Where To Find U.S. Bank Stadium Premium Seating and Club Options

December 20, 2022

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U.S. Bank Stadium Premium Seating Locations

  • Lumen Lodge (Behind Section 223)
  • Truss Bar Seats (Behind Section 223)
  • Polaris Club (Sections V1-V5 Have Access)
  • Medtronic Club (Sections V6-V10 Have Access)
  • Mystic Lake Casino's Club Purple (Sections 201-205)
  • Delta Sky360 Club (Sections F1-F5 Have Access)
  • Little Six Casino's Club Gold (Sections C1-C5 Have Access)
  • Factory Motor Parts Club (Sections C6-C10 Have Access)

Lumen Lodge

Behind section 223 at U.S. Bank Stadium is the Lumen Lodge. This private little nook offers some of the most exclusive seats one can find at a Vikings game. With only 75 Lodge section seats, including bar-stool style seating, fans will be able to enjoy the game in privacy. Plus, they'll be treated to amenities such as: all-inclusive food and beverage (including beer and wine), private restrooms, VIP preferred parking, bar tables, TV's, and access to the beautiful Lodge Bar. Plus, the Truss Bar is directly adjacent to the Lodge, also behind 223. Lodge tickets are not available on TicketIQ, so you must go directly through the team or venue to purchase.

Truss Bar Seats

Truss Bar Seats at U.S. Bank Stadium are adjacent to Lumen Lodge seats, and offer a similar experience. As visible in the picture above, the seats themselves are oversized and extremely comfortable, offering the most leg room possible. Ticket holders also have access to the Truss Bar & Club space, which provides complimentary food & drink (beer & wine only). The club has a full bar, as well as private restrooms. Tickets are not available via TicketIQ, so you must go directly through the venue to purchase.

Polaris Club

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The Polaris Club at U.S. Bank Stadium offers one of the most valuable premium experiences in the league. The seats are only 41 feet from the sideline in the first row, and offer the best views no matter where you are between the visitor's side 30-yard lines. The team claims that the first row Polaris Club seats get fans closer to the action than any other seat in any other stadium. Anyhow, the Club itself is full of amenities, including: private restrooms, VIP parking access, full-service bars, numerous hi-def televisions, luxury furnishings, and classy "a la carte" food options available for purchase. On TicketIQ, Polaris Club seats typically start anywhere from $300-400 depending on the game. This is a great premium option for anyone looking to up their seats at the Vikings next big game.

Medtronic Club

The Medtronic Club is the most upscale premium space at U.S. Bank Stadium. The seats are located right behind the Delta Sky360 seats on the Vikings sideline, making for excellent views of the game action. Plus, the club itself is immaculate. Amenities include all-inclusive food and beverage (incl. beer and wine), plus private restrooms and VIP parking. The multi-level space is lavish and includes tons of tv's, fireplaces, nice furniture, and more. On TicketIQ, Medtronic Club seats start at $500-600 for most games.

Mystic Lake Casino's Club Purple

Club Purple at U.S. Bank Stadium is one of the most unique premium spaces one can find. Each section from 201-205 includes couch-style seating, as well as more traditional loge box/club style seating. If you opt for the couches, you'll be in a semi-private space fit for 6-12, and drink service will be available. The club itself sits at the top of these sections and features a balcony with great views of the Minneapolis skyline. This space includes 3 full service bars, as well as all-inclusive food and drink (incl. beer & wine). There are tons of tables as well for you to unwind and enjoy the relaxation of the lounge. Inventory is limited on TicketIQ, so you may want to purchase these club seats directly from the venue.

Delta Sky360 Club

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The Delta Sky360 Club at U.S. Bank Stadium is about as fun as it gets for a Vikings game. Being that the club is directly next to the Vikings locker room, fans have the opportunity to see players both enter and exit the field. The club also includes a field-level patio behind the Vikings bench, which is an extremely cool opportunity for fans. The seats themselves offer amazing views of the game and are wider/more cushioned than most others. There are private restrooms, all-inclusive food & beverage (incl. beer and wine), and VIP Parking also available for fans in this premium space. On TicketIQ, Delta Sky360 Club seats start around $650-700 per game, and there are usually tons of tickets available.

Little Six Casino's Club Gold

The Little Six Casino's Club Gold at U.S. Bank Stadium is located just above the Polaris Club on the 200-level sideline, and offers some of the best views at the stadium. The club includes: VIP parking, private restrooms, luxury "a la carte" food & beverage, a private stadium entrance, and access to an upscale lounge. On TicketIQ, these club seats start anywhere from $300-350 depending on the game.


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Factory Motor Parts Club

The Factory Motor Parts Club has very similar amenities to the Little Six Casino's Club Gold, it's just located on the opposite sideline of the 200-level. On TicketIQ, tickets start at $350-450 depending on the game.


If you'd like any additional information about Premium Seating at U.S. Bank Stadium, check out the venue website.


U.S. BANK STADIUM SEATING CHART - Football (Minnesota Vikings)

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