Alabama-LSU Ticket Prices Driving Lots of Chatter Across the Web

Already being called the "Game of the Century", this weekend's clash between #1 ranked LSU and #2 ranked Alabama is the top story in the sports world. But besides the X's and O's, the "keys to victory", and all that surrounds the game itself, the story of the ticket prices have also been a hot topic. Below, we've compiled quotes from some of the Web's best writers who have used our data:

"Fans are listing tickets even higher, but it appears like those prices aren't rational. TicketIQ, a ticketing search marketplace, says that the average listing price of LSU-Alabama tickets dropped by 10.1 percent from $699.10 to $627.91 over the last 48 hours. Before the season, TicketIQ had the game being listed at an average price of $420.93, so the two teams being undefeated heading into the game was still worth a $200 boost per ticket in the listing price." (Darren Rovell)

"Overall, the average price has leveled out in recent days after peaking at $740.23 on Oct. 20, which is mainly due to an influx of tickets on the secondary market. There are about 1,400 tickets available after only 1,100 were on the market last week. That's clearly good news for anyone who wants to see the game, and the "get-in" price is currently $350 after peaking at $390 a week ago." (SBNation)

"...they expect prices to continue trending downward until gametime. The tickets have a $70 face value. Last year's LSU vs Bama contest in Baton Rouge had an average price of $385." (Roll Bama Roll)

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