How To Buy Wrigley Field Rooftop Seats For Cubs Games In 2020

July 7, 2020

Chicago Cubs fans will be among the only Major League Baseball fans in the U.S. with a chance to see a live baseball game this summer, after the city of Chicago reportedly approved the opening of Wrigley Field rooftop seats at 25% capacity.
Rooftop tickets were scheduled to go on sale Monday, July 6, when Major League Baseball released its abbreviated 2020 schedule. The Ricketts family, which owns the Cubs, owns 11 of the 16 rooftops clubs. 
Each rooftop seats a different number of fans, has a different atmosphere, and provides a different view. Some rooftops have obstructed views. In most cases, the cost of a rooftop ticket includes food and beverage. 
The configuration at each rooftop club is different, though many include shaded or indoor areas in addition to outdoor seating. The oldest rooftop club is Brixen Ivy, which is known for its premium food offerings. The biggest rooftop clubs seat 100. 
The first Cubs home game is set for Friday, July 24 at 7:10 p.m. against Baltimore. 

Where To Buy Wrigley Field Rooftop Seats

Tickets are available on WrigleyRooftops, who who manages tickets for the 11 rooftops that are owned by the Ricketts family. WrigleyView Rooftop tickets are currently available as well. 
Tickets on MurphysRooftops, which operates a club on Sheffield Avenue, are currently unavailable. They're also not yet available on LakeviewBaseballClub.
Though secondary market rooftop tickets are not available, TicketIQ will offer a Low Price Guarantee on all sold out  Chicago Cubs and Major League Baseball tickets if they do become available. TicketIQ also has Fee-Free tickets and  a Refund Guarantee, which states that in the event an event is canceled or deem unfit for fans to attend, TicketIQ will refund ticket buyers in as soon as 15 days. That means that you can buy from TicketIQ worry-free. With the Low Price Guarantee, if you find the same ticket for less on another secondary market ticket for less on a site like StubHub or Vivid Seats, we’ll give you 200% of the difference in ticket credit.
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How Much Are Wrigley Field Rooftop Seats

Below is currently availability and pricing by game for each vendor.


  • July 24th vs Milwaukee: SOLD OUT
  • July 25ht vs Milwaukee: $400
  • July 26th vs Milwaukee: SOLD OUT
  • July 31st vs Pittsburgh:  $350
  • August 1st vs Pittsburgh: $400
  • August 2nd vs Pittsburgh: $350 
  • August 3rd vs Kansas City: $350
  • August 4th vs Kansas City: $350
  • August 13th vs Milwaukee: $350
  • August 14th vs Milwaukee: $350
  • August 15th vs Milwaukee: $350
  • August 16th vs Milwaukee: $350
  • August 17th vs St. Louis: $350
  • August 18th vs St. Louis: $350
  • August 19th vs St. Louis: $400
  • August 21st vs Chicago: SOLD OUT
  • August 22nd vs Chicago: $400
  • August 23rd vs Chicago: SOLD OUT
  • September 4th vs Cardinals: $350
  • September 5th vs Cardinals: $400
  • September 6th vs Cardinals: $300
  • September 7th vs Cardinals: $350
  • September 8th vs Reds: $350
  • September 9th vs Reds: $350
  • September 10th vs Reds: $350
  • September 15th vs Indians: $350
  • September 16th vs Indians: $350
  • September 18th vs Twins: $350
  • September 19th vs Twins: $400
  • September 20th vs Twins: $300


  • July 31st vs Pittsburgh: From $324
  • August 1st vs Pittsburgh: From $319
  • August 2nd vs Pittsburgh: From $289
  • August 3rd vs Kansas City: From $299
  • August 4th vs Kansas City: From $299
  • August 13th vs Milwaukee: From $309
  • August 14th vs Milwaukee: From $309
  • August 15th vs Milwaukee: From $349
  • August 16th vs Milwaukee: From $279
  • August 17th vs St. Louis: From $319
  • August 18th vs St. Louis: From $289
  • August 19th vs St. Louis: From $289
  • September 4th vs Cardinals: From $299
  • September 5th vs Cardinals: From $289
  • September 6th vs Cardinals: From $279
  • September 7th vs Cardinals: From $239
  • September 8th vs Reds: From $249
  • September 9th vs Reds: From $239
  • September 10th vs Reds: From $239
  • September 15th vs Indians: From $269
  • September 16th vs Indians: From $269
  • September 18th vs Twins: From $269
  • September 19th vs Twins: From $259
  • September 20th vs Twins: From $289