The Sphere In Vegas Seating Chart + Rows, Seat and Club Seats Info

October 5, 2023

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What is The Sphere in Vegas?

The Sphere at the Venetian Resort in Paradise, Nevada is a one-of-a-kind premier venue. James Dolan and Madison Square Garden Entertainment came up with the idea of the historic Sphere, also known as the MSG Sphere and Vegas Sphere. Construction took about four years and cost $2.3 billion, making it the most expensive entertainment Las Vegas venue and the largest spherical structure on Earth, standing at 10 stories high.

On September 29, 2023, U2 opened the 366-foot-tall, 516-foot-wide Sphere to a sold-out crowd of about 20,000 people. They got to experience the unbelievable video and audio capabilities that include a 580,000-square-foot LED exterior, a 160,000-square-foot LED interior, 16K resolution, and more than 160,000 speakers. The venue includes 17,600 seats and standing room as well as 23 VIP suites.

Not only does Sphere bring in revenue inside the venue, but it also sells advertising. The Madison Square Garden group charges $450,000 per day of advertising on its out-of-this-world exterior.

Who Built The Sphere in Vegas?

Sphere stands as a testament to modern entertainment technology and innovation. This remarkable venue was the brainchild of MSG Entertainment, led by its Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, James Dolan.

The journey to create the Sphere was a saga of ambition, engineering marvels, and unexpected challenges. It all began with a groundbreaking ceremony held on September 27, 2018. At that point, the vision for the Sphere extended far beyond just a concert hall. It promised to be a multifaceted entertainment complex.

As construction progressed, the Sphere's design and capabilities became increasingly awe-inspiring. The venue's sound system was nothing short of revolutionary. The seats were designed to replicate human skin to ensure consistent sound quality, regardless of the number of guests present. The Sphere's innovation continues with its seats: it boasts vibrating seats and sophisticated technologies for scent, wind, and temperature control, all aimed at creating a deeper level of immersion for its audience. The roof is also composed of a staggering 3,000 tons of steel.

The culmination of this monumental construction effort was witnessed on July 4, 2023, during national Independence Day celebrations when the Sphere's exterior LED screens were illuminated for the first time, captivating onlookers and setting the stage for a new era of entertainment.

Who is Playing at The Sphere in Vegas?

On September 29, 2023, the Sphere opened with the iconic band U2 performing in a residency titled "U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere." This event marked U2's first live show since 2019 and set the stage for the Sphere's future as a premier entertainment destination. MSG Entertainment is paying the band a reported $10 million plus 90 percent of ticket sales for the residency.

MSG Entertainment plans to host multiple residencies and shows at the Sphere, promising a diverse range of entertainment experiences for years to come. The venue also holds the promise of providing employment opportunities for up to 3,000 people, further contributing to the dynamic entertainment landscape of Las Vegas and beyond.

In addition to U2's 25-show run, the venue will feature Postcard from Earth, an immersive film from The Whale director Darren Aronosfky, with tickets starting at $49. 

Dead and Company and Phish will also have residencies at the Sphere in 2024. 

MSG Entertainment expects to host 600 events per year at the Sphere.

The Sphere in Vegas Seating Chart

As you enter the Sphere, you will notice that the fan experience embraces technology. The venue does not take cash. It has free WiFi, phone charging stations, and robot guides.

The general admission floor is right in front of the stage, and there are four different distinct levels: 100, 200, 300, and 400.

General Admission: The primary floor setup features a general admission pit/floor area right in front of the stage, offering an up-close experience. In this area, seats are not assigned.

Beginning at 8:00 a.m. on every show day, sequentially numbered wristbands will be distributed in the order of arrival for those holding general admission tickets, granting them priority entry. Guests must present their general admission ticket to receive a wristband, and distribution will take place at the primary concierge desk located next to the Plaza Entry.

Then, when entering the Sphere for the show, enter through the East VIP Entry to your general admission ticket scanned.

100 Level: The lowest tier of seating within the Sphere is referred to as the 100 Level. This section has approximately 40 rows of seats.

200, 300, and 400 Levels: The Sphere offers three additional upper levels of seating: the 200, 300, and 400 levels.

The 200 level extends over the suites and offers outstanding sight lines, providing an elevated perspective of the performance.

The 300 and 400 levels are situated farther from the stage and typically offer more budget-friendly ticket options.

Club Sections and Seats at the Sphere in Vegas

Elevated above the lower 100 level, you will find 23 VIP luxurious suites that provide some of the best vantage points of the stage. The suite overhang begins at row 25 of the lower level, ensuring an elevated and premium view of the event.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on the Sphere in Vegas?

For just one day of advertising - a "one-day flight" - it costs $450,000. If you would like to do a one-week flight, the cost is $650,000. The estimated number of physical daily impressions is 300,000 people, with 4.4 million social media impressions per day. Annually, there will be an estimated 1.7 billion estimated global impressions.

The ideal vantage point of the external LED advertisement is 750 feet away. Putting one's message on the Sphere is a unique way of advertisement located off the Las Vegas Strip between the Venetian and the Wynn hotels.

Sphere at the Venetian Resort Seating Chart