Where to Find Allegiant Stadium Premium Seating and Club Options

August 9, 2022

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Around 14 club sections are available with best of views for a Raiders game in Allegiant Stadium in the 100 levels. where VIP club sections 133 to 135 are directly placed behind the home bench. The 200s level is followed by two kind of suites including 150 Suite Level and 200 Suites and Loges. The corner sections of 200s level are reserved with all basic amenities. While the corner of 300s level are also reserved but with minimal amenities. 

The 2023 Pro Bowl will be located at Allegiant Stadium. For more information on the event, check out our full Blog Post about it HERE.

Where Are Premium and Club Options at Allegiant Stadium?

  • Club Seats (Sections C109-C115 & C131-C137) TikTok Below
  • Premium Loge  (200-Level Boxes on the East & West sidelines)
  • Suites (Directly above the Loge Boxes)
  • Wynn Field Club  (Behind the North End-Zone on Field Level)
  • North Endzone Club (Above The North End-Zone Field Level Sections)
  • Credit One Club (On Level 000 Under the Modelo Cantina Club)
  • Champions Club (On Level 000 Under the Twitch Lounge)
  • Shift4 Club (200 Level Sideline Above The Modelo Cantina Club)
  • Yaamava' Club (200 Level Sideline Above The Twitch Lounge)
  • Aristocrat Club (150 Level Sideline Above The Modelo Cantina Club)
  • KARMA Auto Lounge (150 Level Sideline Above The Twitch Lounge)

Club Seats

All club level seats offer fans exclusive access to 2 private club lounges with their own entrances. Tickets in C109-C115 grant access to the Modelo Cantina Club, while tickets in C131-C137 grant access to the Twitch Lounge. The clubs are nearly identical, offering wide and comfortable couches, tons of space to move around, excellent full service bars, hi-def televisions, and more! Tickets in these sections are available on TicketIQ.

Image 8-19-22 at 9.23 AM


(Source: https://www.astoundgroup.com/portfolio/modelo-cantina-club)

Image 1-17-23 at 4.52 PM

TikTok Showing Club Level Amenities at Allegiant Stadium

Premium Loge

Premium Loge seating gives fans access to VIP Parking passes for game or event, access to an exclusive menu and premium beverage options from the comfort of your seat, early access into the stadium, VIP entrances, private amenities, an in-suite restroom, and access to 200 Level Clubs. For these tickets, you must purchase from the team directly. Price tends to fall between $1,000-$4,000 per ticket.


tw2itvgvkak3iah4l2cf(Source: https://www.raiders.com/tickets/premium-seating)



Suites include access to exclusive VIP Parking passes for game or event, exclusive catering menu and premium beverage options, early access into the stadium, VIP entrances, private amenities, an in-suite restroom, and access to 200 Level Clubs. For these tickets, you must go through the team directly. Price will usually range anywhere between $15,000-$75,000 per suite depending on the event and suite type.


cdzrc2uijhbkzvxecigp(Source: https://www.raiders.com/tickets/premium-seating)


Wynn Field Club

Situated at field level, the Wynn Field Club spans the entire length of the north end zone, and offers guests an upgraded, high-energy nightlife experience in the center of the action. 11,000 square foot Club features world-class DJs, private bars, over 40 TVs, and premium bottle service. You must go directly through the team to purchase a spot in the Wynn Field Club. Tables and Group Plans usually range anywhere from $5,000-$60,000 per game.


Wynn-9477afc2c8(Source: https://www.allegiantstadium.com/news/detail/wynn-field-club-to-debut-nightlife-experience-in-the-end-zone-at-allegiant-stadium)

North Endzone Club

image slot1

(Source: https://allegiantstadiumsalesdeck.com/venue/eventspaces/fieldlevelendzone/photos)

The North Endzone Club at Allegiant Stadium is thematically an extension of the Wynn Field Club. If a table or booth in the Field Club is too expensive for your group, a spot in the North Endzone Club might be the best alternative. The club includes booth style seating, private restrooms, club exclusive DJ's, exquisite bars, and a perfect field view from just above the Field Level sections. You must go directly through the team/venue to purchase, but this is surely one of the best clubs you can find at the stadium.

Credit One Club

image slot8

(Source: https://allegiantstadiumsalesdeck.com/venue/eventspaces/creditoneclub/photos)

The Credit One Club at Allegiant Stadium is a hidden gem when it comes to premium spaces at the venue. The 9,400 square foot space offers tons of seating, comfortable couches, a luxurious full service bar, tv's, and more. Plus, there is direct field access given that the club is on the field level, so fans can venture out by the sidelines to see the game action up close. The club is a direct escalator ride down from the Modelo Cantina Club, which makes it easy for club level ticket holders to access.

Champions Club

image slot6

(Source: https://allegiantstadiumsalesdeck.com/venue/eventspaces/champions-club/photos)

The Champions Club at Allegiant Stadium is nearly identical to the Credit One Club, the only difference being that it's located on the opposite sideline, directly under the Twitch Lounge. Similarly, the club is accessible via the club level with an escalator down from the Twitch Lounge. Plus, there is also field access, just like the Credit One Club.

Shift4 Club

(Source: https://theathletic.com/1945309/2020/07/22/raiders-take-forward-thinking-approach-with-shift4-payments-partnership/)

If you take an escalator ride up from the Modelo Cantina Club, you'll find the Shift4 Club. This exclusive club, which is located on the Suite Level, is accessible for all suite and loge box ticket holders. It sits directly adjacent to all suites and loge boxes, which makes it easy for fans to move around between the club and their seats. Perks include: private restrooms, table seating, hi-def tv's all around, and a beer/liquor bar that is priced 'a la carte'. To purchase a Suite or Loge Box, which provides access to the club, you must go through the team/venue directly.

Yaamava' Club

The Yaamava' Club at Allegiant Stadium is nearly identical to the Shift4Club, just located on the opposite sideline. Similarly, it functions as the main premium space for suite level patrons on their respective sideline to socialize when away from their suite or loge box. One perk of this club though is that it sits above the home sideline instead of the visitor sideline. Other than that though, there really isn't too much that separates the two suite level clubs.

Aristocrat Club

A rendering of the Aristocrat Club at Allegiant Stadium (Courtesy) | Las  Vegas Review-Journal

(Source: https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/raiders/raiders-aristocrat-hit-jackpot-on-new-partnership-deal-2143462/attachment/a-rendering-of-the-aristocrat-club-at-allegiant-stadium-courtesy/)

The Aristocrat Club at Allegiant Stadium is located on the 150 Level, right between the Club Level and the Suite Level. The design of this club is immaculate, making it one of the most popular premium spaces at the venue. Exclusively for suite holders on the 150 level (there aren't many), this club provides the maximum amount of privacy possible for its guests. The main bar is ornate, and there are tons of seating spaces + hi-def tv's to help you take a break from the game. You must go directly through the team/venue to inquire further about suite tickets that provide access to this club.

KARMA Auto Lounge

The KARMA Auto Lounge at Allegiant Stadium is very similar to the Aristocrat Club, main difference being that it is located on the opposite side of the 150 Level. Functioning as the main premium space for suite holders on the West sideline, this lounge has pretty much the same perks and a similar feel. Also, you must go directly through the team/venue to inquire about suite availability, and access to the space.


For more information about Allegiant Stadium Premium Spaces, click HERE.



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