Where To Find State Farm Stadium Premium Seating and Club Options

December 22, 2022

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State Farm Stadium Premium Seating Locations

  • Bubble Lounge (Right Above the Club Level Around Section 212)
  • Flight Lounge (Club Level, Section 234)
  • Gila River Casinos Clubs (Club Level East & West at 50-Yard Lines)
  • The Bird's Nest (Club Level, By Northwest Lounge)
  • The Tail Feather (Club Level, Section 231)
  • Private & Party Lofts (Various Points Around Club and Loft Level)
  • Field Boxes (Top Of The Main Concourse)
  • Club Cabanas (Club Level)



TikTok Showing Our 3 Favorite Club Spaces at State Farm Stadium


Bubble Lounge

Directly perched above the Gila River Casinos Club West at State Farm Stadium is the Bubble Lounge. Marketed as the first 'Champagne Bar' in the NFL, Bubble Lounge is about as premium as it gets at the Arizona venue. The bar itself is immaculate, including more high class drink options than just about anywhere else. And the space is ornate, full of fancy carpeting, floor tiling, beautiful couches, and a chandelier at the center of it all. Buffet style food is priced 'a la carte' and is made available at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. From before the game through the 1st quarter, fans have the opportunity to take part in an upscale brunch each Sunday inside the Bubble Lounge. To reserve space at this brunch, you must go directly through the venue. Although, the Bubble Lounge itself is open to anybody with Club Level access. On TicketIQ, Club Level tickets begin anywhere from $250-350 depending on the game.

Flight Lounge

The Flight Lounge is one of the smaller, more intimate premium spaces at State Farm Stadium. Featuring new wine selections each week, the bar inside the lounge is one of the finest one can find. Plus, the lounge has 2 large glass panels, so you'll never feel like you're too far away from the game. You'll also be directly next to the Gila River Casinos Club East if you feel the urge to venture out into a larger premium area. Club Level tickets (which are now available on TicketIQ), provide you with access to the Flight Lounge.

Gila River Casinos Clubs

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The Gila River Casinos Clubs are in many ways the centerpieces of the Club Level at State Farm Stadium. Straddling each 50-yard line on the East & West sides of the venue, the club lounges are gigantic, each including numerous concession areas and tables to sit at. Both of the lounges feature a 49 foot long video board, as well as plenty of hi-def televisions spread throughout. The main bar at each is huge (64 feet long) and offers an array of drink options. Plus, you'll never be too far from the field at either club location. Club Level tickets (which are now available on TicketIQ), provide you with access to both Gila River Casinos Clubs.

The Bird's Nest

The Bird's Nest is a premium lounge tucked away in the Club Level at the venue. This space is full of lounge furniture, hi-def televisions, and features a small, sleek bar. The Bird's Nest Buffet is full of gourmet food options and is priced 'a la carte' for all games. Fans are also close to the Northwest Lounge, which provides more lounge seating options, as well as amazing views of the game. Club Level tickets (which are now available on TicketIQ), provide you with access to the Bird's Nest.

The Tail Feather

The Tail Feather is located in the Northeast corner of the Club Level, right by the Flight Lounge and Gila River Casinos Club East. It is easily one of the most beautiful lounge spaces one can find at the Stadium. Inspired by art-deco architecture, this carpeted space has luxury furnishings, a centerpiece chandelier, and numerous hi def tv's to watch the game. There is a small bar located inside The Tail Feather, so fans can grab a drink while they unwind. And on game days there is often live music going on as well, so that is something you have to look forward to. Club Level tickets (which are now available on TicketIQ), provide you with access to the Tail Feather.

Private & Party Lofts

The Lofts at State Farm Stadium also have much to offer. The Party Lofts are fit for larger groups, while the Private Lofts are fit for smaller ones. Both include private bar service, catering, and more. Fans who purchase these lofts also get access to all club level lounges, including a private entrance via either Gila River Casinos Club. Plus, fans will receive a 20% merchandise discount, as well as 4 pregame field passes. The views are also some of the best from these premium seats. Loft tickets are not available on TicketIQ, so you must go directly through the venue to purchase. 

Field Boxes

Field Boxes at State Farm Stadium are some of the most intimate settings to watch a game from. Located around the stadium at the top of the main concourse, these boxes fit 8 people total. Each box will come with a private concierge and dining area, as well as a $200 Food & Beverage Credit for each game. They also come with 4 pre-game field passes and 2 preferred parking passes per box. Fans in these boxes will have access to all club lounges, and will have a private entrance through either Gila River Casinos Club. These boxes are not available to purchase on TicketIQ, so you must go directly through the venue.

Club Cabanas

Club Cabanas at State Farm Stadium are about as premium as it gets. These club spaces are located on the Club Level and fit up to 12 patrons. Tickets include both outside seating in the section closest to the Cabana, as well as the inside Cabana itself, which includes lavish furniture, a huge television, catered food, drink options, and a private concierge. Many of the extra amenities included are very similar to those for the Field Boxes, plus Cabana patrons will also have access to all club lounges. These cabanas are not available to purchase on TicketIQ, so you must go directly through the venue.


If you'd like any additional information about Premium Seating at State Farm Stadium, check out the venue website.


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