Where To Find SoFi Stadium Premium Seating and Club Options

January 1, 2023

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SoFi Stadium Premium & Club Seating Locations

  • East Chairman's Club (Sections VIP245-VIP247 Have Access)
  • TRD Pro Club (Sections VIP218 – VIP220, PLAT218-PLAT220 Have Access)
  • East Patio Club (Sections C242 – C250 & VIP245 – VIP247, Patio Suites 4E1 – 4E20 & 5E1 – 5E20, Perch Suites 4NE1 – 4NE10 & 5NE1 – 5NE10 Have Access)
  • Toyota Patio Club (Sections C215 – C223 & VIP218 – VIP220, PLAT218 – PLAT220; Patio Suites 4W1 – 4W18 & 5W1 – 5W18, Perch Suites 4NW1 – 4NW10 & 5NW1 – 5NW10 Have Access)
  • Google Cloud Club (Sections C106-C110, C113-C118, C126-C130, C133-C137, VIP110-VIP113, VIP130-VIP133, OWN131-OWN132. All Level 1 & Level 2 Google Cloud Suites, Owners Suites, Bungalows, and Cabanas Have Access)
  • Owners Clubs (East Owners Club: Sections OWN131 – OWN132, Suites 2E1 – 2E12, West Owners Club: Sections PLAT218 – PLAT220, Suites 2W1 – 2W12 Have Access)
  • SoFi Social Club (Sections VIP130 – VIP133, OWN131 & OWN132, SoFi Cabanas 1E1 – 1E10 Have Access)
  • Pechanga Founders Club (Sections VIP110 – VIP113, PLAT218 – PLAT220, Pechanga Cabanas 1W1 – 1W10 Have Access)
  • Terrace Clubs (Sections 319-326 and 346-353 Have Access)
  • Corona Beach House & Ultra Seats (Sections 224-226 & 237-241 Have Access, Respectively)
  • Suites (At Various Points Around The Venue)

East Chairman's Club

The East Chairman's Club is about as exclusive as it gets at SoFi Stadium. Located inside the East Patio Club on Level 3, the Chairman's Club is only accessible to those sitting in VIP sections 245-247. All fans sitting in VIP sections are able to enter the stadium through a private entrance, plus get wider and more comfortable seats.

The club itself is directly behind these sections, right at the 50-yard line. Perks include: all-inclusive food & beverage (alcohol included), exquisite tables & furnishings to relax/have a drink, climate control, and a luxury buffet. Tickets are available on TicketIQ for most games, but be prepared, as these seats are some of the priciest in the stadium.

TRD Pro Club

The TRD Pro Club is extremely similar to the East Chairman's Club, except it's on the opposite side of the stadium. On the West side of Level 3, inside the Toyota Patio Club, the TRD Pro Club is accessible to anyone sitting in sections 218-220, behind the opposite 50-yard line. Many of the amenities remain the same compared to the Chairman's Club. Tickets with access are now available on TicketIQ, and are some of the priciest you can find.

East Patio Club

Image 1-4-23 at 2.06 PM

The East Patio Club at SoFi Stadium is revolutionary when it comes to inside/outdoor hybrid club spaces. Set up like a social space at a resort, the East Patio Club has everything a fan could want. Private restrooms, comfortable seating, and tons of different trees are all features of the Patio Club. Food & Beverage is priced 'a la carte' and the menu includes unique items such as: tamales, sushi, stromboli dogs, etc. Tickets in sections 242-250 are available on TicketIQ, but for any of the other sections that provide access you'd have to go through the venue directly.

Toyota Patio Club

The Toyota Patio Club is the direct complement to the East Patio Club, just located on the West side of the stadium. Club & VIP sections 215-223, which you can find on TicketIQ, have access to this Patio Club. The amenities are the exact same as the East Patio Club, and the look of the outside space is almost identical. Both Patio clubs are technically underground, which is another interesting feature of SoFi Stadium.

Google Cloud Club

The Google Cloud Club functions as the main club space for Club Level ticket holders. Club & VIP ticket holders on the 100 level have access to this club, which is quite the treat. Revolving around Level 2, the Cloud Club is climate controlled, and has private restrooms as well as immaculate furnishings. Some of the best food & beverage options at SoFi can be found in this club space, notably pairings such as Sushi & Sake, Pizza & Wine, and More.

In fact, the concessions options in this club are probably the biggest perk, even if you have to pay. The Club level seats themselves are super comfortable, wider than normal, and provide great views of the game from along each sideline. Tickets in sections C106-C110, C113-C118, C126-C130, C133-C137, VIP110-VIP113, and VIP130-VIP133 are available on TicketIQ. All other sections & suite spaces that provide access must be purchased from the venue directly.

Owners Clubs

The East & West Owners Clubs at SoFi Stadium are some of the most upscale, private club spaces in all of Football. Located on the E & W sides of Level 2, respectively, these clubs provide all-inclusive food/beverage (incl. alcohol), comfortable plush seating, private restrooms, climate control, luxury food options, and more! As seen above, the bars in this club are ornate and have huge tv's that are sure to keep you entertained. Tickets with access to each Owners Club are not available on TicketIQ, so you must go directly through the venue.

SoFi Social Club

The SoFi Social Club is surely one of the sleeker club spaces you'll find at any venue. Located on the Field Level East, this club has a lot going on. Modern bars and furnishings make up the inside, while on the outside there is a patio that is pretty much directly behind the Rams bench. This is potentially the best view of the action one can get, and it's coupled with an elite club experience.

The inside of the club is climate-controlled, has private restrooms, all-inclusive food/beverage (incl. alcohol), and also provides access to view the postgame press conference. This is a fan favorite space at SoFi Stadium. Tickets in sections VIP130-133 are available on TicketIQ, but you must go directly through the venue to purchase tickets in all other sections that provide access.

Pechanga Founders Club

The Pechanga Founders Club is on the Field Level West, right behind the visitor bench. It is very similar to the SoFi Social Club, also including a patio behind the sideline for fans to watch the action live from up close. The amenities are almost identical to the Social Club. Tickets in VIP sections 110-113 can be found on TicketIQ, while all other sections that provide access must be purchased directly through the venue.

Terrace Clubs

Image 1-4-23 at 4.51 PM 2

The Terrace Clubs at SoFi Stadium are the best way to get a club feel but not break the bank. Located on the 300's level on the concourse directly behind each sideline, these clubs are private areas with bars, food, tv's, restrooms, seating, and more! These are great spots to take a load off between quarters or at the half. And the seats themselves are wider, more comfortable than most. The sections are tiny as well, which makes this seating space feel even more private. Tickets with access are available now on TicketIQ.

Corona Beach House & Ultra Seats

The Corona Beach House & Ultra Seats at SoFi Stadium are located on the 200-level. A ticket in sections 224-226 provides access to the Corona Beach House, which is a lounge space full of bars and televisions. this vibe filled space includes glass windows with views of the field as well as a patio full of barstool seating. 

Fans in sections 237-241 have access to the Ultra Lounge, which has many of the same amenities as the Corona Beach House. Fans with access to each premium space will have the option to pay an additional $50 and get free buffet food, or they can opt not to do this and instead pay 'a la carte'. Tickets with access to each club space are available now on TicketIQ.


Suites at SoFi Stadium come in many different shapes and sizes. The most popular ones are probably the Field Cabanas, which are on the field level and offer amazing views and perks. A full list of suite options can be found through the Rams or Chargers website. Amenities included with most suites at SoFi Stadium include: free parking passes, all inclusive food & beverage, private restrooms, catering, and more. If you'd like to rent or purchase a Suite at SoFi Stadium, go through the venue website or check out one of the links included above.

For the CFB National Championship at SoFi Stadium in January 2023, Suites are still available and begin at $3,750 per person. More information on each suite plus purchasing options can be found here

SoFi Stadium / Los Angeles Chargers Suite Map and Seating Chart

(Source: https://chargerssuites.com/games/)



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