ticket holders will received a $15 food and drink credit, with an Infiniti Club Ticket. Chairman Club Seats are located in sections 22-30, behind the SunTrust Club seats. The Delta Sky360 lounge is one of the best and most favored lounge seating areas in Truist Park.. surrounded by HDTVs, and delicious food. 

The Atlanta Braves dugout at SunTrust Park is located in front of sections 17-21. The visitors dugout is located in sections 31-34.

The Atlanta Braves bullpen is located in front of sections 152-153 and visitors bullpen in 144-145.

Premium Seating Areas at Truist Park


The Chophouse Club Seats at Truist Park are some of the most intriguing seating options in Baseball. Located out in right field in sections 156-160 and 259, the Chophouse Club functions as an outdoor bar of sorts, where fans can watch the game while socializing with others. Set up with tall, bar-stool style seating and long, wide wood tables, this area of the ballpark really does provide the viewer with something different. And with an actual restaurant/bar right behind these outside sections, the opportunities to move around during the game are endless.


Dugout Club Seats are located all along the first and third base lines throughout the lower level right behind the dugouts. These seats provide close views of the ballgame and mesh seating that provides more space and comfort for the viewer. Fans in these sections receive a $10 credit for food/drink, a free popcorn, and access to the Dugout lounges on the lower level. 


Truist Club Seats are about as premier as it gets at Truist Park. Located in sections 1-9 right behind home plate, these seats offer the closest views in the ballpark, plus great amenities. In addition to access to the Truist Club Lounge, fans in these sections receive complimentary food & beverage service, plus one of the widest plush-leather seats there is. 

Truist Park Concert Seating Chart


Floor seating at Truist Park  of as many as A1-A7, B1-B7 with sections A1-A7 closest to the stage and B1-B7 farther from the stage. Behind the stage, sections include 144-151, 152-160. 


The Atlanta Braves have unsold face-value tickets available for most games, which can be purchased directly through Ticketmaster. Prices may be above or below prices on the secondary ticket market. Many Concerts also have unsold tickets.  For Sold Out Seats and Events, TicketIQ has Fee Free tickets for all events at Truist Park. 


 Truist Park only allows digital tickets from authorized Atlanta Braves or Ticketmaster and does not allow re-selling of tickets. Only scanned tickets are allowed for entry into a Jays game.


Truist Park offers other convenient services including wheelchair assistance, lost and found and wheelchair check-in. For guests who wish to transfer to a seat from their wheelchair, Truist Park will store the wheelchair at Guest Services on various levels.