A Guide To Buying Tickets At TD Garden

First opening in 1995, TD Garden has since become the beloved home for Boston’s professional ice hockey and basketball teams. The 755,000 square foot venue was originally named the Shawmut Center when it officially opened its doors on September 30 of 1995 but was quickly renamed the FleetCenter following Shawmut Bank’s undisclosed merge with Fleet Bank of Providence, Rhode Island that same year. Following TD Banknorth’s name rights purchasing in 2005, the venue has been known as TD Garden since April of 2008.


Over the last two decades, the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics have each brought one title back to the city of Boston with victories in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final and 2008 NBA Finals. The Bruins have bloomed into a dominant force in the Eastern Conference while the rebuilding process the Celtics have undergone has produced a youthful core and a glimmer of hope for the near future in the organization. Alongside the excitement each franchise has produced in recent years, both Bruins and Celtics tickets have seen notable increases in season average on the secondary market.


While both teams have reached new highs on the secondary market this year, they have experienced different price patterns over the last three seasons. Bruins tickets held a consistent secondary average at home between 2011 and 2013, with season average increasing by just 2.4% in the three-season span. Prices for Celtics tickets have wavered considerably in the same timeframe, however. In 2011, the team owned a season average of $89.15. By the start of the 2013-14 season that ushered in the team’s current period of rebuilding, tickets plummeted to a $59.09 average on the secondary market, marking a 33.7% decline in price.

4-Year Season Average for Bruins Tickets at Home:
Year Avg Price
2011-2012 $160.87
2012-2013 (Lockout Season) $164.81
2013-2014 $164.81
2014-2015 $209.60
4-Year Season Average for Celtics Tickets at Home:
Year Avg Price
2011-2012 (Lockout Season) $89.15
2012-2013 $108.22
2013-2014 $59.09
2014-2015 $131.17
Most Expensive Bruins Home Games in 2014-15:
Game Avg Price Get-in Price
11/22/14 vs Canadiens $326.84 $147
2/8/15 vs Canadiens $297.27 $118
3/7/15 vs Flyers $284.57 $99
Least Expensive Bruins Home Games in 2014-15:
Game Avg Price Get-in Price
11/4/14 vs Panthers $97.03 $36
11/6/14 vs Oilers $97.26 $32
10/28/14 vs Wild $104.31 $37
Most Expensive Celtics Home Games in 2014-15:
Game Avg Price Get-in Price
4/12/15 vs Cavaliers $268.06 $71
3/29/15 vs Clippers $212.49 $36
11/14/14 vs Cavaliers $205.77 $82
Least Expensive Celtics Home Games in 2014-15:
Game Avg Price Get-in Price
11/5/14 vs Raptors $46 $9
11/17/14 vs Suns $52.29 $10
12/3/14 vs Pistons $56.76 $9

When attending a Bruins or Celtics game at TD Garden, there are several sections that offer great deals on secondary tickets. The 300 level will typically offer the cheapest seats during each team’s home games, but there are also some significant deals for 100 level seats to Celtics games. Many of the Celtics’ home games this season will see 100 level corner seats sell for under $60, nearly 50% off market value. The Celtics will continue to rebuild over the next several seasons and ticket prices will be exceptionally cheap in-turn.


300's Level Seating


100's Level Seating

Both the Bruins and Celtics have plenty of fan zone activities that are offered at TD Garden over the course of the NHL and NBA season. The Bruins strongly endorse “Movember”, which encourages men to grow a moustache during the month of November to raise awareness for men’s health and prostate cancer. For fans participating, a minimum fundraising effort of $15 will automatically enter them in a sweepstakes for Bruins tickets.

The Celtics offer several fan-interactive activities during home games as well, including the Celtics Dancers and halftime and time-out entertainment. Much like the Bruins, the Celtics strongly encourage their “Go Green” campaign, which urges fans to recycle and raise awareness for the betterment of our environment.

Around the venue there are a wide array of concessions available. The Frank House is the most common stand throughout the venue with fan favorites like the Kayem Hot Dog and Nacho Grande. Sal’s Pizza is the place to go for freshly baked pizza and The Links Grill offers Italian Sausage with peppers and onions. Section 4 features the Kosher Cafe, which has a Kosher Hot Dog, Knish as well as other Kosher foods. Section 7 has the Craft Beer Garden which features some of the world’s best craft beers on tap.



Along with the Bruins and Celtics, TD Garden has been host to many other big events. One of the biggest was the 2004 Democratic National Convention, when John Kerry was nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate and future president Barack Obama, then a senator for Illinois gave a keynote speech. TD Garden is also one of the most popular stops on music arena tours, playing host to some of the biggest acts in music over the years. The venue has also hosted some other events such as WWE WrestleMania XIV in 1998 and UFC 118 in 2010.

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